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Not many questions yet, but the plan is to talk about different types of beer, serving and appreciating beer as well as other interesting stuff like the plethora of different glass sizes in Australia, including possibly a gripe about the microbreweries (one in particular) that serve their beer in a non-standard glass size.


The Aussie Beer Baron


Question: Why is this site called "The Aussie Beer Baron"?

Answer: It's a reference to "The Simpsons" episode "Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment" where Homer becomes an illegal importer of liquor (i.e. the Beer Baron) in order to avoid the prohibition laws.

Question: What's the go with all the glass sizes in Australia?
Answer: Hmmmm, not sure, it might have something to do with the rail gauges that vary from state to state. Heres a list of all the different glass
sizes so you won't make an arse of yourself by going to NSW and trying to order a pot.

Question: What is an ale?
Answer: An ale is brewed from Barley Malt and brewers yeast. Fermentation occurs quickly which results in a sweet, full bodied beer with a fruity or sometimes buttery taste.

Different types of ales are:

  • Pale Ale - Coopers Pale Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale
  • Brown Ale - Bootleg Brewery's Tom's Brown Ale
  • Dark Ale - 3 Ravens Dark Ale

Question: What is pale ale?
Answer: Pale Ale is brewed using ale yeast and pale barley malts giving it a lighter colour and more subtle flavour. There are also different types of pale ale, generally regional variations:

  • English Bitter (Bitter) - Victoria Bitter. Melbourne Bitter
  • Burton Ale - Named because of the particular water used in the beer; taken from Burton upon Trent
  • Saison - A pale ale brewed in the French speaking area of Wallonia in Belgium
  • India Pale Ale (IPA) - A beer created by the British to be shipped to India, James Squire IPA, Mountain Goat IPA
  • American Pale Ale - A deep coloured, bitter ale
  • Strong Pale Ale - A high alcohol pale ale (from 7-12%)

Question: What is a lager?
Answer: A lager is a beer that is brewed in cool temperatures using slowing fermenting yeast (bottom fermenting). The beer is then stored for a certain period at a low temperature in order to remove particles and particular flavour compounds, resulting in a clean taste. The most famous Australian Lager is Foster's. A particular type of lager is known as a Pilsner.

Question: What is a pilsner (also spelt pilsener)?
Answer: A pilsner is a lager brewed using pale malts and soft water. It is so named because it was originally brewed in the town of Plzen in Western Bohemia (Czech Republic) which had remarkably soft water. Modern pilsners are known for their pale colour and slightly 'hoppy' taste. Many Australian breweries make pilsners with notable examples being Little Creatures Pilsner and St Arnou Pilsner.