" North West Post- 16/06/1891"
re: United Australasian Axeman's Association

A meeting was held at Whitaker's Coffee Palace on Saturday evening (13th June 1891) for the purpose of dealing with a proposal to establish an Australian Axeman's Association. There was a good attendance, including delegates from Barrington and the Kindred. Mr.W.H.Whitaker on the motion of Mr. H.A.Nichols was unanimously voted to the chair. Mr.R.McCrory, hon. secretary of the Barrington Athletics Association, after a brief address on the object of the meeting-moved 'That an Association be formed, to be called The United Australasian Axeman's Association and that exhibitions of axemanship be held annually in connection therewith; the first exhibition to be held at Latrobe about November next.". Seconded by Mr.A.Moore and carried unanimously: - Mr. H.A.Nicholls proposed-'That a committee be appointed, with secretary, the same to appoint patron and other officers at a future meeting; and the following be the committee with power to add to their number.; Messrs. R.McCrory, Thos.Reeves, A.Moore (Barrington), W.J.Andrews (Sprent), A. McPherson ( Castra), J.Barrett and F.Chisholm (North Motton) W.J.White, J.T.Bramich, J.Maddox (Latrobe), A.Smith (Sheffield), F.Diprose, T.C.Diprose, A.Dennison (Kindred), W.Hodgetts (Burnie), Geo Turner (Forth),Chris Khruska and Sam Diprose (Ringarooma), R.Lethborg (Scottsdale). "three to form a quorum" seconded by Mr.McCrory and carried unanimously- Moved by Mr.McCrory"That Mr. H.A.Nichols, be appointed secretary and Mr.W.Whitaker, treasurer". Seconded by Mr.M.Richards and carried unanimously. On the motion of Mr.F.Diprose, seconded by Mr.George Reeves, it was resolved "That the membership of the Association be 5 shillings per annum which shall admit a member and two ladies to the annual exhibition; honary membership: 10 shillings and 6 pence, admitting member and three ladies to exhibitions of skill. Moved by Mr. A.Moore-"That this meeting authorise the Secretary to take any further steps necessary for the secure establishment on the best basis possible and draw up a prospectus of programme for approval of committee as soon as possible. Seconded by Mr.M.Richards and carried unanimously. It was resolved that the next committee meeting be held on Saturday evening, July 18th at Latrobe. On the motion of Mr.Nichols, hearty vote of thanks were accorded to Mrs. Whitaker for the free use of the room, and to the chairman, and the latter having briefly responded, the meeting closed.
A most successful handicap chopping match took place at the Kindred on Saturday in the presence of a moderately large crown of spectators. There were a number of contestants and after a splendid struggle the results were: A.Dennison (Kindred) off scr 1st, M.Richards (Barrington) off scr. 2nd, J.Dennison (Kindred) 5 inch girth 3rd. The time was first class. A match afterwards took place between two locals, W.Russell and W. Mathers, when, the former won easily.