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Aurora Peace & Justice (APnJ)
, "A Group in Action"

APnJ is a group covering Aurora (Illinois' second largest city) and the surrounding communities. We are affiliated with the Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice.

APnJ seeks to address peace and nonviolence, as well as racial and economic justice in a vibrant, growing, and changing community. To this end, we focus on peaceful opportunities for young people, fair housing for the vulnerable, immigrant rights, economic justice, and similar community issues. Our focus is local, national, and international.

Our activities include parades, vigils, pre-enlistment counseling, letters to the editor, guest speakers, lobbying, rallies, and more, working in conjunction with other peace & justice, civil rights, and community organizations.

New: Mark the sixth anniversary of the Iraq War March 19 with us in Batavia. Click on the "Activities" link for more information.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$   Cost of Iraq War to Aurora taxpayers: $481.7 million as of March 2009.   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$