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3rd Grade

3rd Grade    http://goo.gl/K15vca    copy and paste this into a new tab please.

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3rd Grade Technology Skills

Computer Operations, Electronic Tools, Terminology
  • Vocabulary: cable, USB, Internet search, server, font style, cut, copy, paste text and graphics
  • Advantages and disadvantages of technology in daily life
  • Multi-task between programs
  • Navigate to save and open files on a server
  • Mouse skills: right click functions drag and drop, highlight and move text
  • Continue two-handed typing
  • Know tab key and internal punctuation keys
A Responsible Digital Citizen
  • Introduce the idea of intellectual property
  • Cite use of websites following guidelines
  • Know and use Internet Safety Guidelines
Knowledge Constructor
  • Select a research topic and develop a research question
  • Plan research steps, skim and scan for information from at least 2 sources
  • Divide research information into appropriate paragraph structure
Evaluation of Information
  • Select electronic content from a range or sources for a specific purpose
Quality Producer
  • Present information in an organized format of choice (story, graph, chart, picture, multimedia)
Word Processing
  • Create a word processing document.
  • Understand simple formatting; bold, italics, uppercase, accent marks
  • Use spell check function and proofread to correct errors
  • Understand the use of font, color, size, and style
  • Understand and use graphics to enhance written work
  • Understand cell identification
  • Collect data and record on a spreadsheet and create a chart
  • Interpret data from a spreadsheet
  • Create simple formulas such as sum and average
Presentation Tools
  • Create a simple slideshow and share information with others
Evaluation of Process and Product
Create and use rubrics to evaluate self and peers using specific criteria

Animal Research:  http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/

WATER links: 
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Rocks and Soils

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