Austin SAA Fall 2019 Retreat Registration Form

October 19-20, 2019

"To Serenity and Beyond!"

The retreat will feature workshops, shorter "RED" Talks, a panel discussion, as well as opening and closing talks, an optional Saturday evening meeting, plus food, fun and fellowship.  The cost of the retreat is $140 for double-occupancy lodging and includes four meals and lodging at the Johnson Retreat Center at Camp Lone Star, just past La Grange, TX.

If you choose not to stay the night in the included lodging, the retreat fee is still $140, due to the overall cost of the facility. Please know that your payment of full price will support the costs of the overall retreat and will benefit the entire fellowship.

The retreat goes from 9 AM on Saturday to just after lunch on Sunday, and includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday, as well as one night lodging.  Note that bedding and towels are provided.

Single Rooms

We are offering a very limited number of single rooms, for $30 extra ($170 total). . This might be your preference if you are a very light sleeper, or know you snore loudly and don't wish to disturb others.  These rooms are first-come, first-served, so sign up soon!  We'll let you know if your request for a single room as been accepted (again, depending on availability).


For this retreat, we have only online payment options.

Online payment options

  • We are offering 2 convenient online payment options: PayPal and via the Cash app (from Square).  
  • PayPal: this costs $5 extra in processing fees. If not already a PayPal user, you will be asked to register, but then you'll be able to pay with a bank account or credit card.
  • Cash app: this transaction is offered through the Square company (you're probably paid with a credit card through Square at a food truck or farmer's market).  This method, using a debit card, has no processing fees. If you already have the cash app, you can pay with your phone. Details below.

Online payment buttons are all the way down at the bottom below the registration form

Help with Scholarships!

  • Donations will be gratefully accepted to provide scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to join us in this weekend of fellowship.
  • A limited number of partial and full scholarships will be available. If you require a scholarship, please explain your request for financial assistance on the form below, including the amount requested. We will contact you by October 7 if we are able to supplement your registration fees.
  • Scholarship donation and Scholarship requests are both on the form below.


  • If you pay online,  your personal and financial information is secure like other electronic transactions.  See PayPal's security information. See Square Cash's security information.
  • Registration form information (including scholarship status) will be seen only by the retreat coordinator, registrar, treasurer, and webmaster, regardless of whether you register by mail or online.

Registration Form

Fall 2019 Retreat Registration Form

Need to email with a question?

Now it's time to pay (keep scrolling down to see all options)

Pay by mail with a check

Check Payable to "Steps in Action" with "Retreat" in the memo line. Mail to Chris D. at 5517 Bentsen Ln | Austin, TX 78723.

Pay with PayPal

This is our only option if you wish to pay with a credit card.

If you don't already have a PaylPal account, you'll be prompted to set one up.  
You'll use that account to pay with the card of your choice or directly from your bank.

NOTE: if you can't see the payment buttons, you might try a different internet browser -- Firefox seems to work the best, or Google Chrome.  You don't need to fill out the above form again.  Just go straight to the payment buttons.

The fees below include registration plus $5 processing fee for credit cards.

If you want to donate to the scholarship fund and/or pay anything other than the regular registration fee, please use the "Donate" button.  You'll be able to donate any amount you choose.  

No Fees with Square Cash (Debit Cards only)

Square Cash offers us a way to pay electronically that doesn't have any fees.  To avoid fees, you have to use a debit card, and pay on your phone.  Note that you can fill out the registration form (above) on your computer, then come back to this page on your phone to make your payment.  But hey, at least you save $5, right?

Want to learn more about Square Cash?  Go to
Note: you don't have to sign up for square cash to pay this way.  

Special Offer

Save $5! Donate $5!  For New Square Cash customers only!

Try the Cash app using this code (follow link below) and you'll get $5 back
the first time you use it to send $5 or more.

Plus I (Luke S., webmaster) will get $5 for inviting you, which I will donate back to the Intergroup or retreat fund
Just follow this link to download the app to your mobile device:
(note, SquareCash might rescind this promotional offer at any time)

If you have the Cash App on your phone:

Already have the cash app? Just make sure Luke S (512.366.2716) is in your phone's contacts and you should be able to send the cash. The name should read as $climbcash.

Paying via SquareCash without the Cash app

Want to pay via Square without getting the cash app on your phone?  Follow the links below:

NOTE: Whether we keep this payment option in the future depends on you giving us enough info so we know who you are and what you are paying for.

SquareCash $140 for double room

SquareCash $170 for single room

Square Cash - Donations or Partial Payment

Once you get to the page:
  • Put in your debit card number
  • PLEASE put the following in the note:
    • First name, last initial
    • what you are paying for (registration, scholarship, partial registration).
  • Select PAY
  • email so we have your contact info and can double check what you gave us and why.