This ones for you Jenny Thankyou for being so active and fun to be around and for all your awesome gifts!! Huggles n Love

Tube I used and inspired this design is Elias Chatzoudis and is used with a license if you wish to use the same tube you can purchase from MPT please DO NOT use this image/ tube if you have not purchased the rights to do so.


and tube and font of your choice

the font i used for the name on this is called

This tut is VERY basic !!

  • Open ausangelfuninthesun supplies in psp... Just about everything you need for the tag is right there!!!!
  • Click on the sand background layer and paste a frame from the beach baby add on kit resize if necessary so that the frame fits under the starfish border
  • Move the sun etc out of the way for now
  • Add the blue swirls duplicate and mirror now merge down on themselves
  • Duplicate the merged swirls layer
  • On the bottom merged swirls layer ADJUST / BLUR / GAUSSIAN BLUR 30 THEN duplicate this layer again if it isnt dark enough merge down onto itself again
  • Paste your tube I paste mine under the top layer of swirls but this isnt necessary ( just being a mermaid I wanted to keep her tail wet !!!lmao)
  • Move all your elements around see above tag for guide

I added the umbrella and protected her eyes from the sun with some sunnies!

  • add credits for artists work you used and your name

    IF you DO NOT want to animate now is where you crop and resize your tag save as a png .

    IF you DO want to animate keep reading

    • Selecting the TOP swirl layer
    • Adjust / add remove noise / add noise... ticking the gaussian and the monochrome boxes noise level 33% hit apply
    • copy merged and paste into animation shop
    • back in psp Adjust / add remove noise / add noise and just apply DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING  copy and paste after your first frame in AS repeat this twice more
    • In Animation Shop edit / select all then back on the top tool bar Animation / frame porperties change the display time to 16
    • FILE / SAVE AS



    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial If you would like to share your results visit me at Partyhouse.

    We would love to meet you !!!!