This website is about the things that interest me. It's not designed to sell, just to share.

I don't use social networks because narcissism, lies, privacy theft, fake news, trolling and wasted time drove me away. It heavily outweighs the positives. I like blogging and social back when it was authentic sharing. I do still follow people like that, but generally you don't find them via Facebook. I also love podcasts because they tend to have great content without all the trying to look good. They tend to be more open and real.

People grow from taking action in life like reading, exercising, traveling, building something and being with other people in shared experiences.

Who am I? Married with 4 children, I live in a rural area in Sydney, Australia. My life is about family, nature, minimalism and design.

  • Minimalist - I limit my possessions to a few high quality loved items that I appreciate. Their design, how they are made and their quality matter.
  • Libertarian - I believe in small government, less laws, right to privacy and real capitalism and democracy.
  • Vegetarian - It takes a lot more courage and compassion not to kill animals than it does to eat them.
  • Shepherd - I believe in protecting people from the wolves. I raise my children this way. I also have some goats, so I'm a very amateur goat shepherd also :)

My goals are:

  1. Build a self reliant home (water, power and food etc.)
  2. High standard of health and fitness
  3. Design mobile apps that help people and businesses grow (

I have learned to say no a lot. I do this so I can achieve my goals. This is a key skill that fuels success.

Here are some areas I'm interested in and my notes. I've learned many of these things from my experiences and also from others. I'll re-write this, it's far from perfect and it's a living document that changes as I do.


  1. Action cures fear, creates luck, causes growth and completes goals. Many small actions compound to achieve big goals.
  2. Gratitude and service to others the most powerful ways to access happiness.
  3. Minimalism and aesthetics is access to feeling of freedom, clarity and order.
  4. Exercise, read and think because decisions, not conditions, create your results.
  5. Life wasn't designed to be fair. Relax, breath, release is how I deal with stress and injustice. Live in the moment.

Why get up early

I should always get up early even if I don't feel like it.

  • Quiet and undistributed time of day.
  • Getting up early makes me go to bed early which helps me avoid crappy tv and boredom eating
  • Extra productivity daily really does compound up over time.
  • Beautiful part of the day on the farm.
  • My eagerness is highest and my head is at its clearest (arvo's i get sleepy).
  • Helps complete morning ritual.
  • Early quick wins give me positive feel for the rest of the day.
  • Things seem to go faster including farm chores, traffic, coffee shop queue and internet.
  • I'm setting a good personal standard example for my kids
  • Instinctively i feel i'm not here on earth to sleep in.
  • Generally i feel better about myself. the early starter is a better version of me


I'm constantly looking at motivating myself, my kids, staff and some students and startups I've mentored over the years. So I wanted to share what I have learned. I'm still learning so I humbly warn this isn't everything. Nor do I have a perfect success rate by a long shot.

  • Intrinsic (and extrinsic) motivation -Completion, progress, recognition are a few. There's dozens. Find ones that work for you specifically. We design these into apps to encourage use that's a positive outcome for users. Evil companies in our industry actively abuse this I have to declare. Knowing this though about yourself helps you to use these on yourself. For me recognition is one of the most powerful because I struggle with not thinking I'm good enough all the time.
  • People are habit based. Trigger > Habit > Reward. Rewards are very important here. What rewards will motivate you to maintain your good habits. Notice the triggers, they motivate you to start the habit cycle seeking the reward at the end.
  • Dreams are a key motivation for me. Goals convert my dreams to reality. Planned tasks achieve my goals. I work through these every morning to reinforce them, bringing them to front of mind. I used to go to sleep thinking about them.
  • Inspiration motivates me. Modelling on other successful people. Consume content just from key mentors that relate to your passion and dreams. I absorb Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Tony Robbins. '
  • Survival is an excellent motivator. You'll work much harder if you have something at stake. I don't like or encourage debt but a colleague I worked with in an investment bank once said he thought people with big mortgages, families and school fees seemed to be far more motivated than his other staff who had nothing at stake and just wanted to have fun.
  • Regret helps you get back on track. Avoiding the feeling of regret keeps you following your plan. The Dalai Lama of all people says regret and dwelling on it is important. I was shocked reading this but locked it away.
  • Leverage motivates because you are rewarded with freedom to explore, think, manage instead if doing. Use the magic leverage of compounding (money), automation and resourcing (paying or getting people to help you). You'll be more motivated if you are doing the thinking work more than the actual work. Or if you like to do the actual work that's awesome also (I like doing my farm chores) then get advisors to think and work strategy so you can be the doer.
  • Doing the bits you love - excellent motivation to get cracking when you wake each day.
  • Coffee - don't deny it. It can make some people motivated. I try to keep it to max two a day because I know it has negatives that can offset this positive
  • Accountability - share what you are up to in a powerful way. Declare it and people will ask back later how it's going. A guy I follow on youtube does a goals report just so he is accountable to his audience. He's very successful because of this. Note that accountability to people you love and care for is way more powerful.
  • Remove negative motivators - usually people, jobs and life situations that suck motivation. You have to remove these. It can be painful short term but the long term motivation is what you need to get back.