These are my TOU's for my scrap kits and tag tutorials please read carefully

All of my tutorials and scraps downloadable through this site are written by me or made by me. If you wish to use my scraps in a tutorial I DO REQUIRE that the scraps are downloaded through a link to this site if you fail to adhere to this I will simply remove the scraps and your links will be dead. I dont think I am being unfair in asking that I know who is linking to the scraps and for what reason.
I have found several tutorials using my scraps through the net and have never been contacted it would have been nice to know. I do link all tuts using my scraps on this site so it is to your advantage.
All tutorials on site are written by myself and all due credits are posted with the tuts any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. Do not copy, rewrite, claim as your own or alter them without written permission from me. If you would like to share them, use the link to this site .
A message on MY BLOG site letting me know where the tuts are being linked from would be most appreciated.
No supplies made by myself are to be shared or used in another tutorial without my permission.
My scraps or supplies are free to use unless otherwise stated they are property of ausangeldesigns and are not to be sold or ripped apart.
Hotlinking and bandwidth theft from ausangeldesigns is prohibited anyone caught doing so will be reported to the appropriate authorities I dont steal from you DO NOT steal from me.
That all said and done.... NOW can we just have fun and let our creativity run wild!!!! Have fun and remember i would LOVE to see any results!!!!
Loads of love and Huggles from my family to yours
AusAngel aka Renie