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1st Grade

irst grade1st grade

1st Grade Technology Skills 

Computer Operations, Electronic Tools, Terminology
  • Vocabulary: icon, file, document, folder, hard drive, menu, save, print, quit, window,   recycle bin
  • What are common uses of technology in daily life? Cell phone, computer, etc
  • Start, quit, delete and revise text
  • Mouse skills: right click functions (copy, paste, edit features) drag and drop
  • Hunt and peck to type words and short sentences
  • Know shift, return, and end punctuation keys
  • Begin two-handed typing skills
A Responsible Digital Citizen
  • Create original work
  • Internet use under adult supervision
  • Understand safety practices on the Internet

Knowledge Constructor
  • Uses discussions and pictures to gather, collect, and share information
  • Sort information into graphic organizer (Kidspiration)
  • Report information to others
Evaluation of Information
  • Determine what information is appropriate with teacher guidance
Quality Producer
  • Present information about in an organized way (story, chart, picture, multimedia)
  • Discuss a topic orally in detail
Word Processing
  • Write a story using a word processing program
  • Simple formatting, space between words, return at end of paragraph
  • Recognize rows and columns on a spreadsheet
Presentation Tools
  • Create a picture with ActiveInspire or other paint program
Evaluation of Process and Product
  • Begin to evaluate self and peer products using specific criteria