And who wouldn't want to be with teachers like this!!! All mine had moustaches and yes the females too!


Since i started making this tag Ive been humming the song by Doris Day called Teachers pet I remember watching the movie with my Mum when i was small (yes i know im no longer small ...ahem) and now I can't get the song out of my head lmao

This tutorial is written assuming you have a basic to intermediate working knowledge of psp. It is not hard! So fingers crossed I will explain it simply enough for you.

Tube I used is Ismael Rac and is used with a license if you wish to use the same tube you can purchase from MPT please DO NOT use this image/ tube if you have not purchased the rights to do so.


Xero plugins set 1 filter porcelain HERE unzip into your plugins folder

the globe , books and apple are not mine they were shared with me many years ago if they are yours please advise me so i can give credit or remove them thankyou!

  • Open a new image and 700 x 700 and flood fill with white.
  • Copy and paste the template background I haved provided in my zip file
  • Copy and paste the apple and the a+ from the zip resize if necessary
  • preset shape / rectangle line width 5 fill black foreground white
  • draw a rectangle see the larger rectangle on my tag for estimate

  • when youre happy with it right click on palette and convert to raster layer

  • still using preset shapes tool x out the black so there is no fill

  • select change line width to 2 select line dash dot and draw a rectangle just smaller than the original see my pic

  • once again when you are happy with this convert to raster layer
  • select your magic wand tolerance set on 5 feather 0

  • Get your tube I used a section of my tube and paste into selection
  • select none /merge visible / duplicate layer by right click on the layer and duplicate make the bottom layer active
    effects / penta.com / dot and cross settings 72 , 10 , 2 OK (tut 10)
  • merge visible again /image duplicate

  • image resize the top layer to 70 % making sure the all layers box IS NOT ticked position the smaller image in the bottom corner see tag for positioning
  • when you are happy with the position merge the top rectangle down and add a drop shadow
  • apply xero porcelain plugin default settings
  • Add your main tube and apply same drop shadow you used on the last layer then apply the elements (books and atlas are supplied in folder)
  • This is where I added the words I wanna be teachers pet find a couple of fonts you like and place the words at the top of your tag
  • add credits for artists work you used and your name

IF you DO NOT want to animate now is where you crop and resize your tag save as a png .

IF you DO want to animate keep reading

  • Selecting the grey background template layer
  • Adjust / add remove noise / add noise... ticking the gaussian and the monochrome boxes noise level 33% hit apply
  • copy merged and paste into animation shop
  • back in psp Adjust / add remove noise / add noise and just apply DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING  copy and paste after your first frame in AS repeat this twice more
  • In Animation Shop edit / select all then back on the top tool bar Animation / frame porperties change the display time to 16


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you would like to share your results visit me at Partyhouse.

We would love to meet you !!!!

animated version below