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5th grade

5th Grade

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Mrs. MacLeay's email address is:  memacleay@aps.k12.co.us
5th Grade Technology Skills

Computer Operations, Electronic Tools, Terminology
  • Vocabulary: file types, Help menu, on-line help
  • Use of digital still and video cameras
  • Use advanced editing tools (i.e. thesaurus)
  • Navigate to save and open files on a server or personal portable drive
  • Send data from computer to a variety of sources such as portable personal drives, e-mail, file sharing
  • Use of templates for document creation
  • Understand and use web URLs to locate information
  • Independent use of electric forms and resources
  • Practice Boolean search strategies using “and”, “or”, “not”
  • Introduce strategies for refining/limiting searches on the internet and databases – use quotation marks, + and * symbols, keywords vs. natural language

  • Introduce two-handed typing with home row awareness
  • Know tab key and internal punctuation keys
  • Introduce character sets for mathematical or foreign words
A Responsible Digital Citizen
  • Practice appropriate use of copyrighted materials – both print and electronic
  • Produce a complete, alphabetic bibliography of more than two print and non-print sources
  • Know and use district Acceptable Use Policy Use guidelines for on-line safety
  • Respect the rights of others when using digital capture devices (sound, digital images, and video)
Knowledge Constructor
  • Be able to divide research information into appropriate paragraph structure
  • Use tools of the text (e.g. table of contents, chapter titles, charts, diagrams, maps, tables index headings and sub-headings) to locate and select relevant information
  • Take notes using two column format
  • Select topic to research, create a research question, plan research steps and scan for information from at least two sources
  • Present information in an organized format of choice (i.e. paper, graph, chart, picture, multimedia presentation)
  • Orally present information to a group
Evaluation of Information
  • Select electronic content from a range or sources for a specific purpose
  • Begin to evaluate the accuracy, relevance, and appropriateness of information sources
Quality Producer
  • Present information in an organized format of choice (story, graph, chart, picture, multimedia)
  • Orally present information to a group
Word Processing
  • Create a word processing document.
  • Understand formatting (i.e. bullets, columns, sections, page numbers)
  • Use Spell Check and Thesaurus functions use Spell Check function
  • At the keyboard, proofread and correct errors – using spell check, thesaurus
  • Understand and use appropriate cell identification (i.e. cell B5)
  • Collect data of 4 or more items and record in a spreadsheet using Excel or other software
  • Convert data from a spreadsheet into a appropriate visual representation
  • Interpret data from a spreadsheet
  • Use a spreadsheet to perform calculations (i.e. count, average)
  • Create a rubric chart
  • Basic cell formatting (e.g. number, date, currency, autofill)

Presentation Tools
  • Create a multimedia presentation (using PowerPoint or other appropriate software), that contains a minimum of 4 slides including text, transitions, animations and graphics, interactivity, and links to outside sources
Evaluation of Process and Product
  • Create and use rubrics to evaluate self and peer products using specific criteria

North American Explorers

1.      http://www.kidinfo.com/american_history/explorers.html

2.      http://enchantedlearning.com/explorers/america.shtml

3.      http://cybersleuth-kids.com/sleuth/History/Explorers/

5.      http://www.pbs.org/opb/conquistadors/home.htm

6.      http://www.kidsolr.com/history/page2.html

7.      http://www.factmonster.com/biography/explorers.html


 Colonial America
    Website with sites



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