For all, who know already, download app here:  AVInfo.apk        

others please follow steps in DOWNLOAD tab


Dear all,
welcome to Auroville Info App for Android

I ensure that this app does not collect/send data from your phone or tablet to the web or something alike, except the geo-location of places to be shown on map. ...no spy!

My ambition is, to offer almost every public available information about Aurovilles places, institutions etc. in an actual form and on the spot. The informations in the app are provided via XML-File-Download (~50 KB only!).

...to start installation, please follow the instructions on the tab "Download" above.
Note: App needs Android-Versions 3.0 (Honeycomb, released 02/2011) or higher.

To get newest information, occasionally update
...how to update

Thanks for your interest!