For all my friends and community members in PartyHouse my home away from home

I wrote this tutorial from scratch . Please DO NOT claim it as your own 


The flowers are ©Rainbow Coffi her tubes can be found  HERE

Both included in my zipfile

you will also need a tube I have used one from group shares

Open a 500 X 500Transparent background

preset shape / rectangle line width 5 fill black foreground white

draw a rectangle see my tag for estimate

when youre happy with it right click on palette and convert to raster layer

still using preset shapes tool x out the black so there is no fill

select change line width to 2 select line dash dot and draw a rectangle just smaller than the original see my pic

once again when you are happy with this convert to raster layer

select your magic wand tolerance set on 5 feather 0

Get your tube I used a section of a face and paste into selection

select none
merge visible / duplicate layer make the bottom layer active
effects / / dot and cross
settings 72 , 10 , 2 OK (tut 10)

change the top layers blend mode to overlay

merge visible again
image duplicate
image resize the top layer to 70 % making sure the all layers box IS NOT ticked
position the smaller image in the bottom corner
right click layer palette and add new layer , drag this layer below your two rectangles and flood fill with white
Highlight your original rectangle and add a drop shadow I used V 0 H 0 opacity 58 blur 5
add the same drop shadow to the top layer
now to add the embellishments I added the flowers and resized accordingly

select the target to colour tool and choose a colour from your tube change target brush size accordinly and click on the flowers this will change the colour of the flowers to a colour that suits your tube

you may not need to do this step if you are using a tube that is a similar colour to that of the flowers)

Once coloured duplicate your flower layer / image flip / image mirror/ resize this layer by 70% and position on the bottom left of your smaller rectangle

Add your wordart

Now just add brushes to your bottom white layer to your liking
merge visible and crop to size
I hope you enjoyed this tut