This tut is written for a good friend of mine Sue aka Hotlady

and assumes you have a working knowledge of psp

Tube I used is Keith Garvey and is used with a license if you wish to use the same tube you can purchase from MPT please DO NOT use this image/ tube if you have not purchased the rights to do so.

Scrap kit is my own it is called Pleasure Chest and the link so it can be downloaded from my blog HERE under scrap kits there are lots of other pirate kits on the www if you do not wish to use mine

Xero plugins set 1 filter porcelain HERE unzip into your plugins folder


these supplies were made by me from my own kit please DO NOT share or use in another tutorial

  • Open a new image and 700 x 700 and flood fill with white.
  • Copy and paste the template I haved provided
  • Copy and paste the frame from the kit resize as necessary
  • Select your magic wand click in section of part of the frame /frames selection modify expand by 10. Copy and paste a paper of your choice as new layer selections invert and hit delete on the key board.
  • Invert again ADJUST / BLUR / RADIAL BLUR making sure twirl and eliptical are selected strength 70 twirl degrees 63 ( you can just use blur if you have an earlier version of psp it works the same if you want a twist effect BLUR /GAUSSIAN BLUR 33 THEN EFFECTS DISTORTION/ TWIRL 180 DEGREES and duplicate that layer then merge down onto one another )
  • Copy and paste your tube over the above layer invert again and hit delete on the key board deselect, add the same drop shadow.
  • Do the same again for the other section of the frame with the paper layer and then the tube
  • On your tube layers change your blend mode to luminance and apply the default settings of the xero porcelain plugin
  • Add your main tube and apply a drop shadow of your liking
  • Add any embelishments you want ..... ie. the pirate chest , my wordart is provided in the supplies zip etc adding the same drop shadow. Dont forget to add your credits

IF you DO NOT want to animate now is where you crop and resize your tag save as a png .

IF you DO want to animate keep reading

  • Selecting your freehand selection tool (this looks like a lasso) selection type point to point feather 0 smoothing 0 trace around the jewel section of the treasure chest You can do this freehand and not point to point if you wish.
  • Adjust / add remove noise / add noise... ticking the gaussian and the monochrome boxes noise level 33% hit apply
  • copy merged and paste into animation shop
  • back in psp Adjust / add remove noise / add noise and just apply DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING  copy and paste after your first frame in AS repeat this twice more
  • In Animation Shop edit / select all then back on the top tool bar Animation / frame porperties change the display time to 16
  • FILE / SAVE AS and Tadaaaaaaaaaa you have your animated pirate taggie.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you would like to share your results visit me at Partyhouse.

We would love to meet you !!!!