Tube or tubes of choice I used the wonderful art of Keith Garvey and is used with a license if you wish to use the same tube you can purchase from MPT please DO NOT use this image/ tube if you have not purchased the rights to do so.

Scrap Kit Pink Lady by Bluey, you can download it from her blog site HERE on the second page of freebies....Thankyou Bluey!!!

The background I have made is also made using this awesome kit so please DO NOT share outside of this tutorial the rights belong to the artist


included in the supplies is a twink made by Twinky please DO NOT change file names

This tutorial is written assuming you have a basic to intermediate working knowledge of psp. It is not hard! So fingers crossed I will explain it simply enough for you.

  • Open a blank 700 x 700 new image (it seems huge but we can resize later on)
  • Floodfill white
  • Copy and Paste as a new layer my love being a girl bg from my supplies
  • Copy the pink polaroid frame from the kit
  • Select your magic wand and click on the black section of the frame
  • Paste your tube
  • SELECTIONS INVERT and hit delete.
  • MERGE whats left of the tube DOWN onto the frame
  • On the bottom copy IMAGE / FREE ROTATE / Left 40 degrees
  • On the top copy IMAGE / FREE ROTATE / Left 30 degrees
  • Play with these to suit yourself remember a tutorial is ONLY a guide not an order

    • Now add your elements I added a bow then a binder clip plus the ribbon on the side ... resize to suit your tag
    • Add your main tube adding drop shadow of your choice
    • Now add your wordart / Copyright information and your name


    • Open animation Shop paste your finished tag into animation
    • Holding down the ctrl + shift keys hit the letter L  NINE more times this should give you ten frames in total.
    • CTRL + A will select all frames.
    • Open the twink I have supplied
    • CTRL + A (or edit select all)
    • CTRL + C ( or edit copy)
    • Then on your tag frames
    • CTRL + E ( or edit paste into selection) do not click the twink into place until it is in the correct position

    FILE SAVE AS....

    Any problems please feel free to email me I will try help as best I can...

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you would like to share your results visit me at Partyhouse.

    We would love to meet you !!!!