For this tutorial you will need the following supplies;

I used the art of Suzanne Woolcott to purchase a license to use her art please visit AMI
Paint Shop Pro X trial version available here


VM Extravaganza HERE

1. Open a new 600 x 600 transparent raster background

2. flood fill white

3. open the scrap kit i have provided or of your own choice and select the pond
and paste onto your white image as a new layer.

4.Paste any other pieces ie rainbow, flowers , ducks and sun on and position to your liking

5. Merge down until all the scrap pieces are one layer once you are happy with the positioning
   or simply close off your white background and merge visible

6. duplicate this layer and select the bottom copy
7. VM Extravaganza linear transmission line width 3 off set 4 and contrast 40

8. On the same layer ADJUST / BLUR / GAUSSIAN BLUR Radius 15 / OK

9 Once again VM Transmission but this time change line width 1 off set 4 and contrast 21

10. Paste on your tube and add a drop shadow of your liking

11. add your copyright information

12. select your rectangle preset shape foreground any colour and background NULL this doesnt matter
as it gets deleted and is not part of your tag line width doesnt matter either but if makes you feel better set it on 1

13. Draw the shape around the outside of the graphics on your tag

14. select your text tool FLOATING NOT VECTOR and place your cursor on the adge of the vector shape until the A shows

i tried to screen capture this but it wont happen type your text it should follow the rectangle shape around when you
are happy with it ...( i LEFT a space at the bottom to add my name )OK then promote selection to layer / deselect and delete the rectangle layer

You are done now add your name and save .

For my nic I used Caps with it still selected effects texture effects

sculpture settings 100 size  smoothness 15 depth 8 ambience and shininess set on 0 intensity 50 and elevation 30

then apply

still selected Textures / rough leather light colour white leather colour black 45 degree angle luminance 48 contrast 5 sharpness 14 and blur 10

apply add a drop shadow and you are done

I used eye candy 4 HSB FLUX to animate the lettering

any problems please  EMAIL ME its a very basic tut i hope you enjoyed it

Cheers AusAngel