Increased Member Registration fees

posted Oct 18, 2016, 2:53 AM by Australian Axemen's Association

Good afternoon all,


I understand that questions are being asked concerning what the AAA intends to do with the additional funds that will be received from member registration fees, starting with the 2017/2018 membership year.


The purpose of this email is to provide you with a document which answers that question and related issues, in a convenient form that can be forwarded to members.


How much will be raised?


Assuming there are about 700 adult members (@ $100 each), 200 under 18s (@$50 each) and 50 associate members (@$60 each), the total raised would amount to about $73,000.


When will the money be payable to the AAA?


The money is not payable to the AAA until the start of the 2017/2018 year.  In the interim, the AAA will fund from its own resources the engagement of a part-time Administrator.


What will that money be used for?


To pay for the engagement of an Administrator, as all Delegates agreed in Adelaide was needed if the sport is to grow and develop.


As an interim measure, the AAA intends to engage a part-time Administrator for about 10 hours per week at $30/hour (ie $300 per week; $15,600 per year).  As the role develops, it is estimated that an annual cost of about $50,000 will be incurred.  However, this will be reviewed during the Administrator's first year in the role and the daily demands and responsibilities of the role are better understood.


What will an Administrator be doing?


This is the list as described to the Delegates in Adelaide:


·         Assist the States with organising and conducting membership drives

·         Assist in the management and growth of the National Coaching Scheme

·         Keep the AAA website up to date and ensure that it has information on it that is of value to members and informative for the public

·         Work with the new operator of the Hall of Fame to make it a viable commercial venture, including so that the woodchop memorabilia is better displayed and more memorabilia is attracted

·         Work with the Australian Sports Commission to develop a governance structure for the AAA that is appropriate for a national sport that aspires to be considered for events like the Commonwealth and Olympic Games

·         Ensuring a good cross flow of relevant information between all State bodies as is required for an effective national body

·         Develop communication protocols between national bodies with the aim of creating an international woodchop organisation (a pre-requisite to Olympic Games qualification)

·         With the States, identify and follow up sponsorship opportunities

·         Work with the States in creating and developing more effective recruitment and training programs for young people

·         Assist in and manage the development of other initiatives within the AAA's Strategic Plan.


Other activities that appear in the AAA's Strategic Plan include:


·         Improve the sport's profile (thus encouraging new members)

·         Creation of international rules that are accepted world-wide

·         Ongoing development and improvement of elite level competition

·         Bringing the sport into new environments (schools, colleges and universities)

·         Education and training for coaches and instructors

·         Audit our governance structures, especially to ensure that our very best people are elected to important roles within the sport

·         Foster and encourage a national approach to the sport, that is accepted by all State leaders acting in unison

·         Assist with the development of practices and procedures which allow speedy implementation of policies and other decisions

·         Develop an electronic communication system which allows a speedy flow of information and feedback between members, the local clubs and associations, the State bodies and the AAA

·         Ensure meeting minutes and other relevant documents are regularly uploaded and accessible by all club and association members - ie greatly improved transparency.


Obviously, it will take time to develop the Administrator's role to the extent that all of the above action items, and the others listed in the AAA's Strategic Plan, can be undertaken - but the good thing is that we have finally started to do something positive and rewarding for the sport


I am happy to attend any meetings, anywhere and any time, to discuss these matters, and my vision for the future of the sport.


Adrian Howie


Australian Axemen's Association