Team Organization

Adelaide Pecorario

From the CDR, Adelaide is the team leader. She also is responsible for post flight data management, but since this activity is expected in a second stage of the project, in a first step she works on the thermal control of the system cooperating with Mary Lettiero. She has been responsible in the first research of the project to understand the aurora phenomena and present it to the team.


Mary Lettiero

She is responsible for the thermal control of the system and in the second stage of the project she will cooperate with Adelaide Pecorario on post flight data management. She is  responsible for the power subsystem of the experiment and conducted research on the batteries that shall be mounted on AURORA. Mary is also the WebMaster for  the "Aurora" experiment Website.


Emiliano Pifferi

He is responsible for electronic and informatic of the Aurora project system. In the second stage of the project he will cooperate on post flight data management.


Maria Libera Battagliere

She is responsible for plasma detector feasibility study, for ozone sensor procurement, integration to the main payload system and calibration, for testing of an innovative miniaturized balloonborne lidar developed by Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the Italian National Research Council, eventually accepted as part of the payload on board of BEXUS-7 Balloon.


Alessandro Aliakbargolkar

Alessandro has been the team leader of AURORA, and he has been the system responsible, and responsible for mechanical design and mechanical interfaces of the system until the CDR.