List of auroral sound observations

The list of auroral sound observations

(* - more than one person have observed sounds)
Nr. Name Place Notes
1 Observer 1 USA musician
2 Observer 2 Alaska *
3 Observer 3 Northwestern Montanna, USA *
4 Observer 4 Wakefield Michigan *
5 Observer 5 Alaska in car
6 Observer 6 Vermont, USA *
7 Observer 7 Alaska *
8 Observer 8 Northern Sweden
9 Observer 9 critical comment
10 Observer 10 North West Territories *
11 Observer 11 Ontario *
12 Observer 12CanadaAurora via VHF
13 Observer 13 Pellston, Michigan*
14 Observer 14 Lincoln, Nebraska experienced amatuer astronomer
15 Observer 15 Emma Lake, northern Saskatchewan*
16 Observer 16Fairbanks, Alaska
17 Observer 17near Buffalo, New York
18 Observer 18Peace River, Alberta, Canada
19 Observer 19Cape Halkett, Ak
20 Observer 20Anchorage, Alaska*
21 Observer 21Artic Circle Hot Springs, Alaska
22 Observer 22now, New York*
23 Observer 23Mayo, Yukon
24 Observer 24canada*
25 Observer 25Anchorage*
26 Observer 26Laurium, Michigan USAFirst heard as a child
27 Observer 27Northwestern Ontario*
28 Observer 28Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada*
29 Observer 29North Eastern New York - USA
30 Observer 30N of Georgian Bay Ont.*
31 Observer 31fairbanks ak
32 Observer 32Cold Lake, AB Ca
33 Observer 33North of Brooks Range on the canning river in Alaska.*
34 Observer 34Chicago, IL
35 Observer 35mpls, mn
36 Observer 36New Mexico*
37 Observer 37Isle Royale Nat'l Park
38 Observer 38Anchorage, AlaskaWinter of 1979
39 Observer 39Northern Alberta Canada
40 Observer 40Cloverdale, BC
41 Observer 41Whitehorse, Yukon Canada
42 Observer 42Auke Lake, Juneau, Alaska
44 Observer 44Delta Junction, AK
45 Observer 45Landis Saskatchewan
46 Observer 46Anchorage, AK
47 Observer 47MISSISSIPPI
48 Observer 48Delta Junction,Alaska
49 Observer 49Fairbanks, Alaska
50 Observer 50Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
51 Observer 51Negaunee Township MI
52 Observer 52Anchorage ,Alaska
53 Observer 53South of Helena MT 50miles
54 Observer 54IcelandI thought until now I was the only one who ever had this sound
55 Observer 55Northern Alberta, CA
56 Observer 56Ottawa Ontario Canada
57 Observer 57Barrow, Alaska
58 Observer 58Fairbanks, Alaska
59 Observer 59south dakota
60 Observer 60Lower Michigan
61 Observer 61Northeastern MomtanaEastbound
62 Observer 62Rome,Peoria Co., IL
63 Observer 63Sthlm, Sweden
65 Observer 65Igloolik, NWT, CanadaYeah, and I whistled at them to!!
66 Observer 66Ottawa, Canada
67 Observer 67Yukon Territorylayered sound
68 Observer 68Lynn Lake, Manitoba
69 Observer 69White River, Wrangell-St. Elias National MonumentI used to live there before they made it a national monument
70 Observer 70Oswego, NY USA
71 Observer 71Algoma WI
72 Observer 72Juneau, Alaska
73 Observer 73Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba< Canada
74 Observer 74Lake Champlain, VT
75 Observer 75Northwestern Ontario, Canada
76 Observer 76Humboldt, Saskatchewan*
77 Observer 77northwestern ontarioPolly Lake, near the Nipigon river, off
78 Observer 78Alaska, North America
79 Observer 79Fairbanks, Alaska
80 Observer 80kotzebue ak
81 Observer 81Fairbanks, AK
82 Observer 82Highlevel
83 Observer 83Fairbanks, Alaska
84 Observer 84Edmonton
85 Observer 85Iqaluit
86 Observer 86Missoula,Montana
87 Observer 87Quetico Prov. Park Ontario
88 Observer 88Keflavik, Iceland
89 Observer 89Northwest U.S.
90 Observer 90Cross Lake, Manitoba
91 Observer 91Burks Falls*
92 Observer 92Oakland MD
93 Observer 93Inuvik N.W.TI have heard the sounds!
94 Observer 94 Northern Vermont
95 Observer 95 alaska
96 Observer 96 Hillman, Michigan I don't understand this.
97 Observer 97 Yellowknife NWT
98 Observer 98 crystal north dakota*
99 Observer 99 Gulf of Maine, Maine USA*
100 Observer 100 Homer, alaska brightest whirlpool ever seen,*
101 Observer 101 Grande Prairie, Alberta
102 Observer 102 Northern Ontario, canada*
103 Observer 103 *
104 Observer 104 Maryland
105 Observer 105 Shaftsbury, Vermont
106 Observer 106 Alaska *
107 Observer 107 Northern Minnesota*
108 Observer 108 Alberta Canada *
109 Observer 109 Glenview IL
110 Observer 110 wabush, labrador,canada
111 Observer 111 5 miles south of Williston ND
112 Observer 112 Kemano, BC, Canada
113 Observer 113 Cleary Summit
114 Observer 114 Higganum, CT This account is from a display I witnessed many years ago
115 Observer 115 Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
116 Observer 116 Alaska *
117 Observer 117 North Towanda,Pa 18848
118 Observer 118 Central Finland
119 Observer 119 Meppel, The Netherlands
120 Observer 120 Oshawa
121 Observer 121 Lake Hood Seaplane base, AK
122 Observer 122 Ida, Michigan *
123 Observer 123 Fairbanks, AK
124 Observer 124 northern ontario
125 Observer 125 Port Wing, WI (south shore Lk. Superior)
126 Observer 126 Killarney Provincial Park Ontario Canada
127 Observer 127 S.E. Alsaka Chichogof Island
128 Observer 128 Jyväskylä, Finland
129 Observer 129 Jerome, Idaho
130 Observer 130 Yellowknife NWT
131 Observer 131 Puumala, Eastern Finland
132 Observer 132 Northern Ontario a long time ago

Observer 1, USA, musician

Place N45 W90
Date 11:00 pm about april 30, 1994
Surroundings On the top of a bluff overlooking Winona, MN facing north, the trees were a combination of deciduous (Oak, Maple, Sumac) and a few pine
Weather Clear, north wind 10 mph, temp about 45 degrees F
Aurora Curtains of bright green, converging on a point directly at zenith, the cutains became brighter and wider as the night progessed then about 2 am faded rapidly, the was also some metor shower activity as well.
Observers I was alone, wearing a windbreaker, with my hair tied back. The noise was not that of snapping fabric.
Correlation The sound dragged behind the visible disply by about 2 seconds. The brighter the lights the more intense the sound.
Sound Low hum that increased in frequency, and pitch with the increase in intensity of the lights. It could compare to the sound of a radio left on a station that has gone off the air, not static but a hum.
Sound development The sound remained audible and stable only while the lights were at their most intense, as the lights ebbed so did the sound.
Electronics None noticed.
Comments I am a musician so sounds do not usually escape my attention and most I can identify, at least within reason, but this was different, not scary, just out of place.

Observer 2, Alaska, *

Place Eagle Summit north-east of Fairbanks Alaska
Date early September 1988, around midnight
Surroundings Eagle Summit is the top of a pass, no trees, no buildings, only tundra.
Aurora The curtains were moving and waving up and down, shaded in many colors between red and green, it was absolutely fantastic.
Observers The travel compagnon heard them also, I think it was she who mentionend them first.
Sound I also heard faint sounds, such as a faint crackling or light rustle
Sound development

Observer 3, Northwestern Montanna, USA, *

Place Northwestern Montanna, USA
Date 1978, July 27th
Surroundings Lodgepole Forest, Mission Range
Weather Clear, 68 Degrees F
Aurora Blue filling entire sky, rays swept across the sky
Observers Myself and others, no glasses, cotton flannel shirts, jeans, rubber soled tennis shoes.
Correlation The low frequency sound increased in intenisty as the rays swept over us
Sound Sound came from 20 Degrees past Zenith from the North
Sound development Stable for three hours
Electronics No such equipment present

Observer 4, Wakefield Michigan, *

Place Wakefield Michigan(Wester Upper Pennisula)
Date 1958 or 1959 In the fall. (It was looonng ago)
Surroundings On top of a hill, open field, no trees, some low bushes, cold clear night.
Weather Clear, maybe 40's, doen't remember much of a wind because it was very quiet.
Aurora Moving curtains of white, red, maybe green. Almost overhead.
Observers A neighbor and I heard it, we were 17, and 18 years old. He wore glasses i didn't.
Correlation The were simultaneous. Seemed to occur as the curtains moved.
Sound A definite hissing sound, not loud but definitely there. It is a rural area so there was little other sound.
Sound development Rose and fell in volume as the curtains formed and moved.
Electronics None
Comments No

Observer 5, Alaska, in car

Place Anchorage Alaska
Date Don't recall date in '61 - '62
Surroundings Open area between military bases. Low trees
Weather All I can say is it was clear, cold (under 20F) and still
Aurora Iridescent ribbons/curtains rising/falling lower edges. At least 3 sets Snaking in sidewinder motion Very bright. Full spectrum.
Observers Alone.
Correlation First heard while driving. Suspected car trouble. Slowed and it grew louder. Suspected fire. Stopped. Extremely loud. Walked around car looking for source. Looked up and saw lights and heard sound together.
Sound Like balled cigarette pack cellophane crinkled next to ear.
Sound development Loud and constant. Maybe 15 minutes until forced back in car by cold.

Observer 6, Vermont, USA, *

Place Vermont, USA
Date July 1972
Surroundings Rolling hills, some maple trees
Weather clear skies, 60 - 70 degrees F.,
Aurora Filled the sky bright green. Moved like waves, quick movement.
Observers In the group, all heard it.
Correlation simultaneous. Seemed the crackling corresponded with the wave movement.
Sound made a crackling sound.
Sound development came and went with the waves of light
Electronics none
Comments yes, the sounds were definitely coming from the northern lights.

Observer 7, Alaska, *

Date AUG. 1976 1000 PM
Electronics NOT OBSERVED

Observer 8, Northern Sweden,

Place 67.5 N, 18.4 O (Northern Sweden, Kebnekaise)
Date end of march 1990, around 9 p. m.
Surroundings valley, surrounded by high mountains, some small birch trees
Weather clear sky, no wind, -15 C
Aurora fast moving and waving curtain, moved from horizon to horizon within within a few minutes, very bright, different colours (white, yellow and red, maybe green)
Observers I was alone, donot remember clothing
Correlation The sound and the light dissappeared simultaneously
Sound crackling, rustling sound, different from fabric, as intense as trees under moderate wind conditions
Sound development I heard the sound when it faded away together with the northern light, only a few seconds. I didnot hear it before presumably because I was too excited about the colours and fast movements of the aurora.

Observer 9, ,critical comment

Comments Regarding the auroral sound questionaire: I've often heard noise and crackling from the northern lights while watching during the night in the dead of winter, typically with temperatures below 0 F. I think the sound heard is actually from the contraction and crackling of snow and ice cover on the ground and lakes. When standing outside watching the lights, one is more apt to remain perfectly silent and hear these noises that would normally be missed. Due to the nature of the sounds and watching the sky, they could possibly be perceived as coming from the lights. Just my guess.

Observer 10, North West Territories, *

Place North West Territories, Between Ft. Providence & Yellowknife
Date November, 1975 - 2:00 - 2:30 a.m.
Surroundings On the Yellowhead hwy. approximately 100 miles from Ft. Providence, surrounded by open Tundra.... No trees in close proximity - ( within 1/4 mile )
Weather Clear night, with negligable wind... Temperature approximately minus 15 degrees f.
Aurora The display washed from horizon to horizon in waves of mostly Red and Greens. It was bright enough to enable me to clearly see the highway without the use of headlights. Absolutely magnificent!
Observers The sound was heard by myself and one other male. Both of us were warmly dressed, but at this time, without hats on... ( I wear glasses - my companion does not.)
Correlation The sound increased in intensity each time a wave of color swept across the sky. I did not notice any `time-lag'... Both phenomena were simultaneous.
Sound The sound was similar to a low transformer hum, which increased in volume, but not in pitch. It seemed at times to fill the air all around us, but it also came most pronounced from the direction of the visible waves of light.
Sound development It did develop a sharper resonance at the the louder volumes.
Electronics None observed...
Comments I had been told previously by my travel companion that one could `hear' the Northern Lights.... This being my first trip into the winter Arctic, we stopped and shut of our truck for the specific purpose of listening. I was amazed at how loud the sound was. We were at least 100 miles from any town or houses, and I have no doubt what-so-ever that the sound definitely came from the Aurora. Over the following 2 years, I heard the same sounds on numerous occasions, as did all the people I spoke to who had lived in the Territories. It was common knowledge to them...

Observer 11, Ontario, *

Date AUGUST 1960

Observer 12,Canada,Aurora via VHF

Place 49.06 North 121.58 West
Date About 3 day ago [Oct. 23, 1995]
Surroundings I (HEARD) Aurora via VHF as in Amateur Radio Six Meters!!!
Observers No Tone very Raspy and deep
Sound The frequency was 50.125 Mhz
Sound development
Comments You need a High Gain Yagi Beam I point mine about 30 degrees using 100 watts power.. Just thought I would add this aspect of Aurora!

Observer 13, Pellston, Michigan,*

Place Pellston, Michigan - upper lower Penninsula
Date August, 1981
Surroundings At U of M Biological Station, on edge of lake, away from buldings by 1/2 mile. Watch for hours in middle of night from atop observation tower above tree tops. Trees were mostly red and sugar maple, Eastern hemlock, white pine and birch. Tower was made of metal frame with wooden platforms and steps.
Weather Very calm night, warm enough not to need sweater - 60 to 65?.perfectly clear. away from civilization for the most part, so no light glow from nearby communities. Extensive white cedar swamps common in the area
Aurora Developed around 11:00 pm and continued through night almost till morning. Incredible sheets, ribbons and waves to the north, mostly blue and green, some reddish hues. As night progressed, the ribbons moved southward until the surrounded us directly overhead.
Observers Was with a few other people, 3-5. No beards or sideburns. 2 women with ear rings present earlier on during observation. Men with short hair, no glasses. Were wearing tee-sirts or long sleeved shirts.
Correlation No sound noticed when lights were to the north, but as they moved overhead over a period of an hour the sound became noticable. Loudest as they dangled overhead.
Sound Started quietly, but built to a crackling/tinkling sound all around us. since we were 40-50 feet in the air it seemed like the sound was in every direction, most definately from above. I am an avid ornithologist with an expertise in bird sounds and vocalization so I am always stopping and listening and decifering one sound from another. This was unlike anything I have ever heard in the wild.
Sound development Came and went as the the lights came and went overhead. They were over our heads for at least an hour.
Electronics None used
Comments Yes indeed the sounds were created from the lights. It could have been a reaction with the metal tower we were on, but the sound was not coming from the railings or the structure anywhere, it was definately in the air around us. Not scared at all mostly in awe at this experience. Ions?

Observer 14, Lincoln, Nebraska, experienced amatuer astronomer

Place Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A.
Date September 21, 1987, 11:00 pm-1:00 am & April 16, 1994, 3:00 am-4:00 am
Surroundings Plains, farmland, few deciduous trees, country (dirt) road
Weather Clear skies. I don't recall any clouds (1987). High, thin cirrus clouds (1994). No wind. 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The sound of any wind would have masked the aurora sound phenomenon that I heard.
Aurora (1987) Whitish-green hemogenous band 5 degrees above north horizon, pulsating rays like search lights shot up to the zenith. Auroral display lit nearly 2/3 of the sky. Multiple rippling arcs moved rapidly upwards 25 degrees above the north horizon. (1994) Eastward moving patches and rays in north and northeast 25 degreeas above horizon. Grey-white color. Development was quick (1987); about 30 minutes. (1994) Gradual developement overnight; first prominent display at 10:00 pm. It waned at 1:00 am, then intensified at 3:00 am.
Observers (1987) T-shirt, jacket, jeans, rubber soled shoes. Short hair, not over ears. No beard. No hat. Prescription glasses worn. (1994) Same as 1987, but collared dress shirt and no jacket.
Correlation Sounds were maybe simultaneous with motions of aurora light or slightly delayed by a few seconds.
Sound Barely perceptable, but definite rustling sound like that of a small animal scampering in grass or leaves (no grass or leaves present in immediate area). The rustling would last a second or two with a short duration of 5 to 10 seconds of silence in between. Rustling noise, barely perceptable at times, and unmistakable other times, but the sounds seemed to come from random directions and distances one half to six meters away. There was some fluctuation in volume of sound, though it was minimal.
Sound development
Electronics No electronics present.
Comments I am an experienced amatuer astronomer. I do not believe that the auroral sound phenomena are a result of tinnitus. There are accounts of more than one person hearing the same noise. Furthermore, if tinnitus were the cause, I personally would hear the noise during many nights of astronomical observing with or without auroral activity. I had plenty of time to rule out numerous possible causes such as imagination, wind, movement of clothing, animal activity, electrical power lines (EMF). I also do not believe that the noise is directly attributable to visible aurora. The complex interactions of energetic ions responsible for visual aurora emit far more invisible energy than visible light. The effects of radio waves, electro-jet current in the upper atmosphere, sudden ionospheric (electromagnetic) disturbances, and measurable sub-audible pressure variations (waves) must be considered. I believe that the noises are the result of extreme localized radiation pressure (waves) either striking the ground, where upon they become audible to the human hear as sound or the extreme pressure variations resonate our ear drums in some as yet mysterious manner.

Observer 15, Emma Lake, northern Saskatchewan,*

Place Emma Lake, northern Saskatchewan
Date evening, May, 1975
Surroundings 60 meters from the lake, at the edge of a sandy parking lot with poplar trees and pine trees behind me
Weather Clear, calm, cold (~10 degrees C)
Aurora Brilliant , multi color, directly overhead and towards the east. Curtains rippling and merging.
Observers Two people heard them. No glasses. Both had hair over their ears. No hats, or hoods.
Correlation simultaneous. Building with the brilliance of the display
Sound medium hi pitch hissing
Sound development Noise persisted with the light as long as we watched.
Electronics Sounds were because of the lights. Saw/heard them many times in many locations in Northern Saskatchewan as a kid.

Observer 16,Fairbanks, Alaska,

Place Fairbanks, Alaska
Date Friday, January 12, 1996 2130 (-0900)
Surroundings Large Parking lot with about 100 cars and about 50 to 100 yards from several 3 story brick buildings
Weather Clear, 30 below zero and winds weree calm
Aurora snaking downward and across the horizon most were directly overhead they were going from dull to bright and back to dull again over and overwith a greenish and sometimes reddish hue
Observers I was kneeling down by my car. I was wearing glasses, a black ski cap and a down parka. I heard a crackling sound and looked around the parking lot. No one else was in the lot and no cars were running. At this time I did not realize the Aurora was visible. I again heard a crackling sound and looked around again and saw nothing. At this time I looked skyward and was breath taken by the active Aurora overhead.
Correlation I don't know.
Sound crackling sound, almost like static electricty or newspaper russling of about a low to midrange frequency
Sound development Ashort burst of about 3-5 seconds in duration
Electronics none operating at the time
Comments I am positive that I heard the sound of the aurora. One other time while I was looking out my window very late at night I thought I heard a crackling noise but I blew this off as something else. After hearing the Aurora while outside I am convinced that what I heard from my window was also the aurora. I believe they do make noise that is sometimes audible to the human ear.

Observer 17,near Buffalo, New York,

Place Suburb, north-east of Buffalo, New york
Date (VERY approximate!) : Several events, about forty YEARS ago; in the middle of cold, clear mid-winter nights.
Surroundings Semi-rural suroundings. At least 30 or 40 feet from the one building, with wooden siding. Two stories high, topped by a high, sharply-peaked roof, with crossing ridges. Far off on the other side of the building was a row of low pine trees. The remainder of the area was open for at least a quarter or half-mile in all directions.
Weather Crysral-clear night. Very cold. Calm (little wind, or none at all). Events occurred between the beginning of November, to , maybe as late as min-January.
Aurora The ones that had sound: We usually saw great hanging curtains above us, swaying and folding gently, majestically. It was rather eerie, because the movement was something you only gradually perceived - yet once you were aware of it, it was a pronounced aspect of the lights. Sometimes it was a movement like heavy stage curtains responding ponderously to the slow movement of air; other times it was more like a fade-out fade-in of changing scenes (the way movies used to make gentle scene changes, slowing fading one picture, while bringing in the next one.) They hung high above us, but not directly overhead. Most of the time they were pale white, and gauzy, with a flickering, rippling quality to the light. The whole display would begin modestly, develop into a greater complexity of color and folds, with increasing brightness, and would then reverse the process in fading away. Another, Single event, seen in the winter of 1962-1963 (maybe 1961-1962), from the wide, tree-filled parkway [of a street lined on both sides by small frame houses used as dormitories] near the quadrangle of Syracuse University, (Syracuse, New York) was quite different, and was NOT associated with sound. That was a spectacular display of pink and green which is best described as seeming as though I was under a clear plastic dome, over which someone was pouring luminous, transluscent paint, in shades of soft pink and delicate pale green. Pouring, pouring, streams and trickles, sheets and dribbles. Sometimes over the whole dome, sometimes restricted to the northern portions. I don't know when it began or ended. It was very cold, and I had to get to my dormitory. And, much to my dismay, my efforts to get others to come outside to see it were greeted with indifference, and disbelief !
Observers I was with my parents and three siblings. We were wrapped up in winter coats, probably did not have hats or scarves (re: hats/scarves : this is just a guess, knowing my family). All wore glasses. Three with very severe correction, the other three with varying degrees of nearsightedness. No loose clothing near ears, and hair probably too short to flap, or otherwise secured. I (the youngest - but not by much) heard the sounds clearly. And was told I was immagining it. I think that one of my siblings also heard it - but I'd have to check on that.
Correlation The sounds occurred at the same time as the lights. If there were lights, slowly undulating, there was low sound too
Sound OK you'll have to guess at the technical stuff (frequency, amplitude) from my description. I was just a child when I heard it. But I DID HEAR IT. BUT: think of someone standing a good distance away, maybe even inside an enclosed space (so the sound would be diffused by the enclosure) with a LARGE, very flexible sheet of metal. Think of them flexing the metal sheet back and forth, corner to corner, side to side, wobbling it. That's the sound I heard. Low. Slow. wubble/wrang/wubble/wub (sorry, I don't know of any real words for these sounds.) It was somewhat a secret sound, in the same way that the slow motion of the curtains was a secret motion. It didn't pop up and demand to be noticed. It just kind of happened. It was there, but waiting, to be heard. I think that it would be unlikely for anyone to hear it unless they were very far from today's noisy civilization.
Sound development (see above)
Electronics ????
Comments ? what an odd thing to ask ! How could anyone think of fear with the Aurora ? They are awesomely beautiful. Sound from the lights ? I don't know - I guess I've always thought of it more in terms of WITH the lights.

Observer 18,Peace River, Alberta, Canada,

Place Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Date ~ January 20, 1993 12:30 a.m.
Surroundings Flat open ground, snow covered, one dwelling house 400 ft away (wood frame, stucco exterior). One galvanized steel quonset hut 500 ft away. Assorted steel granaries 500+ ft away. Small poplar trees and assorted shrubbery around house.
Weather Clear, cold (-25 C) Slight breeze (5 - 15 kph)
Aurora Rippling sheets shimmering over northern horizon. Lights had vertical striations with some apparently solidly colored areas. Lights were bright green.
Observers I was alone. I had hair pinned back (extending down my back into my coat) and no head covering. I wear glasses.
Correlation The sounds were loudest when the lights moved. The more pronounced the shimmering effect, the more audible the sounds.
Sound In layman's terms: sound was comprised of soft bell-like tones (the fading tones of a bell struck some time back) and crackling like static electricity discharges in a thick rug.
Sound development The combination of shimmering and crackling was random in occurrence and varied in loudness
Electronics None
Comments Since I understand that the Northern Lights to be the receipt and discharge of energy from certain gases, I feel that the energy which is being discharged may affect and cause disturbances in the energy waves that human beings perceive aurally.

Observer 19,Cape Halkett, Ak,

Place approx 70deg 40min N/152deg 06min W
Date Jan 86 Unknown time est 0500
Surroundings Oil Camp airfield. On runway. No buildings nearby.
Weather Clear weather, temperature and wind unknown. est temp -22F and wind E less than 5kts
Aurora Waving lights, white in color, directly overhead. Moderately bright.
Observers Alone
Correlation Unknown, apparently simultaneous
Sound hissing and popping sound, not very loud from directly overhead.
Sound development Unable to remember.
Electronics None noted.
Comments It was very quiet, no others workers about. I was checking the lights and braking on the runway and was able to stand quietly and hear the sounds and watch the lights. I was not scared at all. I believe the sounds were from the lights.

Observer 20,Anchorage, Alaska,*

Place Nothern Alberta, Wanum or Calgory
Date Mid 1970's
Surroundings The area is wheat country. There where no buildings or other traffic at all. My friend and I were traveling back to Wanum and the Northern Lights were getting really active. Finally they were encompassing the entire sky. We stopped the car and got out to watch. We were there for over an hour, freezing as it was, and we bothed noticed the "noise" It sounded like static or maybe the car engine cooling off, but it was not the radio or anything else. I have commented on this experience several times, and most people think we were hearing things. We weren't, it was the northern lights making that noise. They were the best lights I have ever seen, colors everywhere and from horizon to horizon.
Weather Cold. calm, and clear about 0 dergree F.
Aurora Bright and lots of color and fast
Observers I was with a friend he wore glasses
Correlation continous
Sound sounded like radio static, but no radio was on
Sound development It seeded to modulate slowly
Electronics N/A

Observer 21,Artic Circle Hot Springs, Alaska,

Place Artic Circle Hot Springs, AK, USA
Date September 21,1984; about 11:00 P.M. local time.
Surroundings A half dozen or more small buildings with the hotel being the largest building around (aproximately three stories). We first stood at the bottom of the drive way, adjacent to the hot springs pool. After securing our camera equipment, we moved out onto the open grassy area unobscured by vegetation or trees.
Weather Weather was clear and cold, aprx. 25 degrees F. No wind present.
Aurora Vivid, almost continuous display for over an hour. The auroral glows would form largely on the NW-NE horizon in the form of large sheets, mostly light yellow to yellow-green in color. They were very active in traversing the sky, growing to reach overhead, or sometimes moving as a whole patch or sheet of light from one horizon to another. There was very little curtaining, and no striations.
Observers I heard the sounds but my friend standing next to me did not. I wear glasses and have a full beard. I wore no hat at the time, but was bundled up in a thick jacket.
Correlation The auroral sounds were virtually similtaneous with the lights, and I vaguely recall that they seemed attached to the motion of light across the sky. I first detected sound when the aurora would reach about 45 degrees above the horizon, and would continue to hear sound until the sheet of light would reach halfway down the opposite side of the sky.
Sound The sound I heard was like a high pitched hissing that slightly raised pitch as the patch of light moved overhead. The sound was soft, subtle, and heard maybe a half dozen times over the course of an hour.
Sound development The sound was of brief duration, a few seconds long. Sometimes the sound would repeat immediately on the heels of a previous cycle of hissing.
Electronics None.
Comments I asked my friend several times if he could hear the hissing. It was so subtle and soft, that I believed I was probably imagining it, especially when my friend really couldn't hear anything. I virtually forgot of this incidence until I attended a lecture at our local astronomy club meeting on the topic of auroras given by a professor that had done research at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. I have seen the northern lights four times since that first night though without any further sound (the other displays were no where near as spectacular as that first night).

Observer 22,now, New York,*

Place City of Douglas, Juneau, Alaska
Date February (?) 1978 (?) near midnight
Surroundings Standing in the street in front of my frame house (wood siding) on First St. in Douglas, on Douglas Island, Juneau. A few pine trees in the area.
Weather Clear, very cold, don't recall any wind at all.
Aurora Douglas is surrounded by 3,ooo ft. mountains, very small amt. of sky; the visible area was filled with color and light. There were two phases: calm areas of pinks, lavenders, pale blue; then sudden frantic waving of curtain-like shapes, snapping and flapping. My first and only sighting, those around me said it was the most spectacular display they had ever seen. Watched for maybe 20 min.
Observers It was very cold, we didn't stay around to discuss it. I heard sounds; I assumed all of us heard the sounds, didn't know that there was any question about it until now. I wore no glasses, no facial hair, probably had a knit hat over my long hair.
Correlation Sound and light show were simultaneous. Calm periods of light had a humming; frantic activity had snapping sizzling. I thought that the sounds were caused by the movement of the "curtains".
Sound I was so overwhelmed by the visual display that I didn't pay much attention to the sound; but there WAS sound. I was aware of sizzling, popping, swishing, snapping, whooshing.
Sound development Not sure what you mean: The sounds changed as the visual display changed. During calm times, there was only a hum or light static sound. During great activity there was also great variety in the "static".
Electronics There was none to be observed; no equipment.
Comments Not scared; awe-struck! Intense, huge display. I have no doubt that the sounds were connected to the lights. I was temporarily living in Alaska, had no experience with the aurora, and this is what I recall (granted its been a long time since, but it was one of the most memorable experiences of my stay there). I recall that I not only heard the sounds, I FELT them. almost as if it were electricity; it is hard to dscribe. A most incredible experience.

Observer 23,Mayo, Yukon,

Place 63'37N 135'52W
Date November 1983 2330 hrs
Surroundings About 3 miles from the town, in deciduous forest
Weather clear skies, wind calm, very cold, possibly -30C
Aurora green curtain, well developed, very bright, bright enough to see without a moon.
Observers alone, with parka hood thrown back.
Correlation simultaneous
Sound very low "hissing" sound. was only aware of it after several minutes
Sound development seemed to be continuous, with no noticable change in pitch, freq., etc
Comments thought at first it might be blood flow in my ears. there was absolutely no other sounds. also thought it might be something to do with the surrounding forest, or the moisture in by breath sublimating, which i have noticed, but it was too "constant" in pitch and volume.

Observer 24,canada,*

Place oakville,ontario canada
Date sept??year?? time,appr22:00
Surroundings large one story brick building..maple leaf trees..not too many tho large parking lot..about 100 car spots..grass surrounding area
Weather unusally cool evening..about 45 degrees..clear night.. just a touch of wind.. nothing notable..
Aurora zigzagged green streaks..starting three quarters up in sky.. coming down very low in horizon..started about 21:30..beautiful bright and dark green.. with some blueish tinges..some white wisps as well
Observers there was a group of us.. with a beard.. two with glasses four had loose head hair..two wearing nylon had regular baseball cap on..
Correlation the lights appeared first..then appr 10 or so minutes after the sounds came
Sound it was a crackling noise..with a kind of drumming sound.. but the crackling sound was very audible
Sound development the sound was stable for about 10 minutes or so.. it basically remained the same the whole time..but the crackling was quite audible the whole time
Electronics no electronic equipment was present
Comments yes.. the sounds were coming from the of the ppl that was with me has heard them before..he was the one that pointed then\m out to us

Observer 25,Anchorage,*

Date Mid-winter 1977 or 78 (same year as sunspot cycle)
Surroundings outside small house trailer away from large buildings, on a large flat area surrounded by mountains, not too many trees or anything. A few other trailers and small buildings around the area. That's all I remember.
Weather Night time (mid-nite ish) Still night, no wind. Very cold, about -20 F. Skies clear except for the aurora.
Aurora Mostly seemed to cover the sky all the way across. It was bright and colorful. Different rainbow colors swirling through a mass of sparkling wash of other colors. It seemed to come down out of the sky and it almost seemed as if you could wave your arms through the waterfall of sparkling colored sands. Sometimes a glob of color would shoot across the waterfall with a definite whoosh of sound. This display lasted about 1.5 hours.
Observers Three of us stood in a group. All were dressed for the weather but we removed our hats to be able to hear the sound. The aurora itself had a faint hissing sound but explosions of color shooting across the sky made a louder whoosh which diminished in volume as it went across the sky. The closest description I can think of is like dumping french fries into hot grease then having that sound moving past you. The sound would get louder then softer, and change pitch slightly. (as in the Doppler effect)
Correlation Sound occurred with changes in light. There was mostly some faint background noise throughout the display.
Sound Just white or pink noise of different tonal qualities. Like a radio tuned between stations.
Sound development
Comments I definitely perceived the sounds to be coming from above, and at or near the light source. It was very surprising to hear sound in the lights. It was very unexpected. It wasn't scary at all. It was more like hypnotizing to watch. Very excitng. The light seemed to pour down and across the sky with many swirling colors as if sparkling particles were being poured down into the lower atmosphere. It was a long time ago, but I remember some one saying the reason for the spectacular display had to do with the sun's 11 year sunspot cycles. (I have not verified this). I have not witnessed anything in my 41 years that impressed me as much and I still remember the lights and sound clearly, after 20 years.

Observer 26,Laurium, Michigan USA,First heard as a child

Place About 47 deg. N. 88deg W. Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan
Date First recollection in about 1945..later times like 1956 and beyond at peaks in auroral effect.
Surroundings First when 9yrs. old sitting on back steps of house I lived in. Looking mostly north. At back of neighbors house with trees to right, tall Lombardy Poplar Trees.
Weather Warm dry summer evenings (nights) cannot recall wind.
Aurora Lights were at about 60deg about horizon and seemed compressed to left then I heard a snap type noise, like small lightning noise and then size of light expanded to right with sort of a hissing/crackling sound lights seem to expand then fade abit then at some point repeated the event.
Observers I have discussed this with others who also have had similiar experiences. I think others were with me at times when events were observed but it has been too long ago. I will take notes next time.
Correlation It almost seemd simultaneously that the light and sound occurred. Snap was heard when light was to the left and then expanded to right. No delays perceptable.
Sound It seems like it was higher, not a low rumble, but like electical arcing, above 1000hz below 5000hz. Not too loud but noticeable (80 db ?)
Sound development It seemed to occur when aurora expanded and moved across sky, not at other times.
Electronics I have been an amateur radio operator so I was looking at aurora conditions for auoral skip on HF signals. Use aurora to bounce signals. It affected radio communications at various frequencies.
Comments I am positive sounds existed as a result of auroral activity. I have a summer residence in Eagle Hrbor, Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior and still look for activity. I have relatives in Sweden, I hope they visit when activity is present.

Observer 27,Northwestern Ontario,*

Place Approximately 60 miles north of Red Lake, Ontario
Date Mid-May, 1979 or 80, 11:00pm
Surroundings We were on a fly-in canoe trip, camped on an island in the center of a nameless lake. Our camp was on the north end of the island, about 1/2 mile or so from shore. The trees behind us were primarily jack pine.
Weather Extremely clear skies, calm winds and maybe 60-65 degrees F.
Aurora The display covered the northern sky and extended south beyond directly overhead. For three consecutive nights the display was essentially the same. It began with large curtains in the center and expanded from there. As the light brightened and stretched southward it shifted in tent from green to tones of red. At its peak, the display seemed to be a solid, shimmering light source. It was then that we heard a slightly modulating "white noise" sort of sound. It seemed to modulate in sync with the "dancing" of the light.
Observers There were two of us, neither with particularly long hair, although I had a relatively short full beard. I also wear glasses. We were typically sitting on rocks or lying back on our sleeping pads.
Correlation See above comment about sound appearing to be in sync with the "dancing" of the light.
Sound Your figure of about 100 htz seems close, although it drifted higher as it modulated. I'm using my familiarity with the pitch of a 60htz hum as a reference.
Sound development As I said above, the sound appeared as the light peaked and the light began to include more white, pink and near-red tones. It faded as the color shifted back to the more common greenish tint.
Electronics N/A
Comments Fix your typo in this question: "counds" We (the two of us) where afraid that the other person wasn't hearing the same thing. When we realized we were, it became magic. We tried to dissuade ourselves of the experience, but it happened more than once so we became convinced.

Observer 28,Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada,*

Place Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario, Canada
Date August 12, 1991 Midnight?
Surroundings I was on a dock in a pond in the Bruce Nat'l Park. the pond was surrounded by trees, but as this was five years ago, I do not recall what type. I'm not even certain it was in Bruce. It may have been in Bannf National Park about 2 weeks earlier.
Weather It was a warm, clear and (I think fairly calm night). Again, this was five years ago.
Aurora The Aurora was white and in constant motion. It was visible at least as much of the sky to include directly overhead, and, as I recall, the sky was nearly covered. They were not overwhelmingly bright -- but this is hard for me to describe. With the large portion of the sky that was lit with the aurora, flashlights were not needed, though I have decent night vision.
Observers There were two other guys on the dock with me, but I did not know them and do not remember much about them. We were all lying on our backs on the dock watching the show. We all heard the sounds.
Correlation The sound seemed to be sychronized with the movement of the aurora. The aurora moved sort of in waves -- bands moving across the skies and the sounds corresponded to the movement.
Sound I think the 100 hz mentioned sounds about right for most of the sounds. There were also occasional pops accompanying the general hiss.
Sound development Again, it hissed with occassional pops. I do remember it corresponding to the aurora but don't remember how thinking back on it now. That is, I don't rememember if it changed directionally or in pitch.
Electronics Not applicable
Comments I certainly believed they were coming from the Aurora. I only became recently aware that sounds were uncommon! I was not scared, I thought it was fascinating.

Observer 29,North Eastern New York - USA,

Place North Eastern New York State -
Date date and time being - late 1980's - 1988? - storm that brought down Que. CDN power grid
Surroundings outside and 25 - 50 meters from trailer with metal roof, al sidded located by pine trees - on little used road
Weather clear,cold, very little wind
Aurora some green light spread out over the north with bright patches flowing through the most noted feature was the lights turning to a bright (pure)red. The latter had nearly the intensity of a vehicle's tail light.
Observers all alone wife thinks me crazy for staying out in the cold.
Correlation I belive the sounds though not always present were in "flux" with the lights.
Sound What I preceived was all around and I would best describe it as fine ice and snow blowing across a frozen lake but ever so quite.
Sound development Sound would fade in and out in what I felt an irregular cycle
Electronics Not at this event but at work on other times the 2-way radios need more squelch, and don't sound a clear.

Observer 30,N of Georgian Bay Ont.,*

Date May 1957 or 58
Surroundings in country very quite except for insect noises with Pine trees around. No buildings within 200 feet
Weather 40's calm clear
Aurora Pulsing patterns like brightly colored curtains, the sound was soft but noticable and rose and fell with the brightness of the Aurora.
Observers There were several people watching with me including my father. Dad wore glasses and noone had long hair as this was the 50's. I believe several maybe two had hats like baseball hats.
Correlation The time difference seemed to be coorindated but out of phase.
Sound What was noticable was very low pitched but not bass with trible overtones. You had to stand still and listen closely to hear.
Sound development Constantly changing up and down both in volume and pitch. Keep in mind this was faint so the volume changes went from not noticable to slightly noticable.
Electronics None noted but we were too far north for AM or FM radio.
Comments Nothing

Observer 31,fairbanks ak,

Place 4618 harvard circle fairbanks ak
Date 23.30 feb 3 1989
Surroundings the buildings were wood construction no trees
Weather -40 wind calm
Aurora a curtain of yellow fire
Observers i was alone
Correlation about 5 seconds after the wave was over my head i heard this crackel noise.
Sound l lour crackel that move with the curtain.
Sound development it was stable
Electronics none
Comments the sounds were comeing from the northern lights. I viewed this display nor once but on three other occassion.

Observer 32,Cold Lake, AB Ca,

Place CFB Cold Lake Approx. 110degW, 54degN
Date Mid-Dec 95, 0700Z
Surroundings About 20 ft from our trailer(tin cladded double wide mobile home circa 1960) surrounded on all sides by same type trailers, spaced 50 to 100 ft. Trees in the area include aspen, blue spruce black pine, and some other mixed northern boreal vegetation. The majority of these stand about 100 ft. away.
Weather Clear night,temp -35 C, no wind.
Aurora Appeared as curtains of green, white ,silver and small traces of yellow and red. When I started to watch they covered about 1/3 of the northern sky. They grew in intensity for about 5 min. and then gradually drifted southerly spreading to about 1/2 the visible sky before fading back to about 1/5 of the north sky. The noises appeared during the most intense displays.
Observers I was alone and there appeared to be no one on the street. I had an acrylic watch cap on that I removed once I started to hear the noise. I was wearing a gore-tex parka and acrylic scarf about my neck.
Correlation There appeared to be no specific pattern that I could distinguish, but the noise definitely abated as they started to die down.
Sound The noise was very similar to the first track of Pink Floyd's Division Bell album. It had a very low amplitude, and seemed to be coming from above me and in the direction of the aurora. There were soft crackles, tiny pops, and almost static electricity like sounds such as you would get pulling off a wool sweater, only much fainter.
Sound development The sound seemed to last a relatively short time, 5 min. approx and cycled from quiet to its peak and then subsided again.
Electronics none noted.
Comments I do not believe it could have been Tinnitus as I've had it, and this was nothing like that. I remember being awed and a little humbled by such a beautiful display of raw power, yet its etherial delicacy. It was not a moment that I would want to share because it felt almost like something that should be savoured alone. It could well be atmospheric conditions caused some kind of static discharge on a massive scale. Aircraft can pick up a large static charge moving thru dry air, maybe I heard millions of micro-lightning bolts traversing the air due to the radiation particles going thru the "dry" atmosphere.

Observer 33,North of Brooks Range on the canning river in Alaska.,*

Place I have the GPS coordinates, but not with me. Location is 75 miles @ 110 Deg from Prudhoe Bay Ak.
Date March 8, 1996 @ 2100 hrs.
Surroundings On top of a hill on the tundra, 80+ miles South East of Prudhoe Bay. They are no trees or structures, the mountains where within 15 miles.
Weather Crystal clear at about -20 F or so. No wind, dead calm.
Aurora Major waves all across the sky. Colors where Green, yellow and purple.
Observers My brother and I where out there on a hunting trip. I had on a stocking cap that evening around camp.
Correlation As the waves would move across the sky you could here them swish.
Sound As a good wave would start cursing across, the sound would follow the wave with a swish. I believe it was east to west, the amplitude was light to medium light but definitely audiable.
Sound development The sound came and went with the magnitude of the wave, I would say that lighter waves had little or no sound.
Electronics Didn't not have any on.
Comments I have heard them on other occasions through the years up here, the ones I recall hearing have been when it is very still on crisp clear nights.

Observer 34,Chicago, IL,

Place Carpentersville, IL
Date late fall, 1963
Surroundings On the edge of a large open field, twenty acres or so. Surrounded on two sides by mature trees
Weather Cool and clear, late fall. Very little, if any wind. Could discern stars of the 5th magnitude. This was the finest display of the Aurora I had ever seen.
Aurora Sheets, movement was noticeable. Quite bright with greenish hue, sometimes blue and occasionally a dim red tint. The display was to the north and lasted around twenty minutes.
Observers Only myself. not wearing glasses or, as well as I can remember, had clothing around my head. My hair was relatively long but not blowing.
Correlation The sounds began five to ten minutes after I got to the location and lasted around five minutes. It was my opinion that a correlation existed between the sounds and changes with the "northern lights."
Sound A soft rustling or swishing sound. I was of the opinion that slight changes in the sound would accompany changes in the northern lights (movement in the "sheets", not with changes in color)
Sound development
Electronics None noted
Comments I had no sense of what direction the sounds were coming from.

Observer 35,mpls, mn,

Place se minneapolis, mn
Date early 1980's
Surroundings residential neighborhood
Weather extremely cold january night, about 10 below zero. very clear. sounds were first noticed by my dog, a german shepherd
Aurora large, moving curtains, white and green , over much of the northern sky
Observers alone with dog. wore parka
Correlation simultaneous
Sound cracking, electric soun d
Sound development uniform in time
Electronics none notice
Comments surprised, not scared. the next day, my colleagues in math and physics tghought i was crazy.

Observer 36,New Mexico,*

Place Bettendorf, Iowa
Date Late summer, 2:00 A.M. 1973
Surroundings On the western bank of the Mississippi River at J.I. Case, a tractor factory, brick. No trees, the factory was several acres, with buildings made of brick and some of frame cons- truction, as I recall.
Weather Very still, temperate (70 - 80 degrees F.) humid, but no clouds.
Aurora The lights were somewhat dim, greenish in color, although it seemed the color changed somewhat into resds, at times. The lights were directly above, seeming to cascade downwards, similar to search lights as they pan the sky, only panning toward the ground. Many "fingers" of light, demostrated as if you put your two hands together,palm over top of back of other hand, fingers outstretched, and proceeded to move them slowly in oposite directions. It lasted about 20 minutes to an hour, increasing and decreasing in intensity of color, brightness and size.
Observers Three of us heard the sound. no glasses, no loose hair on beards or sideburns. No clothing near face. We were on midnight shift as security guards, wearing cotton shirts, no hats. One of the men was African American and the other was anglo with a short haircut. My hair was pulled up in a bun.
Correlation It was an on going sound, seeming to correlate with the movement of the "panning" lights.
Sound It was a crackling electric sounding sort of noise, not loud - in fact it could barely be heard, but it was there. Not a 'zzzzzt' noise, but rather 'kht' noise
Sound development It was present as a crackling in time with the panning of the light. I do not know how to explain it.
Electronics The factory was closed down because of a wildcat strike, there were few lights on. Everything seemed to work including a radio.

Observer 37,Isle Royale Nat'l Park,

Place Between Rock Harbor and Tobin Harbor
Date 1965or 1955 Probably July
Surroundings In spruce woods away from the lights of Rock Harbor Lodge and dormitory.
Weather Temperature about 60 degrees, clear, and calm.
Aurora Northern lights were white and looked like beacons flashing from northeast through northwest and meeting as they reached the highest point above. They flashed constantly from random directions (northwest to northeast). We could easily see the outlines of the tree tops silhouetted by the light. They seemed very close to use, just above the tree tops.
Observers There was a snapping or crackling sound. I wore galsses, I think the people with me were Liz and Paul (it was a long time ago). If so, Liz had long hair, Paul may have had a beard. Yet we all heard the noises clearly. It was a small group of people, anyway.
Correlation The sound occurred at the same time as the light flashes or possibly slightly delayed after the flashes. There were so many flashes happen ing all around so quickly it was hard to tell. There were times when the flashes were even more rapid and numerous. At these times the snapping and crackling were more frequent. During times when flashing was not as rapind the sounds were less frequent. Brighter flashes correlated with louder snaps. Crackling was more frequent. Crackling= crinkled cellophane; snap = short a lamp cord.
Sound There were times when the flashes were even more rapid and numerous. At these times the snapping and crackling were more frequent. During times when flashing was not as rapind the sounds were less frequent. Brighter flashes correlated with louder snaps. Crackling was more frequent. Crackling= crinkled cellophane; snap = short a lamp cord
Sound development We watched this for about a half hour.
Comments I believe the sounds came from the northern lights. It was eerie, I would not have watched for so long if I had been alone.

Observer 38,Anchorage, Alaska,Winter of 1979

Date About 1 a.m., not sure of date
Surroundings Near Port of Anchorage, was on top of fuel tank, above plant lighting. Saw northern lights start, was especially magnificent. Mostly, no trees around, at least not within several hundred yards. Nearest building other than other fuel tanks was several hundred yards away, metal siding construction.
Weather Crisply cold, clear air, not much wind, as I recall. Probably about 10 degree F.
Aurora Was especially aggressive, very beautiful, much more colorful than I had seen in a long time. Was over in about 5 to 10 minutes.
Observers I heard a hum, but a rather eerie hum. At first I thought it was an electrical line nearby, but there were none close. It gave me the creeps as it was not coming from anything that I could see. It was not windy so was not from the wind between tanks. No people were around, I was working graveyard shift as plant security. No one has ever believed me that I heard the Northern Lights hum, but I swear I did.
Correlation Can't recall, but it seems the hum sound was happening at the same time as the northern lights.
Sound I'm not a scientist, so can't really help with this.
Sound development No, it was not stable. When the northern lights finished their display, the sound was over.
Electronics There was no nearby electronic equipment.
Comments I was frightened, but awed as well. It was an other worldly sound, not one I had ever heard. I am convinced the sound was from the Northern Lights. I saw no other explanation. I was not in a particularly imaginative mood that evening, nor stressed. It just happened and I can't explain it.

Observer 39,Northern Alberta Canada,

Place St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Date 1 a.m. February, first half, 1993
Surroundings Condominium complex, brick and sidding
Weather -30 degrees celcius, At least. Moderate wind
Aurora Layers of ribbons, slowly moving colors of green to pink. Intensly bright calmly moving.
Observers I alone heard the sound.
Correlation Sounds moved as the lights moved
Sound The noise was calm humming, I remember the sound from my childhood listening to the northern lights
Sound development
Comments The sound was not frightening at all. It was delightful. I have very distictive memories as a child listening to the Northern lights sing. It was not until I started learning about the Norhtern Lights as an adult that I discovered that most people don't here them dancing. I relate the sound to humming, relativly high pitched but very calm and rythmic with the movement of the lights.

Observer 40,Cloverdale, BC,

Place N.E. of Mt. Klotz on YK Hwy#5
Date Mid-September, 1990
Surroundings I was parked on a gravel pullout off the road. The area was the flat top of a gravel knoll just south of the Peal River crossing. There were no buildings or trees in the immediate vicinity.
Weather The sky was clear that night, I recall the temperature had dropped dramaticaly the earlier in the evening. I would estimate the temperature to have been in the mid-low -30's. There was no wind whatsoever.
Aurora The lights were visible in their usual form, undulating sheets of green interpersed with red & yellow spikes. The only noteworthy thing was the intensity of the lights. I have trucked through Canada's north & Alaska for several years & have never seen the lights as intense before or since.
Observers I had been sleeping in my truck. (I was in the habit of pulling off the road and switching off the engine before I crossed my arms over the steering wheel for a nap. The cold would wake me within 1/2 to 3/4 hour and I would start the truck & proceed.) This particular night, I stepped out of the truck before starting it to stretch my legs. I was aware of the lights almost immediately and looked skyward to watch. The display was the strongest I have seen. I was wearing a down-filled parka over a cotton work shirt. I was not wearing glasses, and did not have a beard or long hair at the time. The hood of my parka was down.
Correlation The sounds were undoubtably in direct correlation with the activity of the lights. There was a slight delay between the spikes & the crackling sounds (perhaps a couple of seconds).
Sound At some point I became aware of a queer hissing (I thought at first it was an air leak from my truck), as the lights grew brighter and became more active, the sounds became louder (still just above a whisper).
Sound development At the peak of activity, I was able to hear a crackling sound not unlike the crinkling of cellophane.
Electronics I had noticed the trucks' VHF radio was unusally sensitive the evening before.
Comments Threorize all you wish, I am convinced that the sounds I heard were at least related to, if not caused by, the lights. I can offer no scientific observations save the above correlations.

Observer 41,Whitehorse, Yukon Canada,

Date Winter 1980
Surroundings In the suburbs of Whitehorse
Weather Clear evening, no wind, Temperature approx -40C
Aurora They were in a large circle right over my head with the movement going around and around
Observers There was no question they made noises. There was a shishing sound as they moved around and there was the odd crackle. My wife also heard it but as she had lived in Whitehorse for most of her life it was not a big deal for her. She had heard it many times.
Correlation Sounds were linked to the circular movement
Sound Quite loud. Swishing and crackling
Sound development You could hear it all the time. I finally went inside the house. Heard it for about 10-15 mins. Became too cold to stay outside!
Electronics Nothing
Comments There was no question the sounds were coming from the Northern Lights.

Observer 42,Auke Lake, Juneau, Alaska,

Date Mid-winter, 1950
Surroundings Standing on the shore of the lake, the only nearby building was a small frame house at least 100 feet away, conifers,(probably spruce and hemlock)
Weather Clear, probably between 15 and 20 degrees F.,and no wind
Aurora Don't remember well, I think it was a little to the north, and quite bright, probably the usual greenish-yellow
Observers I believe that my mother and I heard the sound - she commented on it - I was only 5 years old at the time.
Correlation I think there was a lot of visible motion of the lights at the time
Sound I would say sort of a rustling noise, ...
Sound development


Date JUNE, 1980 1200 MIDNIGHT

Observer 44,Delta Junction, AK,

Date winter 1989 11pm
Surroundings Cleared acreage with a two-story wood-frame house to the left and open yard to the right for 200-300 feet. Two or three spruce trees were in the immediate area otherwise the yard was cleared in a large circular formation and included one other small wooden shed and an outhouse, a sled dog lot and two large pens made of wood and wire. I was standing approximately 15 yards to the right of the house in the yard watching the auroral display. The house was located about 3 miles beyond the nearest powerline and was a solar powered home with generator back-up. Therefore, no artificial lighting was within three to four miles in any direction to interfere with the visibility of the lights.
Weather The temperature was around -40 degrees Farenheit, no wind and the skies were clear.
Aurora The sky was filled with a variety of shapes and colors of beams from left to right. Included were a whitish beam projecting up from the right horizon into the sky which moved slowly up,down and across the sky. The left side of the sky was filled with a pinkish more diffuse beam that projected up and across the sky and seemed fairly stationary. The beam which appeared to correspond with the hissing sound was greenish in color and formed a wavy pattern overhead. As the waves undulated the hissing sound changed in pitch and loudness in rhythm to the movement of the wave. I was amazed at the
Observers The sound was also heard by one other person who had lived at this site for about 25 years. He wore glasses, had short-cropped curly hair, a mustache and wore a musher's hat with ear flaps up.
Correlation As described above, the sound appeared to correlate to the undulating greenish wavy light's movements.
Sound It sounded much like a soft white noise or hissing that changed slightly in pitch and amplitude as if accompanying the movement of the green wavy light.
Sound development The sound appeared to come and go and eventually after watching the display for about 10 minutes I determined that the sound must be associated with the coming and going of the green wavy light as opposed to the other types and colors of lights in the sky at the time. It went away and reappeared more that once during the time I was outside.
Electronics No electronic equipment was being used at the time. See note above regarding solar-powered house.
Comments I wasn't at all frightened by the lights or the sound. I was in awe as this was my first winter in Alaska. The only noise I recall hearing other than the sound of the lights was the occasional bark of a sled dog from a yard approximately three miles away. It was an amazing experience often missed by Alaskans who live in the hustle and bustle of suburbia and the associated noise pollution. This was the most remote place I have lived in the interior of Alaska and have only heard the aurora at this location although I view it frequently late at night.

Observer 45,Landis Saskatchewan,

Date approx. oct. 1 1965 late at night
Surroundings 4 miles from town at an old farm yard with no power. The only buildings were a few square wooden grain bins.
Weather cool, clear skies, perfectly calm
Aurora They were following a waving pattern. They waved from far in the north to almost overhead. They were very bright, I probably have only seen them brighter once since that time. The colors were from a dull white yellow to a blue white. They were so magnificent that my father and I just layed on our backs in the yard and watched them.
Observers My father and I both heard them and I was quite surprised. He wasn't and said he had heard them before in the late 1940 when he worked as a cat skinner in the North West Territories and the Yukon.
Correlation The noise was a swishing or hissing type noise that seemed to get louder and softer with the waving action of the lights.
Sound It was a type of swishing or hissing like static on a radio.
Sound development Louder and then softer over and over
Electronics We had no electricity at the farm then and no one lived there, it was total darkness and perfectly quiet.
Comments This was approximatly 30 years ago and I have told people over the years that I have heard the northern lights. I think some think it's B.S. but being a farmer to this day I watched the sky and listen every chance I get. The clear night skies, especially in the late fall here in Saskatchewan are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seem.

Observer 46,Anchorage, AK,

Place Anchorage, Alaska
Date Feb, Either 1992 or 1993
Surroundings On a 2 lane road about 7 miles south and east of Anchorage. Closest building about 200 yards to the South.
Weather A clear night, temp about -10 degrees f. no wind
Aurora In the shape of a curtian, that was contionally moving. It was located due East over the Chugiak Foothills. It had beautiful Reds, Blues and Greens.
Observers There were 2 of us, my wife and myself. It was almost like we could feel the sound, a very low hum. the intensity increased when the Aurora got brighter.
Correlation We didn't notice a time difference. See above
Sound A low hum, very low volume, To the north and East.
Sound development As long as the Aurora was active, we were able to hear the hum. Frequency probley around 15 to 30 Htz.
Electronics none
Comments My wife and I believe that the sounds were caused by the Aurora.

Observer 47,MISSISSIPPI,

Date WINTER OF 55-56

Observer 48,Delta Junction,Alaska,

Surroundings I was in a wood frame house at about 2:00amTheir were birch,aspen and spruce trees around the house.
Weather About -40, no wind. Clear starlit night(morning)
Aurora Bright, white,green,red and black auroura. Filled entire sky.Streamed down towards me,danced, pulsated and changed shapes.
Observers I was the only one awake at 2:00am.Night cloths, boots,contact lenses,and a heavy coat. No hood or hat.
Correlation The sound caused me to go outside. When I went out I noticed the sound was constant and correlated with the exceptionally bright display. This was the only time I have wittnessed black aurora.(Black spaces or holes in the display.
Sound A extremely high pitched sound that made a noise as if someone had struck a crystal with a metal object lightly. The noise was not intermitant but constant.
Sound development It was extremely loud and became higher and thinner and threadier as time progressed until I had difficulty hearing it.
Electronics None. I was out where the only noises where the sounds of nature.
Comments I was thrilled and I have never wittnessed a display of this magnitude. I could not stop watching. I am not sure of the duration, but, it was at least an hour.

Observer 49,Fairbanks, Alaska,

Place Valdez, Alaska
Date August 1989 3:30 am
Surroundings In a wooded area with birch and cottonwood trees.
Weather Clear, approx. 40deg.F, calm (no wind).
Aurora The light was directly above my head, no specific shape but rather an intensly bright fog or mist that seemed to cover the whole sky over the Valdez bay. Extremely bright white with a pale blue tint. It was so close to me, I thought I could reach up and touch them. After a few minutes the fog seemed to rise then concentrate then the rippling motion began which lasted about one to two minutes, spreading out and re-concentrating. Then a quick dissapation and the light was gone.
Observers I was alone (nature had called). My hair was loose, about shoulder length, no glasses. I was wearing a sweatshirt.
Correlation Both were simultaneous however, the sound stopped as the light went higher in the sky.
Sound The sound was continuous but varied in intensity. The direction was a surround sound effect. It was definatly audible to the human ear without strain or concentration. The sound itself was a crackling, electrified sound, like loud continuous static electricity. I could feel the electricity on my skin. I may have just been so awed by this though that I may have had goosebumps!
Sound development The sound just quietly came with the light. It only changed in intensity. It lasted a few minutes with the close proximity of the light.
Electronics No anomalies. We were camping out. No electronic equipment was near.
Comments I know the sound came from the lights. The night was oddly still, there is usually some type of breeze or air movement as Valdez in on a bay on the ocean. I remember thinking that if I'd reached my hands up,I would have touched the lights. I did not reach out. However I was totally mezmerized by this event and did not even breath (it didn't feel like it), until the lights moved up, away from the earth. I tried to describe this to everyone the next day and could not quite explain the feeling but I still say that it was as if the lights were alive and had tremendous energy.

Observer 50,Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,

Place 53, n 113. w
Date 9 pm, Aprox. 10 years ago
Surroundings In a park with trees in Edmontons River Valley. Close to a golf course.
Weather -20 deg. clear light wind.
Aurora Strong , almost felt I could reach out and the northern lights.
Observers There was 2 of us standing out side looking up
Correlation they were ver intense
Sound A crackling sound, low amplitude (not loud)
Sound development
Electronics I did not hear any on the car radio.
Comments I did hear them at other times but can not rember exactly time and dates. I have worked for the local phone company on a country route so I have been out alone at night a lot in the winter to fix problems at remote sites.

Observer 51,Negaunee Township MI,

Place 46 degees 30 min N, 87 degees 39 min W
Date September 28 1974 11:00 PM
Surroundings Metal and Brick township building, Baseball Field and parking lot surrounded by both pines and deciduous trees
Weather Clear dry and temperture was in the low 40's and there wasn't any wind
Aurora The light seemed to be coming from the zenith and covered the whole sky. It was very bright with green white and pink colors. It seemed to be constantly changing in shape, brightness, and color. This was probably the best display I have ever seen.
Observers Two of us heard the sound. Neither of us wore glasses, my girlfriend had shoulder length hair. Neither of us had any clothing near our ears.
Correlation The sound was heard with the movement or "dancing" of the Nothern Lights.
Sound Crackling and a swishing sound. The sound was what brought our attention to the Northern Lights as we stepped out of the building and walked to our car.
Sound development Whenever the lights "danced across the sky we heard the same crackling and swishing sound.
Electronics None noted
Comments We both were amazed to hear the sound, as we both had observed the Northern Lights before without any sound. Most people that we have told about the sound don't believe that there could be any sound associated with the northern Lights. We both believe that the sound was actually coming from the Northern Lights because we heard it whenever there was "movement or dancing" of the Lights.

Observer 52,Anchorage ,Alaska,

Place Mendenhall Glacier,Juneau Alaska
Date november 1986,1:00 am
Surroundings glacier to east of me,mtns to north and south,glaciel valley to west.I was in parking lot of glacier visitor center,lots of alders around and also evergreen trees,I was at edge of Mendenhall lake
Weather clear skies,15-20 degrees,no noticible wind
Aurora there were a few of the greenish folds of light lining up from north to south.The intensity of green got brighter and thicker and the band seemed to connect in a semicircle arching in the sky , lining up from north to south.As the lights got brighter and thicker they seemed to kinda join together ,still in an arched semicircle.Then colors starter to form. I remember shades of purple intertwined with the green and also deep red.the colors involved were all shades and mixtures of green,red and purple. The lights then seemed to come down towards the earth.I was in awe.I heard sounds that were kind of a sizzling,light electronic sound.They were faint and seemed like they were coming from everywhere.The transformation of green into colors and the "lining up" of the lights and the hearing of the "sounds" lasted about 15 minutes. I have seen hundreds of aurora displays,including a total red sky in juneau in 91 or 92 but never anything like this one.I have tried to explain it to peop! ! le but most don't believe me.There were approximately 10 people in the glacier lot when this display happened.The next night there were probably 200 people waiting for something to happen
Observers I think everyone there heard them
Correlation The sounds were changing and it was evident to me that the movement of the lights caused a change in the sound
Sound the frequency was not high pitched but rather low pitched and non irritating,again it was a light electronic sizzling sound that didnt seem to be coming from any certain place
Sound development the sound became evident as the lights seemed to move closer to the ground.It modulated somewhat in waves .Probably for about 15 minutes
Electronics none
Comments I believe the sounds were coming from the lights interaction with the surrounding air.The sounds were definitely related to the movement of the lights.the lights seemed to suddenly come together and was over as quickly as it started.I think my facination with the lights evolved from this experience.I want so badly for it to happen again.

Observer 53,South of Helena MT 50miles,

Date 1072 , June
Surroundings We were standing on an edge of a lake. Pine trees surrounded the location.
Weather The sky was clear. Wind was zero.
Aurora The aurora was mostly white with sheets of white shooting 65 to 70 degrees across the sky. The northern most part of the sky was like dark green shimmers, strips darker and lighter than others and moving like waves.
Observers There were 4 of us that heard the sound and I'm sure the others could describe it to this day No one had any clothing or hair to effect what they heard. We discussed it at the time and all agreed that we were hearing the aurora.
Correlation Both sounds were simultaneous. The aurora would ebb and flow and the sound would match that.
Sound It was a hissing sound. It gained a little in frequency and volume but remained faily steady.
Sound development It was surprisingly stable. I noticed it after I noticed the lights. We watched this for several hours, perhaps until 4 or 5am and the sound remained constant.
Electronics none known
Comments I had no fear of any of this, just awe. We all talked about what we were hearing and seeing and no one doubted for a second that the sound was being generated by the lights. We were all very familiar with the area and sounds of wind through the trees and sometimes just wind overhead. This was totally different and definetly from the lights alone.

Observer 54,Iceland,I thought until now I was the only one who ever had this sound

Place Naval Base Iceland
Date Spring 1972 time unknown
Surroundings I was observing from and open are with nothing around me, no buildings or trees etc.
Weather Clear, low 30'sF light winds
Aurora vertical ribbons of varigated greens to blues, hues were light to moderate in intensity
Observers THe sound was that of static electricity being discharged. No facial hair or head gear were involved except glasses.
Correlation At the time I noticed the lights I could hear the sound. This was still in progress 10 or so minutes later when I had to leave.
Sound Very faint seemed to emminating from about 45 degrees to the east of the sighting.
Sound development Seemed to vary in intensity
Electronics none observed
Comments Everyone has always told me I was hearing things, glad to see that there are others who have observed this sound also.

Observer 55,Northern Alberta, CA,

Place ~100km N. of Ft. MacMurray,AB,CA ~57.5N-111.5W
Date late April & early May 1995, around 9PM MST
Surroundings In a man-made circular clearing about 100 meters dia. in a densely forested region. One pine log cabin about 50 meters away (unoccupied, no power or heat). 5 canvas tents about 100 meters away. Dense white pine forest surrounding clearing. ~50% "fire-killed" on the west side of the clearing. Pine seedlings and needles on the ground, covering pure sand. (This area is part of the Fort MacMurray "oil-sands")
Weather Clear skys, approx 10 Deg. C, no wind, small patches of snow in sheltered areas. Humidity probably around 50% but not measured.
Aurora Broad arcs, green, very bright, very active. Nearly overhead. (If 90 was straight up, say 70-80 at the top of the display) Bands of light would change from arcs to u-shaped at times. Often relatively narrow bands would "leap upwards" reaching almost overhead from say 20 deg from the horizon. I watched for about 45 minutes, then they started to "calm down" and I went to my tent. These big disturbances came probably every two or three minutes and lasted about 10-20 seconds.
Observers I was alone in camp. I wear glasses. My hair was very short. I had about 3 weeks growth of beard. Wearing a wool-lined denim jacket and a felt stetson hat.
Correlation The sound came when the lights would suddenly "flare" up toward overhead, and seemed to be pretty well simultaneous with that.
Sound A "crackling" sound similar to crckling of static electricity when you pull a sock off of a pair of pants after you take them out of a clothes dryer, or sometimes petting a cat. The amplitude was probably about the same as the sock example, not "noisy" by any means, but easily heard. I thought the noise came from the direction of the lites, but it's quite possible I formed that opinion because of the correlation between light activity and sound.
Sound development I only heard the crackling as the light activity built up. The sound became more intense as the lights flared up, then stopped. It didn't last as long as the flare-up did, and I didn't hear anything as the actvity died down. (no "fade-out" just a build-up, then abrupt cease)
Electronics I had no power there.
Comments I'm certain that the sound was related in some way to the Aurora. At the time I just assumed I was hearing them because it was so quiet where I was, and that I was hearing them directly. I realize now that that is impossible, because the sound was too closely in sync with the light activity. The pine needle theory makes sense to me. I probably gave direction the sound in my mind, just because it was so "obvious" The sound couldn't have been coincidence, though. The nearest humans or mechanical equipment of any description was more than 20 km away.

Observer 56,Ottawa Ontario Canada,

Date 1952, between 7 - 8:00 PM probably January or February
Surroundings standing on sidewalk farthest from the lights, looking up over the roofs of the houses across the street. Facing north. Houses were all brick, roofs probably asbestos shingles. Trees were all oak, maple - no pines - probably some poplars. Street was not far from the edge of the city, probably 2 miles.
Weather night was clear, don't remember any wind, but it was cold, probably 10 to 20 below zero.
Aurora the sky was dark, the northern lights were shades of light green,looked like a madmans keyboard. All straight pieces of light banded together in a side by side keyboard of moving keys. The shape of the board changed shape also, in a wavey pattern. Unforgetable.
Observers I was a child, and I was alone, and I heard the sounds. I never knew that there was any question on hearing the sounds, and that everyone else would hear them also. Never discussed it with anyone because I thought it unremarkable. Hair was probably loose.
Correlation Seems to me that when the waves of the keyboard changed, the sound was evident
Sound The sound was very high pitched, a pinging, repetative sound, like snapping something very hard in two pieces, maybe like glass,only a small ringing quality to it also
Sound development seems like the light drew my attention, and then I heard the sound. It was cold, so I probably watched it all for five minutes, the sound had stopped and the difinity of the lights had softened to a green blur the sound lasted as long as the light keys were sharp images.
Electronics I was a child, I went home. The lights were present often when I was young, never heard anyone complaining about anything not working.
Comments children don't question the cosmos too much, just assume that this is another lesson. The way things work. I never questioned that the sounds were coming from the lights, it was not a sound like anything else, and the sounds corresponded with the motion of the lights, maybe a little slower than the movement of light, but matchable.

Observer 57,Barrow, Alaska,

Place within Arctic Circle, in the town of Barrow, Alaska, on coastline of Beaumont (?) Sea towards north
Date September 22 or 23, 1987 Around Midnight or after.
Surroundings Alone, standing near a shed or other building, recall it to be of wooden construction
Weather Clear, after several days of cloudy weather. Cold, probably close to 0 degrees F. Slight breeze.
Aurora I wanted desperately to see the Northern Lights before we left the town. After several cloudy nights, I arose after Midnight to go out and see. It was clear, and they were dancing vertically, toward the northern horizon. At first it was singular vertical "rays", mostly greenish in color. This went on for some time, and I was thinking of going inside... When all of a sudden it flared across the sky with a "whooooosh" and the most beautiful colors were displayed, clear across the horizon.
Observers I was alone. I probably had my parka with fur on my head, so my ears were covered with nylon and fur, but loosely.
Correlation I would say it was simultaneous. As the whole display flared across the sky, I know I heard a "whooooosh" that was somewhat loud, perhaps like a breaking ocean wave. The display was fanatastic in brilliant colors and lasted for some time, rippling and waving in vertical curtain-like columns. After a while it diminished back to the single green column and almost dwindled to a point down on the horizon, and it was gone.
Sound Loud "whoooosh" as colored curtain furled across the sky. Most like a breaking ocean wave. After the initial sound, I don't recall really hearing much more, even though the display went on for some time. The sound did seem to have come directly from the direction fo the lights.
Sound development As above.
Electronics none around at the time.
Comments It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. It was like fireworks, only real. It is an amazing phenomenom. I felt that I had been honored with the display... that it was there that night for me alone. I could now leave Alaska saying "Wow, I saw the Northern Lights!"

Observer 58,Fairbanks, Alaska,

Place central alaska
Date in my youth, years ago, usually late evening, early morning
Surroundings Sometimes they were directly overhead, sometimes as low as about 45 degrees. Usually I was just outside a small forested area (which was common there when I was young); sometimes in my front yard; sometimes at the elementary school playground. I remember one time I was standing on a railroad track.
Weather Always it was cold; very crisp. Can't remember the wind, although it was usually still in the basin.
Aurora The audible lights were usually the long, flowing, curtain-type; moving left-to-right, right-to-left. Colors were usually greenish, green-yellow, sometimes white. I remember the audible lights were often bright.
Observers From my recollections, I was usually alone, although I had conversations with many others who heard the same sound I did.
Correlation They were simultaneous; I often related them to the lightning-thunder phenomenon and wondered how far away the lights were.
Sound I can only describe the memories of a boy: It sounded like a windchime, only without the reverberating "ting." Instead it was a more constant and duller chime. I think the sound could be reproduced using recordings of a windchime (trebel removed), a "shhhh"-type human whisper, heavy cloth (perhaps canvas) rustling against itself and a slight electrical buzz (like feedback from an audio speaker). That may sound nuts, but those are the images I used to think of when I'd listen to the lights. My memory is very vivid on these sounds.
Sound development It was not a constant phenomenon; it would come, be audible for several minutes (maybe longer; you lose track on cold, dark nights) and then be gone.
Electronics n/a.
Comments I'm sure the sound came from the lights. It was more metallic and electrical than anything else. The lights often increased in brightness and intensity in correlation with the sound.

Observer 59,south dakota,

Place hosmer, south dakota
Date August 1990
Surroundings We were in a field, no buildings or trees nearby. There was a blacktop road close, but no traffic.
Weather Hot August night, clear, beautiful star field visible. No nearby street or city lights. No wind really.
Aurora They lookied like ghostly, billowing curtains, shimmering silver and white. It was the first time I had ever seen them, and it was beautiful! It was in the NW sky. They were huge!
Observers Two of us were there and we both heard the sounds. No glasses, short hair on both, one had a beard. No clothing was near the ears.
Correlation The sound and the lights were occuring simueltaneously. There didn't appear to be any discenible correlation in the sound and how the lights shimmered.
Sound It sounded like a crackling and snapping. I thought it was like static electricity discharges. My freind, who had seen them many times before, assured me that the Northern lights always made that noise! Now finding out that they apparently don't is very interesting.
Sound development It whistled and crackled for as long as the lights were intensely shimmering. They appeared to lose some lumionescence as the night went on, and the sound faded as well. I assumed that the brighter the lights, the noisier the sound was standard operating procedure.
Electronics na
Comments There was no doubt in my mind that the sounds were coming from the Northern lights, or rather more specifically whatever atmosheric disturbance the lights created was making the sound. It sounded electrical in nature, so I assumed that some sort of upper atmosphere disturbance from the lights was making static electricity pop and crackle. It was really quite awesome, because the nature of the sounds was such that there was no question in my mind they were coming from above, and weren't some sort of nearby interference. It was quite an experience. This is the only time I have ever seen the Northern lights, so I again find it quite interesting that there is no scientific eveidence of this sound I heard along with the lights.

Observer 60,Lower Michigan,

Place Lower Michigan (Howell, and Lansing)
Date Tentatively November 11, 1992 from 7pm - 3am I have to check this
Surroundings Located in Howell Michigan, Sitting up on second floor of the house (with neighboring houses). Wood house, minimal trees.
Weather Weather was clear, cool, winds were calm
Aurora At first 7pm-8pm full 360 degree (full color display with mostly violet, pink, blue, being predominant). The display appeared to come from a small hole nearly vertical that appeared to be about the size of the moon (perhaps smaller I think I put my finger up at hands length and it covered it). Extremely bright (enough to see in a brightly light parking lot in a small rural city)
Observers I alone heard the sound. Because I was in fact alone. It is unfortunate I didn't not have someone along to corraborate the actual sounds or a way to record them. No glasses. I did have loose hair but wasn't moving about much.
Correlation Phenomena was correlated with the sound I heard. The delay was about 1-5 seconds. See below for a more specific description of this correlation
Sound Mostly low frequency from what I could determine. The sound was kind of like a TA, ta, tah, Ta, ta, ta, tah.. Or PA, pa, pa, PAH
Sound development It was definately changing in character, but in general held the same character. It was not a tone but more like a tapping that correlated well with the nature of the phenomena that I was seeing. Stable for at least 30 minutes. But most certianly was fading in intensity with the fading display
Electronics None that I could determine. Phones worked since I distintly remember using a radio phone from outside my mom's house.
Comments In the beginning I was at a event in Milford Michigan where as the first one in the parking lot I noticed a slight (greyish) aurora like disturbance (even in brightly light parking lot in a city) I asked others as they arrived whether they saw anything towards the north also. Everyone said no. I entered the building. 15-30 minutes later as more people arrived someone entered the building and said we should all come outside to look at the event. The event was a full 360 degree aurora event (meaning you could look south and north and see the aurora all around) with a small hole to the normal sky roughly vertical (actually If I remember right it was slightly south vs. pure vertical). The aurora curtains seems to come from the hole in the center and fall to the ground (or horizon) changing color all the time and giving the appearance of movement though a tunnel. The display was brilliant (enough that everyone could easily see it in a brightly lit city/parking lot). At that time I didn't notice any sounds. Later that evening I was to return to Lansing Michigan from Milford (about a 60 mile drive). As we exited from the meeting the aurora was still noticable but there was generally only greyish or whitish curtians. The only way to describe the scene is to say it appeared we were passing through some sort of tunnel with wispy cloud like aurora (very faint) sort of moving on the walls of that tunnel giving the appearance of movement through a tunnel. I tried to measure an angle to the hole in the display to try to gauge any change as I drove to Lansing. I happened to stop in Howell (about 1/2 way) telephoned a number of individuals to have them look. After a time I simply stayed IN the house on the second floor staring towards the north (from a north facing window). (Interesting my memory says I saw the hole toward the north west when I sat there.) As I watched the tunnel movement since it was so quiet I began to notice a sound associated with the appearence and movement of the whitish patches moving toward the ground on the 'tunnel'. There would be a consistent delay of about (meaning the delay never changed) 1-5 seconds between seeing a patch appear move toward me (or the ground/horizon) dissappearing and then hearing the associated pah or tah with it. The amplitude of the sound correlated well with the brightness of the patch. And the pattern of the Pah's correlated exactly with the pattern of the patches. I was facinated with this display since I had seen (and photographed with a friend) my first display shortly before. I hold a MS in Physics and endeavored to study the phenomena the best I could. To that end I tried to determine if I could discern any change in the location in the sky of the hole or center of the event on travelling 60miles west on the Earth. I could not. And determined that according to the accuracy I could measure that the center of the event had to be > 100miles in the atmosphere. I've seen this event one other time and I believe is was in late January or February of 93 and this was in Michigan upon returning from New York. But I didn't spend time listening for any sound, and the aurora was of the 360 degree type and was very faint at 3am in the morning. (I was near a highway also) I know this event was reported in a number of newspapers all over the Mid central US (seen in 5 states I think). The papers said that it was a 1:100year event. And I've seen it twice in my lifetime. I am not prone to imagination and am a very careful observer. I don't think I took notes or drew pictures (I may have though and am still looking for my notes of the meeting I went to that night) because I was so suprised by the event and also spent 3-4 hours in a meeting while the event played itself out. I do have about 50-100 other witnesses to the actual event and will pin down the exact dates soon. I have never heard of anyone hearing sound with Aurora before so it's not like I'm acting like a copy cat. I happened to be investigating the data available on the upcoming Solar Flare event and found this page. Feel free to contact me at my address below for further information. I could probably create a rendered rendition of much of what I saw that night. Perhaps also correlating what I heard. It has been so long though the 'exact' details might be fuzzy though. As a final note I also heard the same sounds when I returned to the farm I was staying at in Holt, Michigan about 1-2 hours later

Observer 61,Northeastern MomtanaEastbound,

Place Eastbound on Hwy 2 approx 50 mi west of Glasgow, Mt
Date 1983, late spring or early summer.
Surroundings Rollingt treeless praire with only very widely spaced yard lights from isolated ranches, deserted highway shortly after midnight.
Weather Absolutely crystal clear sky, no wind, slight air movement only, cool night about 40 deg F.
Aurora Noticed odd light through windshield and door windows of vehicle, husband driving. We stopped to view night sky and discovered odd light to be most spectacular northern light display either of had ever seen.. It appeared to be directly overhead so I lay down in order to look straight up. It appeared that a dark disc "hung" directly overhead with light streaming from behind it for 380 deg. Colors varied from green to blue to red with a mixture of colors being most common. The colors seemed muted compared to the white sheet phemomenon usually seen in northern Montana skies. We observed for approx. one hour. The phenomenon did not wax nor wane in that time but continued at an even level of light and activity.
Observers My husband and I heard the sound. We were dressed in casual clothing with light jackets. We both wear glasses. Bill has very short hair , and I had short curly hair.
Correlation Sound was continuous during entire observation period only varying in loudness, not in pitch or tone.
Sound Sound had no directrionality. was a faint hissing or sizzling noise that at times was quite audible and at times seemed almost to disappear.. Had approximate sound of bacon sizzling but muffled by distance.
Sound development See above "Time relation...' comment.
Electronics None. Not aware of radio interference because of inability to receive stations at that particular location.
Comments We were in awe of the sight and sound! Fear was not a consideration at all. Sound was most definitely created as part of NL activity. Neither of has ever seen such a spectacular display in spite of our many years of sky watching and night travel, nor have we ever heard the sound before---what a serendipitous lifetime event!! Upon re3aching Glasgow Bill checked in with an on duty policeman for reports of ambulance activity. The officer reported that he had the busiestnight ever and wondered what had set off all the inebriated, domestic violence prone, suicidal, generally odd people in town, for he had not stopped responding to the strangest list of calls he could remember receiving since the Milk River had flooded at the same time there was a full moon.. We indicated that he might find his answer in the dark country side while looking straight up..

Observer 62,Rome,Peoria Co., IL,

Date 1944-1954
Surroundings Front yard of our home which faced north. Clabboard siding. Poplar trees along west side of property
Weather Very Cold, no wind have no idea of temperature. Snow crackled and crunched when walked on
Aurora Usually, when I heard the sounds it was a full curtain of color, waving like a flag, very bright colors
Observers I would go outside and sit on my sled in the front yard to watch the lites by myself.
Correlation No, the sound didn't seem to be correlated with the movement
Sound Like distant bacon frying
Sound development I don't remember but if the aurora was bright, the sounds were there
Electronics 1944-1954. Not much electronic equipment in rural Illinois
Comments There was nothing to fear, just awesome beauty. Yes the sound came with the lights. There was no traffic or other noise, just stillness of a winter nite

Observer 63,Sthlm, Sweden,

Place Gammelstad (Luleå), Sweden
Date 1977-78, February or late January
Surroundings Villa-suburb, one storey houses nearby (wood/brick, corrugated steel roofs - mostly), some pine trees, road, lots of snow, but mostly open space
Weather late evening, absolutely clear sky, cold - arround -15°C, little wind - if any, the snow was pulsating of light
Aurora everywhere - horizon to horizon, extremely intense, mostly blue, looked like flames "the whole sky on fire with blue flames", fast moving, flickering
Observers definetly alone, maybe glasses, wool clothing (I think), hat (wool) - hard to remember...
Correlation simultaneous, behaviour: "fast flamining of entire sky"
Sound hissing, sparkling, static, crackling, direction difficult to pinpoint "like standing in the midst of ther sound"
Sound development fearly stable for at least 20 minutes
Comments it was exhilarating I was absolutely convinced it came from the aurora, never heard anything like that before or after - I was sober, but possible tired not really predisposed to "new-agy mumbo-jumbo theories and experiences...


Date BETWEEN 1968-1973 FROM 20:00-01:00 FALL TO SPRING
Surroundings The closest structure was a two story farm house 100 to 200 yards away. Wood siding, poplar trees some spruce again 100 to 200 yards distance.
Weather early fall through winter into early spring. Temp from 10c to -25c little to no wind.
Aurora curtain type in the north to directly over head. quite bright, multi coloured from green to red some light blue to yellow.
Observers I was mostly by myself I have never asked anybody that was with me if they ever the sound as I always thought this was natural and happened all the time. as for clothing the usual light cold weather cloths not toques were worn {hats}. I dont wear glasses, clean shaven.
Correlation as the lights moved or brightened in intensity the sound was as one with the lights.
Sound to me it sounded as a staticy hiss, not a clear hiss. the sound never breaking up but a continious hiss that moved /changed with the lights.
Sound development All I can say is it lasted as long as the lights.
Comments I've never had the chance to ever experience this since then as I have moved to the city and I don't get out to the country as much as I would like. Yes I strongly believe the noise is apart of the Aurora phenomena.

Observer 65,Igloolik, NWT, Canada,Yeah, and I whistled at them to!!

Place 69o 23' N 81o 48' W
Date Dec 1970 6:00PM
Surroundings 30' outside Hudson's Bay staff house. Building was wood frame, wood siding, asphalt shingled.
Weather Clear, -30F (approx), no wind
Aurora Two or three short ribbons, not very deep. Leading curtain the brightest. Pale washed out green. East to west orientation (not positive). Not visible directly overhead. Only visible facing east. Only change was undulation in the ribbon. Position may have moved slightly to the south.
Observers I was advised by the store manager (Mr. G. MacDonald) that if I wanted to hear the lights they were "loud tonight". I wore an HBC issue parka. With the hood up the sound was not discernable. Listened bareheaded, standing very still, for approximately ten minutes. No eyeglasses. Long hair, short sideburns.
Correlation The sound coincided with a slightly brighter light pulse along the bottom edge of the leading ribbon. The pulse moved west to east (if my original west east orientation of the display is correct) The pulse was relatively slow, the eye could discern the brighter pulse running the length of the ribbon. There was a one second time lag. (approx) The light pulse incresed in brightness as it moved through the brightest portion of the ribbon. Sound slowly increased as intensity increased and faded as the light pulse faded out. Not all light pulses produced sound. Intensity of the light pulse seemed to dictate the intensity of the sound.
Sound Faint, relatively high pitched hiss. No discernable change in pitch. Definitely from the direction of the display.
Sound development Rose slowly in volume, peaked as the light pulse moved through the most brightly coloured area, then faded as if into the distance. Seemed stable throughout. As noted less intense light pulses produced less intense sound.
Electronics No equipment in the area.
Comments At the time, my understanding was the lights were some form of radio wave. It seemed perfectly logical that a radio wave could carry or produce sound. Twenty five years later I read a "scientist's" "You can't hear them" article. Although I worked up north for over four years, and the lights were a frequent occurrence, I only heard them once. I guess I was just lucky to "hear" mother nature at her best.

Observer 66,Ottawa, Canada,

Place Brandon Manitoba Canada
Date late Sept 1972 (Yes, an archival record!) 2:00 am
Surroundings The back yard my parent's home. Wood frame, wood siding and stucco clad bungalow. Surrounded by tall, mostly bare silver willow, mountain ash and silver maple.
Weather clear, calm, ~ 5 degrees C.
Aurora So called flaming display, whole sky was covered with pulsing patches. The patches themselves were stationary. Faint green, no red or violet as is sometimes seen. I have seen many other displays which were more intensely coloured and brighter, but few that have been so extensive in terms of sky coverage.
Observers Was alone. I had wire-rim glasses, long loose hair, no hat.
Correlation The matching of the pulses of light to the crescendos of sound was what initially drew my attention. I corresponded with the meterological service and the local university departments about it, knowing full well that the light orginated many tens of kilometers away and that a delay was to be expected. It is possible that since the pulses were fairly periodic, that I was getting the sound from an earlier set of pulses, but that would be unlikely given the close temporal matching.
Sound A soft, sibilant sound, reminiscent of snow blowing over hard packed drifts. In synch with the pulses of the auroral display. No variation in pitch, only amplitude. Seemed to be coming from all skyward directions at once.
Sound development The sound lasted as long as the display did - more than 2 hours.
Comments Something woke me up in order to see this display. My bedroom at the time had a northward facing window which was partially open. I was not in the habit of waking up during the night, but was becoming interested in astronomy. This observation and the search for an explanation were the launching points of a career in physics. Yes, after long and careful thought, I believe the sounds WERE from the aurora, via ELF (or similar) waves that interacted with my hair or glasses.

Observer 67,Yukon Territory,layered sound

Date June 30, 1994; 11pm Yukon time
Surroundings Outskirts of Whitehorse, with afew wooden houses around and lots of evergreen plants and trees:woods.
Weather in the 40s, no wind, clear skies..
Aurora progresses from red to purple to blue hues over the span of 3 hours or so. colors went in layers across the sky, gradually changing.
Observers i was wearing glasses with loose ahir, and my aunt was looking at it with naked eyes and loose hair.
Correlation sound as well as lights came and went, sometimes together, sometimes alone.
Sound very soft layered sound: a groan on a howl on a shrill. sounded almost like it was harmonized.
Sound development the sounds would come up out of no where, though they were soft (a little more than a whisper) and last from5 minutes to an hour.
Electronics with the initial coming of the lights , our radio become fuzzy, and we turned it off. then, we began to hear the sounds accompanying the aurora.

Observer 68,Lynn Lake, Manitoba,

Place Lynn Lake-Burge Lake Manitoba, Canada
Date August 14, 1997
Surroundings Open country with a few deciduous and Pines about 15 to 25 feet in height-Near Burge lLake 1/4 mile in deserted campground. No buildings.
Weather No wind, weather was cool about 50 degrees farenheit
Aurora Straight overhead at about 11:30pm CT changing shapes and rivers of white and green. We experienced some curtain shapes, rivers, spot like areas. Slight blue. Moon was at about 3/4.
Observers We are amatuer radio enthusiasts with 2-meter, and 6-meter and 4- meter bands. We experienced auroral sounds on the radio both 2 and 6 meter, voice becomes distorted and unrecognizable and morse code becomes a swoosh kind of sound. We also had a vhs camera to record the aurora we viewed but when we got home there was severe audio disturbance on the tape except when the camera was in our truck. Outside there was a wind, whisper type sound, with no wind we thought this may be sound from the radio. Both myself and my fiance heard this, he is 6'6'' tall with short hair-no clothing near the ears- I am 5'9" tall with short hair, no clothing next to my ears.
Correlation Audio we heard with our ears outside was simultaneous with sightings. Radio audio was about 30 minutes before sighting and camera audio distortion was simultanious
Sound Radio- voice distortion so as to become unreadable-somewhat like a mouth full of marbles.Quite loud. Camera- somewhat like what you would hear when the Television goes to snow ( no video just white noise) Quite loud. By naked ear-very hushed wind like sound-very quiet.
Sound development Stable, for about 30 minutes
Electronics Described above.
Comments We were on vacation at the time and my fiance asked me to marry him- maybe it was the aurora! Well, I do not really believe it but... We will be returning to see the aurora in Thompson Manitoba in November (late) we were so impressed with the minor storm we experienced!

Observer 69,White River, Wrangell-St. Elias National Monument,I used to live there before they made it a national monument

Place In Alaska, about 50 miles west of the Canadian border, in the U-shaped vally about 100 long, 50 miles wide. East of McCarthy.
Date Several times, winter 1980 - 81
Surroundings Typical bush. No town, no lights. Log cabin on North Fork island on the White.
Weather Right. A bush rat would carry scientific instruments while running a trap line.
Aurora Everytime it was very bright, very active, mostly green. Filled the whole sky. Seemed very close to the ground.
Observers I was alone. Wore a Prudhoe suit w/bunny boots, wolverine ruff hood.
Correlation Simultaneous.
Sound It sounded like an electrical hum, except it would sometimes sound higher or lower.
Sound development Seemed pretty stable. Didn't always last very long. Hard to judge time. After a while I'd just go back to work.
Electronics Uh, electronic equipment? In the bush? With no electricity? We didn't even have a radio!
Comments Well, I know the natives believe that the sound is their ancestors singing. I liked it, could almost believe the story. Made me feel happy, and like I had company. Of course I believe the Lights made the noise, figured it was "excited particles" or something.

Observer 70,Oswego, NY USA,

Place Oswego, NY (about 75.25 long, 44 lat more or less)
Date Sept 1981
Surroundings In my parents' driveway, located near the top of a drumlin about 2 miles from the shore of Lake Ontario. I was, for a time, lying on the hood of the car.
Weather No wind, very clear. Chilly, too.
Aurora Stared as a band of green light stretching from one horizon to the opposite started early - about 9:30 pm, went until about 2:00 am. Very bright- had mostly white but around 10:30 added yellow, red, and blue, then back to white by around 11:30. White from then on, but very wild activity. Very exciting!!
Observers Unfortunately, I was alone when they started making noises. This was about 12:00. My hair was beneath my head in a ponytail, and my clothes were not moving at all. It was quite still, in any case. It was almost a crackling - sort of like the sound static electricty makes. Much louder as it came over my head. In fact, you could almost FEEL them - in the same way one feels static electricity. This was all totally unexpected.
Correlation The noise was loudest just as the light whipped over my head - in other words, when it (the light) seemed to be "closest" to me.
Sound Swooshing, crackling - softly.
Sound development It was pretty much the same the whole time. The sound portion of the Northern Lights was only around for about 45 minutes or so.
Electronics Didn't notice any.
Comments It was one of the most memorable things of my life. Very wierd.

Observer 71,Algoma WI,

Place Base of the Door County Peninsula on Lake Michigan
Date October 1997 10:00 pm cst
Surroundings Fishing on Lake Michigan, One building, wood frame with aluminum siding nearby.
Weather clear, cold around = 32 drgrees F. wind very calm 0 to 5 mph
Aurora Curtains and rays rolling and everchanging shapes and light intensities in the north sky. Mostly green with a few hints of red hue in some of the curtains.
Observers I was alone and heard a faint hum in intense moments of the Aurora. I wore no glasses and my hair is very short and no beard, just a trim mustache. Wearing a windbreaker that was not moving.
Correlation The sounds came after the lights peaked intensely with very bright and rolling curtains and stabbing rays.
Sound Slight hum from up in the sky
Sound development Short humming after peak lighted activity then sharply fading to nothing.
Electronics I went in my car to warm up a bit and I noticed fading and static in the radio station I was listening to. The radio towers are only 15 miles north from where I was at
Comments All I could think of was, There is a God and He is an AWESOME artist.

Observer 72,Juneau, Alaska,

Date Don't remember
Surroundings Field two or three trees about 200 feet away or so.
Weather cold,crisp, about 30 degrees or so
Aurora long skinnie if you could call it that it fade out and fade in kind of along the above the field where we were i am not sure where that was. the colors were green and they were pretty and bright.
Observers It was crackling sound, every one herd it the people who were there were me, my Bro and Mom and Dad
Correlation they were simultaneous
Sound a dull crackling noise
Sound development it was stable
Comments sorry i couldn't be of more help.

Observer 73,Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba< Canada,

Place The auroral display was very strong beginning just north of Minnedosa, Manitoba and continued during my trip through the park.
Date February, 1996 App.10:00pm CST
Surroundings I was on the east side of the escarpment on Highway 19 just before descending down the escarpment. Forrested area with mostly deciduous trees(poplar,birch,ash) with the odd spruce in the area. The point that I stopped to view the aurora is open to the northeast and overlooks a creek valley.
Weather The weather was very clear, wind was calm, the temperature was app.-15C
Aurora The lights began as large rolling masses going from west to east and back and appeared to the north of my position. The display continued for over 30 minutes and were very bright and active. When I reached the area I described that I stopped to watch, the display was bright pale green with tinges of a wine color. Shortly after stopping to watch, The lights began to break up and run in long skeins to the north and south but the skeins were almost directly overhead. The colors were very pale green and whitish and not as bright. When the intensity and form of the display changed, I began to hear a noise such as a soft, low, & long fis-s-s-s-s-s-s-s that faded in and out as the intensity waxed and waned.
Observers I was alone at the time.
Correlation As I stated above, the sound was simultaneous with the light display and the changes.
Sound Fis-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s. Soft, low,& long fading in and out.
Sound development see above
Electronics I never thought of this but observed no changes in my vehicle's instruments.
Comments I have seen the aurora many times but this is the only time I have ever heard the noise. I had heard of others hearing a noise while observing the lights but, quite frankly, didn't believe it until I heard this. I make my living outdoors and have spent more nights in the bush than most. I feel like the sound was from the aurora as it was not a sound that I'm familiar with that would normally occur in the bush. I have not seen such a strong & active display since the one I have described and also haven't heard a sound that I could associate with the aurora since that night.

Observer 74,Lake Champlain, VT,

Place Lake Champlain, VT
Date Long ago--early 1980s, between 22:00 and 24:00, summer night
Surroundings On an island in the middle of Lake Champlain, in a very clear area. No trees nearby.
Weather Very still. Very quiet. Warm and dry. Probably in the mid or upper 60s.
Aurora What is locally called a "cathedral sky"--green, ribs of color from sky to horizon, rippling and moving, flashing from overhead to "earth." "Cathedral sky" is how I heard it described the next day in a local diner.
Correlation The ripples of shimmer seemed to precede the ripples of sound by a very short time.
Sound It sounded like the rustle of silk. Electric silk. Soft, rippling, crackly, but the crackles were very very very subtle and small. I.e., not crackles like eating popcorn. Direction? From up there to my ears.
Sound development It was like a background wave. I wasn't even sure I was actually hearing it. In fact I thought I was imagining it as a kind of synaesthesia event until some years later, when I met a very old woman from northern Canada, at a bed and breakfast inn on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. We sat in the sitting room one night, talking, and this topic came up. She said, "Of course you can hear the lights! I have heard them many times. They are like the rustling of taffeta from far away." I often hear things that others don't, including high frequency sounds (like armed burglar alarms in museums--they sometimes make me feel like a hot wire is going thru my head). I hear like a crow. Very audially awake.
Comments I write to you now because I saw the aurora last night, for the first time since that Vermont experience. But I was in downtown Madison, WI, where I now live, last night. Last night, there was too much background noise to hear anything...but I did listen. I found your Web site while looking for corroboration that what I saw last night was actually auroral activity. What I can tell you about yesterday...well... First of all, the birds in the morning were acting like it was a month later in the season than usual. Cardinals were foraging for berries that won't be ripe till late Sept. Chickadees singing their October song. Last night I took a motorcycle ride... and just felt...strange. This may sound...bizarre...but I was having problems seeing, in the dark. I ride in rural areas outside of Madison. It was as though the light spectrum was...wiggy. Or my eyes or my brain's ability to decode light was. I'd close my eyes for a moment and kinda press the muscles of my lids against my eyeballs...and I'd see this green and purple veil. I thought my eyes were just tired from too much work at the computer. The weather, though-----it felt...odd somehow. It was dry and very still, and felt...buzzy somehow. Not like caffeine. Like something passing thru it. I rode and rode, I didn't want to go home. Sure, it was a pleasant night, but I was also tired. So I finally, after running back and forth across town, made myself go home. Parked the cycle in my apartment building's garage...then did something I *never* do that late at night--went outside behind the building to look at the night sky behind the building. And then I saw the sky had these bars of green, veils and bars and ripples, to the north. Then I saw a shooting star, which was cool. Then it hit me-- my first aurora since I was a very young woman camping in Vermont. I had a moment's temptation to hop back on the bike and beat it back out to the rural areas...but was afraid the show would be over by then. As I watched them I thought, I *knew* it! I *knew* something strange was up today, tonight...and I wondered whether maybe people and creatures can't feel those solar winds pass thru. Thanks for your site on the auroral sounds.

Observer 75,Northwestern Ontario, Canada,

Place Outside ThunderBay, Ontario
Date early-mid August 1991, late at night or early in the morning
Surroundings At the side of a road, no buildings. Complete darkness, surrounded by coniferious trees, but it was dark, so I'm not sure what type. No-one was on the road it was so late, it was totally silent and pitch black.
Weather Clear sky, no real wind, not even a breeze that I can recall. It was between 55-70 deg. F (late summer temp)
Aurora The Aurora was throughout the entire sky, and it was in huge greenish sheets. It started out a bit smaller then it got larger and larger, and the colors got more and more intense. I could have watched it for hours, it didn't appear to want to die down very much.
Observers nsified. I was born and lived for 8 years in Alaska (and also saw them from my home in NW Montana), but this was actually the first time I recall hearing them, and especially so loud. I had long hair at the time, and the person with me wore glasses.
Correlation The sound and Aurora were simultaneous. And as the view of the Aurora intensified, so did the sound.
Sound The frequency was quite low, like a low whooshing sound, which when it became louder sounded a bit crackly. It seemed to come from the direction of the sky where the Aurora was.
Sound development The sound changed with the Aurora. When the Aurora became larger, brighter, the sound became louder, and... brighter.
Electronics There were none to be described. We were in a car, but I don't recall any.
Comments The noise from the Aurora was so loud it kind of freaked me out and held me mesmorized. I have to also say that it was the most bright and active Aurora I had ever recalled seeing. My cat was in the car, he didn't seem affected.

Observer 76,Humboldt, Saskatchewan,*

Place Canada, Saskatchewan, (near) Saskatoon
Date Sept. 1985? 2:00 AM
Surroundings Field, with a house about 200 ft. away. Sitting in a fire pit dug into the earth.
Weather Beautiful clear night, 15-17 degrees C. No wind, rare.
Aurora Like cascading waterfalls that rippled across the northern horizon and continued for hours (2-4) with bright purples, greens,blues.
Observers Everyone heard them because we were sitting by a large fire and we kept hearing a snapping and a crackling sound behind us and it was not the fire and as the sounds grew louder the intensity and colors were amplified. It lasted so long we grew bored of it. There were about 6-8 people who heard it.
Correlation It was a bright night so we didn't notice the lights at first we noticed the sounds for about 2-5 minutes.
Sound It was loud enough to be heard over a crackling fire, from the northeast.
Sound development When we got away from the fire it had a constant hum or buzz but the snapping and the crackling was very long and seemed like the sound of fireworks?, the lights then the snapping.
Electronics None
Comments They happen quite often there and are very beautiful but that is one of the rare times you hear them and that loud.

Observer 77,northwestern ontario,Polly Lake, near the Nipigon river, off

Date late August,always after midnight, at intervals from 1972 -1996
Surroundings usually on the camp porch, building is wood, veranda is wood, mixture of elm, mostly spruce and fir trees, or on the beach, large sandy beach toward the curve in the lake, a natural ampitheatre with a small growth of cattails in the curve.
Weather always a clear, cool almost cold night,
Aurora a staggered banner, leading edge from the west, getting larger to the northeast, colors ranging from pale yellow to pink, not as vibrant as they could be higher north, but certainly beautiful, slow movement like the wind blowing gently on the banners
Observers last experience 1996, 3 persons to view, only myself hearing them. My husband 5'8", dark hair, no glasses, no headgear,jeans, sweat shirt. Our buddy, 6'1", dark hair, glasses, no headgear, jeans, sweat shirt. Myself, fair haired, glasses, sweat suit..
Correlation I've always heard sound with the movement of the lights
Sound I've always heard a throm-m-m. If I'm looking straight on, it seems to come from the left, proceeeding to the right. The "um-m-m" part in a lower register. It's really quite wonderful.
Sound development If you're still and the air is crisp and quiet, I can hear it. It is strong when the colors are vibrant and fade as the lights begin to fade
Electronics none, that I've noticed.
Comments Beleive it or not, 1996 was the first time I knew that other people didn't hear the Northern Lights sing. At that time I remarked to my husband and friend on how loud it was, and they couldn't hear it. Neither had they ever heard it. I was a bit stunned. We've had our camp for nearly 30 years and seeing the lights was a delight to watch for. I have always heard the lights and thought it's singing was a naturally occuring phenomena, that everyone could enjoy.NOTE: I came across an old OMNI magazine, an April 1985 issue in which an article entitled HISS OF THE FIREBALL in the EARTH page by Pamela Weintraub interviews Colin Keay, a physicist working at the National Research Council in Ottawa at that time. The article was on the Whooshing sound made by meteor showers and why only some people heard it. I'll paraphrase " he (Keay) theorized that the mysterious phenomenon could occurr only if sound were somehow travelling as fast as light. Sincle light is made of electrom! ! agnetic energy, the sound was pr obably induced by a form of electromagnetic energy as well. Electromagnetic energy cannot produce sound directly but..can certainly be converted to accoustical energy by a loudspeaker or some other transducer. Natural objects in roximity to the observer could serve that function well. " Keay then extrapulated information from an article written by fireball expert Doug Revelle. Using that information and devising an experiement Keay tested his hypthesis by placing subjects beneath an electrode that emitted radiation similar to that given off by the fireball. In a few instances, subjects heard a whooshing sound. And those with loose clothing, steel-rimmed glasses, or frizzy hair, which all vibrate readily, were most susceptible. P.S.S. I have just been to the bottom of the page and saw that Mr. Keay has contributed to this web site. Thank you Mr. Keay for your contribution and I wonder if you are experimenting still and what the results are. I have kept the Omni article to which I have referred and am pleased to say that I fall into your "susceptible" category. I do indeed, have frizzy hair, wear wire-rimmed glasses, and generally go around in loose clothing. It's nice to know I'm not "just hearing things".

Observer 78,Alaska, North America,

Place 16 miles SSE of Fairbanks
Date Winter of 1985-1986
Surroundings In a boggy, tundra. Small scrub pines, blueberries abounded. I was bear hunting and kept hearing a "swooshing" sound eminating from above. I had seen the Aurora on numerous occasions before but had never heard them probably because I was near populated areas and roads. When my hunting partner and I returned to his vehicle, he turned on the AM radio and it was incredible!
Weather Clear, cold (about 0 to -5F) Do not remember the wind direction but it I remember it to be calm. (it's been 12 years now)
Aurora Looked like a veil or bottom of a curtain. About 55 degrees or more and a greenish hue.
Observers I heard them alone while watching a bear bait from a stand.
Correlation I do not remember specific details but I do remember the sound as being a "swoosh" much like someone trying to whistle but can't. Almost like wind coming through a tight space.
Sound You have me there as far as frequency spectrum and amplitude go.
Sound development It seemed to change. It started very softly, cressiando'd (sic) and wavered then subsided. I'll say it lasted about 3 to 4 minutes.
Electronics N/A
Comments I wasn't scared, just amazed. It's one thing to hear them via static on the radio but it's another to be virtually in the middle of nowhere and hear them. I believe the sound came from the Aurora Borealis but am willing to hear other theories.

Observer 79,Fairbanks, Alaska,

Date About 10:00pm, December, 1984
Surroundings Small frame-built buildlings, some very small black spruce
Weather It was a clear sky, around -10F, mild wind.
Aurora Very bright bands of light, quickly moving across the sky directly overhead.
Observers I was alone, so I don't know if others heard it.
Correlation The sounds seemed to correlate with the movement of the lights.
Sound It was a popping and hissing kind of sound.
Sound development I don't know.
Comments I am a lifelong Alaskan, and have heard the Aurora all my life. I only hear it when it is particularly active and the lights are particularly bright. In thinking about it, I only recall hearing auroras that are light green or close to white in color--not the pink or red colors. I don't have Tinnitus; in fact, my hearing is excellent. Neither my husband or my son has heard them. If you want more information, I'd be happy to give you more. I didn't know that I was unusual in this until I got to college. For this reason, I haven't paid attention to time, date, climatic conditions etc., because for me it was a natural part of the experience.

Observer 80,kotzebue ak,

Date some time between dec and march 1957
Weather clear and very cold was on guard duty at an us air force radar/site
Aurora first sighting of lights early evening some were between six and eight in the afternoon.very clear
Observers lights were all over the northewest and north portion of skymade a swiching and cracking noise
Sound cracking and swiching
Sound development
Electronics with in 50 feet of radar facility on the road srounding the effect by radar/eng
Comments it scared me to the point that I place a clip of ammo in my weapon,after several minutes of not knowing what was making the noices.I saw the lights @ was in a state of unbelief. obserbe saw the lights .

Observer 81,Fairbanks, AK,

Place Fairbanks, AK
Date March, 1997
Surroundings I was at WICCA, the shelter for women in Fairbanks. On about 10th avenue.
Weather Very cold, 40 below.
Aurora They developed in one spot. All of the lights came from that one spot. They would come and come and come again
Observers It was 40 below. I stood out there for an hour. I didn't get cold or anything. I was so enthralled with what was happening. I heard crackling. That is the only way to describe it. Crackle, crackle.Not like popcorn, more like electricity.
Correlation Totally simultaneous
Sound Subtle, Not Earth shattering, just crackling.
Sound development No it did not change.
Electronics None
Comments Yes, I knew the sounds were from the lights, I was not in the least afraid. I was in awe. I was able to stand out there in -40 degrees for at least an hour. The only other thing you might be interested in is that if !you whistle, it really dances.

Observer 82,Highlevel,

Place 200 Miles North of Highlevel, Canada
Date Jan/Feb 1989
Surroundings Stretch of road in low hills, relatively barren area.
Weather Rather cold (-15 degrees Celsius), clear night.
Aurora Shifted between well defined quickly changing vertical bands to difuse sheets. Formed very high in the sky (60 degrees from horizontal). There were two aspects the vertical spiraling bands and a sheet backdrop. Sometimeds the bands would come and go leaving a sheet back drop. The sheet back drop was silent.
Observers I was with another individ. We got out of the car to admire the spectacle We heard a low vibrating sound that seemed to eminate from the vertical bands. Sheet lights did not appear to make a sound. The distinct vertical bands sounded like a vibrating loose rubber band (distinct electrial noise) almost like standing under a transformer or EMF tower. %!0A
Correlation The electrical hum seemed to be in almost real tome with the vertical spiraling bands of light. The sound would leave as the band difused into the atmosphere (became sheet-like).
Sound Sounded like a low vibrating electrical hum. Like if you hum very low and do a "zerbert" at the same time.
Sound development The sound would come in with the vertical wave or bands in short bursts with the bands. The sound seemed to start low and then get louder and then fall back as if on a bell curve.
Electronics None noticed
Comments The sounds were absolutely coming from the lights. Although we kept the car running do to the cold and remote location, the were in "sync" with the display. Almost like a sound track. I had "sheet" Northern lights many times in Central Alberta, but never the spiraling vertical bands. The sheets we saw in the Highlevel area did not make anynoise either. The spiraling bands absolutely made n!oise.

Observer 83,Fairbanks, Alaska,

Place Fairbanks Alaska. Not surre of coordinates
Date January 1994
Surroundings On a hill, which looks over our city, named Ester Dome.
Weather Zero Degrees, clear weather, slight wind.
Aurora Green, yellow,pink. Enormous in size Covered the city, which is about 5 square miles.
Observers Cant remember who heard and didn't.
Correlation Both were defintley simultaneous. As they came closer the sound was louder.
Sound The sound was like a whispering howl, eerie and familiar.
Sound development It was audible for around 25 minutes until the lights danced somewhere else.
Electronics None, although we had are stereo up real loud because we heard that bass notes make the lights come to you.
Comments I was not scared but didnt feel right either. The sound was as if a thousand angel

Observer 84,Edmonton,

Date Many times, always in wee hours of morning
Surroundings On my paper route, and alongside roads in the country.
Weather Cold outs ide.
Aurora Plasma, with a wave pattern
Sound development

Observer 85,Iqaluit,

Place Baffin Island, (at the time it was the NWT), Canada
Date Spring 1991-1995
Surroundings It was above the tree line so there were no trees Somtime at home (outside)-small houses Out on the ice in the bay most of the time there was no wind
Weather -night -clear sky maybe some clouds -no wind
Aurora they different sometimes they were smooth and greenish or blue other time sharp peaks -red green, blue
Observers a high pitch sound. a kind of a whistling sound. it kind of warbbled. it let you stand there and listen forever
Correlation The light danced with the sound it seemed to keep time
Sound development it sometime faded out but then came back again
Electronics none
Comments I was not scared the northern lights happen often in the north

Observer 86,Missoula,Montana,

Date spring, 1988
Surroundings Along some trees on a east-west street. deciduous
Weather partly cloudy, colder ( Mid 30's ) light wind
Aurora Northern sheets of white light almost like laundry in the wind.
Observers alone
Correlation None noted
Sound noise alerted me to the Lights, Noise was similar to radio white noise with some harsher overtones.
Sound development I watched the lights during a walk home.
Comments In retrospect, the Northern Noises .. were very ethereal and ghostlike. They were "felt" and heard. Like .. feeling static electricity and hearing the crackle that comes with it.

Observer 87,Quetico Prov. Park Ontario,

Place 49lat 92long
Date 10:30 Aug..7 1982
Surroundings no buildings. wilderness area, leaning back in canoe, lake was glass, no man made noise
Weather clear skies,watching satelites, no wind, aprox. 75 degrees
Aurora as we were looking for satelites the sky opened with The most amazing lights. Witnessed many before. A whole at the center of the sky and surrounded 360 degrees around us. We both heard a gentle woosh as they appeared, colors were red green yellow white
Observers we both heard at same time in fact after initial amazement ,we both asked each other if the other had heard it. I had a fishing hat on, the other person did not. Hair on both was about ear length or a little longer
Correlation Sound occurred when they first appeared perhaps lasted 3 or 4 seconds
Sound best described by cupping hands around mouth as if you were warming them in the winter then blow slowly
Sound development lasted only a few seconds lights were out fot at least 30 min.
Electronics No electrical equipment was near
Comments May sound strange but we both felt God was giving this show just for us. Like saying Enjoy gents. Neither one being very religous it felt personal

Observer 88,Keflavik, Iceland,

Place Keflavik Airport
Date February 1970, 9pm - 11pm
Surroundings Open space, rocky ground. Nearest concrete building 50 yards.
Weather No wind, clear sky, temp mid 20s F.
Aurora Lights began near horizon and gradually moved overhead. Ribbons of pale color mostly greens, blues, some red or pink. When overhead, they were shapeless, like looking into a burning gas tube with gasses undulating all directions.
Observers Two observers, we both heard the sounds. No glasses, excess hair or sideburns. No hats or ear coverings. Fur collars on jackets.
Correlation We didn't hear the sounds until the lights were overhead. We were unable to tell if there was a coorelation between the light activity and the sounds because there was so much activity.
Sound Sounds were mostly crackling, irregular but constant.
Sound development As the lights moved overhead we both became aware of the sounds. I remember saying to my companion, "Hey, listen you can even hear them!" Sounds continued for fifteen minutes or more.
Electronics n/a
Comments This was my initial and only experience with these beautiful lights. I was/am from So. California.

Observer 89,Northwest U.S.,

Date Spring of 1998
Surroundings No buildings or trees
Weather Little to no breeze Probably in the high thirties.
Aurora Waves of green and purple rising from the northern horizon and shooting above us.
Observers Of the six of us, three heard the sound.
Correlation Don't remember
Sound Sounded like a metal "Slinky" descending carpeted stairs. A softly chiming sound.
Sound development
Comments The three of us who heard the sound were sure it was from the lights...the other three couldn't think of or find an alternate source for the sound, so thought it was very likely that the sound came from the lights.

Observer 90,Cross Lake, Manitoba,

Place Cross Lake, Manitoba & Fort Nelson, Manitoba
Date February 15, 1993 @ 0200hrs
Surroundings On the highway between Fort Nelson and Cross Lake. Gravel highway. No other vehicles were present. Our own vehicle was shut down to watch and listen to the aurora. Observed the spectacle for approximately 15 minutes.
Weather Clear and calm. Temperatures were about -35 to -40 degrees Celsius.
Aurora It covered the whole sky, almost 360 degrees, except for a slight sliver of darkness looking almost due south. The aurora was filled with all the typical colours of the rainbow. Moving in large sheet actions.
Sound Sounds were like the rustling of celophane.
Sound development This sound raised in tone and volume within the 15 minutes to sound like the static on the television when no station is tuned in. This continued at the moment we left.
Electronics The other strange thing is that when we did leave, on our AM radio band, we were picking up radio stations in Eastern Canada and USA. We could also hear the similar sound of the aurora that we just heard on the low end of the AM frequency of our car.

Observer 91,Burks Falls,*

Place North America
Date May/?/1998
Surroundings Tall trees,spruce, maple. No wind. Quiet night.Clear sky.
Weather Cool night, about 12'C. No wind at all.
Aurora Wave like shape. Moved like rough water. Looked like it was on the ground, really close. Really bright green, a little red.
Observers Some heard the sound. About ten of us were really quiet to listen to the sound. We were all amazed.
Sound It sound like 100 people tapping the end of there pencils on a wood table very softly.
Sound development We heard it for about two minutes. The lights were there for about thirty minutes.

Observer 92,Oakland MD,

Place northern edge of Deep Creek Lake
Date 11 August 1998
Surroundings a high pitched crackling sound like brush (forest) burning
Weather 88 degrees F clear 42% humidity winds NNE 8-12mph
Aurora rays greenish-yellow northwestern sky approximate brightness equal to Vega
Observers I wear glasses
Correlation sounds started about five minutes before sighting
Sound sound was very similar to brush burning, crackling, high pitch
Sound development laster 2-3 minutes then subsided just prior to first sighting of the lights
Electronics none

Observer 93,Inuvik N.W.T,I have heard the sounds!

Place Inuvik N.W.T
Date November through January of 1983 in the early am approx 3 am
Surroundings Our band was playing in Inuvik in Canada and we were out on the barren tundra with only a vehical that was turned off. We specifically went out to see the northern lights there were no buildings or trees in the vicinity.
Weather It was a clear night approx -25 degrees celcius
Aurora the lights were above our heads in a streaking type pattern and it was a myriad of green, and red and i would say a darkish white colour. they were in full force when we stopped the car to watch and listen. They lit the sky quite brightly
Observers we all heard the sound all 5 of us. we were wearing heavy leather coats and no hats no facial hair but being musicians we all had long hair about shoulder length
Correlation the sounds seemed to be in sync with the lights
Sound a crackling and popping type sound it was in the upper range in the 200 to 400 Hz but that is just a guess it could have been higher
Sound development we watched and listened for about 15 minutes it was stable and the frequency was constant with slight variations in the frequency
Electronics there were no anomalies that were noticed at the time, however it is to be noted that the northern lights were there every night while we performed at the Mad Trapper hotel and we did experiance what could be descibed as non-equipment related interference. We repeatedly had a similar sound transmit through our equipment and it was not any of our insturments. it was intermmitent and sometimes "burst" through the sound system and then we would stop playing turn off all the stage gear and you could still hear the sound in the main sound system. After complete diagnostic of the system we determined it was not our equipment lighting or sound system it was a mystery sound
Comments I heard these sounds as clear as possible. Now i know it has been sometime since i heard these sounds

Observer 94, Northern Vermont,

Place Hyde Park, Vermont
Date Most recently Sunday September 12, 1999, 10 pm
Surroundings Road (dirt)in valley, relatively flat (360 degree horizon). Trees at a fair distance, buildings few (nearest at 100 feet, woodframe house, single family).
Weather Clear warm night. No wind, some insect sounds.
Aurora Very bright shaft from western sky (singular); to northeast shimmering curtain, on and off; the shaft went overhead, transecting the Milky Way through Cygnus, and it broke into an odd series of bright, parallel flares that disapeared in a few minutes. Colors primarily light green, but the display in the northeast part of the sky did at times take on red hues. For the most part, it was relatively mild in intensity compared to some that we have watched.
Observers I heard it. The person I go with never can.
Correlation Unfortunately, intermittent traffic noise interfered with a good answer to this question. However, it did happen twice in that viewing that I knew when the shimmering curtain part of the display was about to start.
Sound Funny thing about it, to describe this phenomenon as sound is what is closest in terms of words, but I really think I feel the "sounds of the northern lights" with structures that we hear with (it's more like in the tympanic bullae area), if a frequency I would guess it to be on the lower side of the out of range numbers, but it is just that, more felt than heard. The descriptions come from trying to relate the sound to that with which we are previously familiar, and I would almost agree with all of them that I read on your site. It doesn't seem directional.
Sound development The sounds definitely fluctuate, also fade and get stronger.
Electronics None noted.
Comments I think I felt them this morning too, but, it was after sunrise and there was quite a cloud cover (we go swimming around 6 am at a pond near the Green River Reservoir). So I don't know if it was aurora-related. But it was, as usual, noticeable.

Observer 95, alaska,

Place alaska, fairbanks
Date 8/28 12:30 pm
Surroundings Inner city, apartment buildings around
Weather Mild temperatures, wind was minimal
Aurora very colorful bright blues greens, about 10:00 in sky, swirling, and crackling
Observers Not alone, no glasses or hats or wild hair...
Correlation seconds between whipping and swirling and crackling, didn't always crackle
Sound development

Observer 96, Hillman, Michigan, I don't understand this.

Place Northern lower peninsula of Michigan within 100 miles of the straits of Mackinaw.
Date July/August 1978 around 8-10 PM.
Surroundings We were in a ten acre field near a small (10-15 acres of surface) lake surrounded by a forest of mixed pines and hardwoods. There were about eitht of us.
Weather The temp was perhaps 60 degrees. Minimal air movement. Very little light cloud formation so the viewing was excellent.
Aurora The lights were only modestly impressive. Pale white pencil shafts of light growing stronger and fading, but accompanied by faint sounds of high vibration akin to wind through pine boughs or light fabric sliding past other fabric. Something like a whisper or soft breath across lips.
Observers Not everybody heard the sounds but most of us did. Even some of the older (in their fifties) folks could hear it. I was twenty-two at the time. One of the other guys in his late twenties couldn't hear the sounds.
Correlation The light shafts and the sounds were present at the same time although there was no apparent connection between the visual and the aural qualities. The sound and the light strength did not appear to be simultaneous nor connected by a perceptable time delay that I noticed.
Sound The sound was akin to what used to be called soughing of wind through pine trees/forests. It was a faint hissing and it changed in intensity, pitch, and was similiar to the variations of wind. It wasn't confused with the wind as the air movement that night was minimal.
Sound development We went for a walk on a beautiful night around 8 PM to enjoy the stars under the great northern skies. We noticed the lights and I began to faintly hear the sounds. My hairs on my skin stood up and I felt excited. Others also began hearing the sounds, but not everyone could. We watched and listened for nearly two hours before the dew and mosquitos sent us inside.
Electronics None that I noticed, but we weren't playing with radios or other such equipment.
Comments I wasn't frightened, but rather considered it stimulating and mystical. We all felt it was beautiful. None of us had heard the Northern Lights before and I hadn't ever heard of anyone who claimed to have heard it/them. Twice before I had seen the lights occupy over sixty percent of the sky (7-6-74 in the same area--where I was raised, and in the Winter of 76 in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan), but I had never heard them before and haven't heard them since.

Observer 97, Yellowknife NWT,

Place Inuvik NWT
Date ~ 1989?
Surroundings Walking out on tundra scrub willow and black spruce nearby
Weather colder than -40 C, little wind if any, Clear night
Aurora High streaks, dancing and flashing across the sky
Observers I was alone, I do wear glasses, have a beard, but was bundled quite warmly as you would be at -40
Correlation Sound was in-sync with rippling and flashing of the lights as they danced across the sky
Sound sounded like ice candling on a river at breakup.
Sound development rising and falling with the rippling of the lights
Electronics n/a
Comments I was awestruck and feel that this sort of thing is something you never forget.

Observer 98, crystal north dakota,*

Place 1 mile east and two miles north of junction hwy 18 and hwy 66
Date april 1992 0100-0230
Surroundings farm yard surrouned on north and south with shelter belts on 8 row and one two row. 3 large metel quonsets two steel fram one wood. 6 round galvinized steel grain bins mostly empty of grain. coronal discharge was observed in yet unsurpased brightness motion and longevity. there was an unmistakeable sound something like a staticy wind blowing. covered the whole northern horizon and continued over 90 degrees.
Weather wind 0-5 mph temp app29 deg faringhiet
Aurora appeared to be following in white luminous streams twisting and writhing in some unimaginable push and pull of vairying electromagnetic fields somewhat akin to the trails left by iron filings left in a magnetich field but no simple horseshoe pattern in stead a twisted writhing gordian knot
Observers my wife also whitnessed same here hair was past shoulder. we had light jackets no hats.
Correlation seemed to me to be a broad combination of differant sounds
Sound seemed to be comming straight down whirling static a rushing static wind
Sound development stable for duration of show
Comments we discussed the size of the display and both agreed the noise was some how produced by the display.

Observer 99, Gulf of Maine, Maine USA,*

Place c 42 20 /069 50
Date summer 1988
Surroundings Open water channel between island in Penobscot Bay, Gulf of Maine, US waters
Weather temperature c 60 f, clear weather, calm winds
Aurora Moving streaks, traveling nw to se fairly bright purple in color
Observers 3 family members heard sounds, 3 a.m. 2 had glasses 1 did not. Captain had short hair, first mate had mid lenght hair crew had short hair. no beard or sideburns, no clothing near ears.
Correlation sounds moved with northern lights as train noise would move with train.
Sound low frequency vvvvvrrrrrmmmm traveling nw to se with lights
Sound development short time burst for each wave of sound, lasting about 1 - 2 seconds moving with light
Electronics none observed
Comments Perception was that light was so intense you could hear it, but all three had same impression and all reported hearing sound

Observer 100, Homer, alaska, brightest whirlpool ever seen,*

Place middle of the spit
Date wnter of 1983-1984
Surroundings out in the open with water on both sides of me. Two cars pulled over as well to witness this event. No trees or buildings within a mile or two.
Weather mild wind with some snow on the ground, but not much. Temperature was mild as well. I would have to say about 25 degress.
Aurora started off in a ribbon then formed a whirlpool motion. It was a bright florescent green with blues and yellows, then once it formed the whirpool bright red, pink,green, blue and yellow could be seen. I have lived here for over 25 yeaars and never saw anything like it since.
Observers Total of five of us. Four wearing baseball hats and I had my hair up in a bun. We all heard the spectacular noise at the same time. I ws the only one wearing glasses and stood apart from the guys. Nothing near the ears or facial hair. The guys were in the coast guard so they didn;t have long hair either.
Correlation As each ribbon folded the sound grew louder until it reached the whirlpool stage.
Sound We heard the sounds above the waves almost like the sound of thunder, but also combined with the sound of staatic electricity as well. It became louder as the lights were forming the whirlpool affect. Which was then right above our heads.
Sound development light then grew stronger as if someone had turned up the volume. It lasted for quite some time as did the lights.
Electronics not aware of any
Comments We were all held in awe at the specticle we witnessed. Each one of us had not a doubt in our minds that the sounds came from the northern lights. There were no planes, boats, etc. in the vacinity. All of us grew up around the water and know the difference between the sound of waves verses others, so that wan't even an option for discussion. I did recieve a static electricity shock when my hand touched the car door to start it back up.

Observer 101, Grande Prairie, Alberta,

Date This was a long time ago but I will never forget it . Winter. About 8 p.m. in the evening. Probably 1961.
Surroundings No trees at all in the area. None - this was a new housing development and no planting had yet occured. It was a group of what we today would call townhouses grouped in a rectangle. I was out front of our place of residence with the group of townhouses behind me. Empty field across the street that was snow covered. We lived south of most of the residential area. There were no street lights, no big power lines in the area. I remember the experience vividly including the sounds. I stopped telling people about my experience because no one believed me that I could hear the northern lights. They were very low in the sky right above me almost touching the earth and dancing all around me. It was a crackling sound that did not remain the same pitch all the time. When there was a large shift in the pattern of lights the sound changed somewhat--the words I used at the time to describe it to my parents was an "electric breeze." I am thrilled to know that others have! had this experience too. The townhouses were wood frame and wood and stucco siding.
Weather I'm sorry - this won't contribute to the scientific body of knowledge. I remember there were no clouds, no moon, it was winter - which in Grande Prairie, Alberta meant cold (below zero). There was no wind and it had been several days since a snowfall.
Aurora The were almost directly overhead and when I turned around they were almost all around me except for a 30 - 40 degree gap directly behind me. I would describe them as a curtain on a bow window. They were low in the sky and as they dipped I thought they would touch the ground. There was a backdrop of blue-green and then a veil of bright colors would flash and drift and dance - yellowish white a the lightest point to orangy-red/mauve at the darkest point. This lastest for about 30 minutes.
Observers Most people were watching out of their front windows. I alone was outside. I wore glasses that were plastic frames with glass lenses. My hair is baby fine and came down to my ears. I'm a girl - no beard etc. I had a wool coat on. The collar did laid flat on my shoulders.
Correlation The sounds were definately related to the big shifts in pattern and color and seemed to be pretty much simultaneous.
Sound There was no sense of direction for the sound - it was just there. With the major shift of pattern/color it was loudest at the begining and tapered off. At the loudest, it had almost the sound of static electricity - but not quite the same. It crackled - but crackle is almost too harsh a descriptor. The crackle had a rustling continuous nature to it but it definately tapered off.
Sound development
Electronics There wasn't a lot of electronic equipment back in 1961.
Comments No pets. Yes, at the time I was convinced about what I heard. There was a feeling of nervousness and yet I felt I was observing a miracle. Later when I married my husband I told him about this because he had lived in the north as well. He too has "heard" the northern lights - but not every time.

Observer 102, Northern Ontario, canada,*

Place A remote lake in Northern Ontario
Date Late September 1975
Surroundings On the shore of a large remote lake beside spruce and pine trees. Moose and wolf terrain.
Weather Slightly below freezing, no wind, perfectly clear night.
Aurora Fairly high in the sky to the north. Spectacular and long lasting.
Observers All four of us heard it. One wore glasses. All sober, professional people.
Correlation Simultaneous
Sound The sound was like that made when one bent or flexed a hand wood saw. Frequencies and amplitude blended in.
Sound development Don't recall
Electronics Wasn't using any.
Comments I absolutely believe the sounds were from the Northern Lights. There was no other source for the sounds as we were far from 'civilization'. --- end --- *************************************************************
Place 58 degrees 27 minutes north, 3 degrees west
Date 1957, January
Surroundings snow covered open field, house 100 metres away
Weather clear, minus 3 centigrade, calm, approximately 10pm
Aurora cone shaped wave changing from green through red, then changing to a curtain, and moving southward; cone at approx 80 degrees bearing in the north west, then moving as a curtain in a SE direction.
Observers standing alone, no hat, woollen sweater, loose hair
Correlation sound appeared to approximate development of red colouration
Sound high pitched hiss vertically overhead, leaving the impression of a broad source area.
Sound development appeared stable for a period of ten to fifteen minutes
Electronics no electronic equipment nearby
Comments others in Scotland who had seen magnificent displays in 1957/58 never heard any noise. Folk tales abound in north Scotland of the noise of the heavenly dancers. I heard the noise on at least one more occasion. I have lived in northern Canada for many years, seen many aurora but have never since heard the hiss. I formerly believed it was a phenomenon associated with EM fields and ice/snow crystals but have never, even at minus 55 centigrade, heard the same hiss. Initially heard it at age 15. Dismissed as a crank by high school physics teacher. Also dismissed as a defective ear drum by university physics teacher who dismissed other anectdotal information. --- end --- *************************************************************
Place Yellowknife, NWT
Date About once a week during the winter every year for the past ten years
Surroundings I lived in Yellowknife in an apartment building next to a lake. It was very quiet and still. At nights I would walk around the lake. The lake is long and narrow, and the sides slope in quite a bit, so you're in a valley or bowl of sorts. The native trees are stunted poplar and spruce. The ground is mainly smooth rock.
Weather It was rarely if ever windy. The sounds were most common when it was bitterly cold, clear and still with some ice fog in the distance. And always in the winter -- too light in the summer of course.
Aurora Always right overhead, stretching from horizon to horizon, filling the sky. Normally moderately bright, green with some pink and blue. Sometimes bright enough to read by.
Observers I heard them myself, as I was alone every time with my dog. I was well-covered but when the northern lights were especially bright I'd uncover my ears specifically to listen for them, after I heard them the first time unexpectedly.
Correlation The lights were continuous so I can't say.
Sound I couldn't tell direction. The frequency was quite high -- the sounds was a hissing, sliding, ssssing noise. If I could mimic it: ssssSSSSssss sssssssss ssSSSSSSsssss ssssssssss SSSSSSSSSSsssss It sounded a bit like TV white noise, but not exactly. I've never heard anything quite like it.
Sound development I was never out long enough to hear a development.
Electronics When the lights were especially strong we sometimes would have problem with our satellite dish (and sometimes the airport DME equipment).
Comments My dog didn't notice the lights or the sound. I think the terrain at Range Lake, especially when the lake is covered with ice, tends to amplify any sounds from above and confuse where the sound is coming from. I believed the sounds were coming from the northern lights once I heard them -- before that I thought they came from the airport. But we checked that out; the airport was closed and padlocked at that time of night. I was scared more of the wolves and bears than of the northern lights, to be honest. I suppose the northern lights are the one thing I miss since leaving Yellowknife -- they were like an old friend, if you know what I mean. --- end --- *************************************************************
Date In the early 1950's Probably midsummer
Surroundings No trees or buildings. We were growing pullets (female chickens raised for laying eggs) in an open field. I always closed the door on them after dark. I was on my way to close the door when I saw rippling waves of light moving across the sky from north to south At a low altitude.
Weather As I remember it, it was nearly clear, normal summer time temperature, probably 80 degrees and the wind was calm.
Aurora These lights rippled across the sky and they were not coloured. They were wavy and directly overhead.
Observers I was alone.
Correlation The light waves and sounds were simultaneous
Sound It was a crackling sound. Maybe some rustling. I have compared it to stroking a cat's back, but amplified.
Sound development The sound waxed and waned in relation to the intensity of the waves of light.
Comments Nothing to add here, except that I stood there and watched and was amazed. It sounded to me like static electricity. I'm glad that I found this web site I'm not sure anyone ever believed me.

Observer 103, ,*

Place Brochet Manitoba, Canada
Date 1968/07/15 - 1800 to 23:55
Surroundings on open ground, settlement is on an esker, nearest trees jack pine, 1/2 to 3/4 mile
Weather clear, 65'F, no wind
Aurora horizontaly - long snaking ribbons, NWxN to SExE (aprox) Verticaly - columns from very near to very far(high). There was no moon, light was suficiant to read newspaper (at times).
Observers 4 anglo saxen men - 1 bearded - 3 clean shaven 1 with eye glasses 6 or 8 native - Northern Cree and Chipawan (no face hair all in cotton or wool shihts (it was very warm)
Correlation some coralation between intensity of light and sound
Sound soft russel of tissu paper (type used for decorating) at its loudest sound did not interfere with normal conversation.
Sound development ever changing, hard to describe, so long ago
Electronics deasil elect. 1 KW, in insulated frame bldg, 2000 Yd. away, overhead wires to cabins to south no street lights, no observed effect from arora
Comments about 19:00 O:clock a fire was lit, we had some whisky, we all talked. one white man began to whistle, was told by the natives to stop or be thrown out (of party) or they would leave. "if you whistle at the lights, they will come down and get you"

Observer 104, Maryland,

Place Groton Connecticut
Date December 1968 around midnight
Surroundings My back yard, surrounded by two story wooden houses
Weather clear, in the thirtys, no wind
Aurora bright red like curtains directly above my head, I lay down on the ground
Observers I was alone
Correlation The sound came with the movement of the "curtains"
Sound It sounded like bacon frying
Sound development It was quite stable for as long as I could stay out, about fifteen minutes
Electronics none
Comments I was awed and and comepletely filled with wonder. I found it beautiful

Observer 105, Shaftsbury, Vermont,

Place Shaftsbury, Vermont
Date After Midnight: several years ago during a very strong show
Surroundings My back yard: Two story cape cod home on side street with no street lights nearby. Home located near top of hill. South-facing slope. Street lights from town below do not intervere with night sky viewing. Trees nearby: Balsam Fir, sugar maple, staghorn sumac, blue spruce; also assorted low growing shrubs: lilac, honeysuckle, grape vine, holly.
Weather Wind calm. Clear skies. Temp seasonal for early spring. I don't remember exact weather except that it was very quiet.
Aurora Very bright; white streaks or "flames" originating in the north and stretching to directly overhead. Faint color visible occassionally in light red or pink. Sometimes the flames would appear to come from the west as well as the north.
Observers I was alone.
Correlation They increased with the intensity of the lights. I heard the sound mostly when the lights were spreading directly overhead.
Sound Crackling noise. Like a crackle from a distant fire. Very faint noise.
Sound development The sounds were brief and faint. Increased as lights increased. Sometimes there was no sound at all.
Electronics There was no equipment in use near me at the time. There are power lines on the street; everything was working normally as far as I know. The last telephone pole on our street is on the northeast corner of our property. Above that, the houses are supplied with underground wires. This is a quiet residential street with houses on 1-6 acres each. I imagine most of my neighbors were asleep.
Comments My dogs were with me but I do not remember them acting strangely. I was enjoying the light show because they were so intense. I heard the noise and looked around to see where it may be coming from but everything was quiet; my dog was on a leash and was not moving around, noone else was around and the street was quiet. Then I realized the sounds were coming from the sky, and I remember thinking that noone had ever told me that the northern lights had any sound. I haven't told many people because I figured they'd think I was crazy. I have seen northern lights several times since that night but never as intense and I have not heard the sounds again although I have listened for them.

Observer 106, Alaska, *

Place Alaska
Date january 23
Surroundings forset like surroundings.......pine trees some cedar
Weather temperature-65 degrees clear skiesnot much wind
Aurora redish some green colours.....northern part of the sky ....long tail like shape
Observers cusin- Mary Lynn...long hair...up in a glasses friend-Ron...bald...had on glasses at the time
Correlation the phenomena was simultaneuos
Sound crackling sounds....coming from northern direction
Sound development it was a consitant crackling noise for about 80 seconds
Comments my dog was runing around in a frantic like attitude

Observer 107, Northern Minnesota,*

Place Togo, Minnesota
Date summer of 1999, app. 11:30
Surroundings Middle of the woods
Weather clear, 65 degrees F, calm
Aurora It was the circious dome, reletivally fast, app. 5 min, very bright, and the colors were: green, red, blueish purple, yellow and orange.
Observers me and my cousin, she wares glasses, i have sideburns, and i was also wearing a hat. My cousin has long hair, and i think she was wearing a hat also
Correlation the sounds started after the Northern lights went out.
Sound it is hard to describe
Sound development soft to loud to soft
Electronics non

Observer 108, Alberta Canada, *

Place northern Alberta Canada
Date 1989, 1999
Surroundings open areas, surrounded by pine/spruce trees
Weather cold (-20 to -40 C), no wind, very clear skies
Aurora directly overhead or close to directly overhead, 10pm - 12am MST Often spiral as opposed to waves very bright and intense green only
Observers One other person I know has heard them with me, he would have been dressed similiar to me, denim for the most part, both of us with collar length hair
Correlation Not sure. Coinciding with occurence of lights but not necessarily exact movements of lights
Sound Almost like the wind sounds when you are inside. Somewhat distant, chilly sounding, relatively high pitched Very very similiar in composition and behaviour to wind
Sound development See above. Again like wind, rising and lowering both in pitch and volume
Electronics Not applicable. Standing outside, occasionally next to a car, but not one that was running
Comments I have experienced this phenomenon more than once. I could say that it has occasionally given me the feeling of electricity (almost like the hairs of my neck and arms are standing on end) I have never questioned that these sounds come from the northern lights, and have alwasy been surprised if other people can't hear them. I DO still hear this noise, even if I close my eyes. Sometimes, I hear it before I even know that the northern lights are above me.

Observer 109, Glenview IL,

Place 20 mi. NW of Chicago
Date March 1989 During the CME
Surroundings Deciduous and coniferous mix 50/50. Residential, Suburban. One and Two story houses.
Weather Calm, 50's - 60's, Very clear.
Aurora wide (1/4 of the sky) Deep violetfiosting being smeared by invisible knife that would shift from translucent to opaque. Changing from violet to indigo to green and fucia. Ocasionally looking like puffs of smoke. Faint to very bright.
Observers Heard it alone. No idea what clothes I wore. I might have had a beard.
Correlation Grew louder with greater opacity. There seemed to be a direct link.
Sound Very high pitched thobbing whine. Mostly at the edge of my auditory capability. My dog did not seem to be very affected.
Sound development Changed from constant tone varying in volume. I don't recall any crackling
Electronics None that I can recall
Comments The sounds are what I noticed first. I thought that it was Tinitus or something since one of my ears is hard of hearing. It just went right through me and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I was under a street light at the time so the aurora was not visible or obvious. I thought I was hearing things. Once I saw the aurora I put two and two together. I did't know at the time or until now that they created sounds but that's what I thought. It made perfect sence to me. But I was a little freaked out. The stunning visual and auditory effect s were almost overwhelming since I had never experienced either. Easily one of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced in my life. Lookig forward to it in the next month.

Observer 110, wabush, labrador,canada,

Place wabush labrador airport
Date april, 1970
Surroundings I was on the ramp at Wabush aerodrome, working as a meteroloogical technician The met off was the closeest buliding, with a small control tower on top the Termial building was 150 feet away but I went out almost to the runway to get a perfect darkskies view of the fabulous auroura. I could control all the aerodrome lighting, so only the lites inside the met office were on
Weather The sky was very filled with auroral light, and there may have been some very thing cirrostratus clouds present. The wind was absolutely dead calm, and the temp awas very cold, around minus 5 deg F.
Aurora largely a huge display of rays from an point about 20 degrees north of the zenith It was amazingly bright and has largely pale greenish, with hints of pink and maybee faint blue. It moved around slowly and was very beautiful
Observers I was alone on a midnight shift at the airport, I had on glasses and had flipped down the hood of my parka to see the sky unobstructed
Correlation The very faint sounds seem to be simultaneous with the aurora but I cant correlate the sound to the actual auroral movement
Sound the sound was very faint in volume, yet very clear, a sort of faint russling, like a TV station taht had gone off for the night with the volume turned down
Sound development it was not noticed by me when I first went outdoors, but I heard it for about 15 minutes or so.The aurora was visible clearly for about two hours
Electronics The VOR ( omni ) transmitter went off the air that night. It had been shutting itself off quite a bit earlier though. ( It goes off if the signal transmitted is out of tolerance I believe. We used to call the electronic tech, but it was to hazardous for hime to drive to the VOR site in the middle of the night.
Comments Yes, I believe that the sound was coming from the aurora. I has in my early twenties and had very accute hearing then.

Observer 111, 5 miles south of Williston ND,

Place 5 miles south of Williston North Dakota USA
Date May 2rd, 3rd or 4th 1998
Surroundings down on bank of the Missouri river late evening fishing..trees behind
Weather clear wind and maybe around 45 or so degrees F
Aurora looked as if they were coming out in fingers from one central point like if you had your hands together with fingers extended outward and down at maybe 40 degrees angle. Kind of a yellowish green color and quite bright. Lasted maybe this intence for 20 minutes or so changing and moving around...kind of a in and out looking movement
Observers 2 other people were with me but I can't remember if they heard the sounds or not....think so though. My adult friend and his teen age daughter
Correlation Yes the movement seemed to be at the same times as the swishing sounds heard
Sound side to side swishing sounds sort of like ducks landing at medium speed
Sound development just a sound of swishing about like a human would doing the imatation of a duck landing I think..maybe not quite as loud though..
Electronics None with us
Comments The experience was very moving and sort of freaky and was even a bit frightening was only the 2nd time I have ever seen it do this and it was a great thing to see the lights like that with my 2 friends while fishing off the bank. THey too were very awestuck with the display.

Observer 112, Kemano, BC, Canada,

Place Kemano is in northern British Columbia, Canada
Date in the 1960's
Surroundings Kemano is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. There are many pine trees and deciduous trees there. Alcan has it's Powerhouse built inside one of the mountains there. The generators supplied the power to the Alcan Aluminum smelter at Kitimat, many miles away. The transmission lines carry the power to the smelter at Kitimat from Kemano. Some of the buildings were quonset type,made of corrugated metal, which were the accommodations for the single workers. In the area where the families resided, the homes had aluminum siding and were constructed from wood with cement basement foundations. In another residential area, homes were older and had no basements and had wood siding.
Weather it was usually during winter that I heard and saw the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Many years ago so don't recall actual temperature or wind. But it was cold when I heard and saw the Northern Lights. It was still and quiet. Am sure if it had been windy, I would have remembered this.
Aurora It would vary. I saw it many times. It would be in varying colours, greens, rose tones, yellowish, there seemed to be several colours on any one night, it would appear in "curtains" or "sheets". It would shimmer and waver and "dance". I loved to watch it. It fascinated me.I was never afraid of it. It was awesome. There was always sound associated with the Northern Lights. Steady Hissing, & crackling, as in cellophane paper being crumpled, - these sounds definitely accompanied the visual displays of the Aurora Borealis. Everyone in the community spoke about the same thing. I find it incredible that anyone would doubt the existence of the sounds accompanying the Northern Lights! the sounds were definitely always "part of the phenomenon" to the people of Kemano, BC.
Observers I would say that most of the residents of the small community were well aware of the sound that accompanied the Northern Lights. Sometimes I would watch them alone, sometimes with my parents and siblings, sometimes with a male companion. It was many years ago, but due to it being in northern BC and during winter, we would have been warmly dressed in parkas outside at night. Most of the people did not wear glasses. As time passed I did wear glasses, but don't recall how many times I witnessed the Northern Lights with or without glasses. Male companion rarely wore head covering, and had short hair, no beard or sideburns. Long hair was not the style in the 60's, so none of the community males had long hair. My hair would have been fairly short too. I do not recall if my head was covered, it may have been covered sometimes with a "silk" scarf at times. I think the "static electricity" in the air was sometimes "felt" too.
Correlation the sounds and colours and movements of the lights all seemed to happen together. As the lights "danced", the sounds crackled.
Sound hissing, crackling, quite audible, - not sure about direction, but it seemed to be coming from where the lights were, and "all around us". We were in a narrow valley, surrounded by mountains.
Sound development the sounds seemed stable in that it went on for sometime, but it did vary in that it hissed and it crackled.
Electronics residents of the community did discuss the relationship of the northern lights with regard to how their shortwave radio reception improved or degenerated. But at this time I don't recall if it got better or worse. Can find out. When we first lived there, no television was available, but later we did have it. I don't recall how the Northern Lights affected that, or recall any mention of it interfering with tv. Just about it affecting shortwave radio reception.
Comments I just wish we would see the Northern Lights now as often as we saw them at that time. It was truly beautiful.

Observer 113, Cleary Summit,

Place north of Fairbanks, Alaska
Date Feb 25,11:45pm to 12:15am/Feb26, 2000
Surroundings About 2 miles down from the Summit,typical interior forest, and it only occurred that one during two weeks of being out almost every night for at 6 to 8 hours at a time/each night. When it occurred it sounded like the swishing sound on my X-country skiis on fresh power snow breaking trail. I have not heard it since, but all other auroras have not been this intense as when I heard it. It was very distinct and definitly there. But since I was not prepared for such an intense light show (it was brighter than any full moon and lit up the entire area)I did not try to plug my ears to determine if the sound was external or internally received. But it was there and only that one time.
Weather Clear, below zero in Fairbanks with a low of -21 F. But more likely 10 to 20 degrees warmer where I was at 2260 feet elevation. No wind.
Aurora It stretched from the western limb to the east. Would have needed a 180 degree lens to capture it on film. It developed very rapidly and was there for 30 minutes or less from 11:45 pm to 12:15 am. Very bright, on the IPC scale a 4. I did not see any color, but that has been true most of this past two weeks of observations.
Observers I was alone. I wear glasses have a full beard, and was wearing a heavy hood over my head to keep warm.
Correlation The sound was directly related to the phenomena I was seeing. The hiss was at the same time the aurora was sweeping across the sky. It was just like hearing the ocean wave lap at the edge of the beach.
Sound It was a distinct hissing or swishing sound that occured in sync with the sweep of the lights across the sky.
Sound development It only seemed to occur only as it moved across the sky. It seemed very logical and natural at the time and NOT out of place or character. The lights surged across the sky and the sound went with it, as it should.
Electronics None detected in the electronic camera (Nikon F5) I was using.
Comments I have no doubt that the sound was connected with the lights. Scared? or you kidding, I was thrilled. It was a high like very few I have ever had as an experience. I might add that I do not drink and have NEVER done drugs, so the highs I am reffering to represent natural ones over the 57 years I have lived!

Observer 114, Higganum, CT, This account is from a display I witnessed many years ago

Place Higganum, Connecticut
Date I cannot remember exact year--circa 1963 or later
Surroundings Outside of home situated on 13 acrea of fields/woodlands consisting of mainly maple, fruit, oak, white birch, and some fir and cedar trees. The house was wood frame with aluminum siding and shingle roof. There was a 40 acre lake (Hidden Lake) very near the house.
Weather It was in November and extremely cold for that time of year in Connecticut. There was very little wind and temperatures were sub-normal. It was also very clear, no clouds in the sky.
Aurora The lights were mostly green and red, a beautiful and very unusual display as far south as Connecticut. I was born and lived in CT for 30 years and never before or again saw a display of the northern lights.
Observers I was 12-14 years old and had studied the northern lights in school or I would not have even known what they were. I alone was interested in the noise I heard inside the house and went outside to investigate. I thought someone was playing with fireworks at first and then stood there in awe of what I was actually seeing. It was a beautiful display with curtains of green and red lights moving in the air. It was bitterly cold and I stood there absolutely mesmerized by the display and feeling very fortunate that I was able to see what was probably a once in a lifetime show for me. My parents finally made me go inside before I froze to death. At the time of the display, I had long hair worn loosely, better than 20/20 vision and excellent hearing. I rarely wore a hat in the winter no matter how cold it was and did not have one on that night.
Correlation I cannot remember whether or not there was a time difference in the behaviour of the lights and the sound. I remember that it was loud, snapping, crackling, popping sounds as though the sky was on fire.
Sound Loud crackling (similar to static), popping, small explosive sounds, very loud. The direction was from the northwest.
Sound development The crackling sounds were fairly stable with smaller popping and explosive sounds intermixed.
Electronics I don't remember if there were any anomalies at this time. We sometimes in that location had difficulty with telephone static and TV reception that was blamed on sunspots.
Comments I more than believe that sounds were coming from the northern light--I know it. I heard the sounds clearly. I wish I could remember the exact year this happened--I know it was in November. As I said before, the weather was extremely cold and extremely clear for that time of year in Connecticut so there must have been some freaky weather system that allowed a display that far south. Higganum, CT is a rural town just south of Middletown, CT on the Connecticut River. I was an avid science student and did a paper on the aurora borealis for school because of my fascination with the display I was fortunate enough to see and hear.

Observer 115, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada,

Place Churchill, Manitoba, Canada; W94°10' N58°45'
Date February 27th 2000 between 2000 and 0030 hours local time
Surroundings Just at the outer limits of town next to a building out of concrete and probably iron. Town is situated above treeline.
Weather Clear skies -18°C Winds 0-10 km/h
Aurora Aurora borealis for 5 hours without interruption. ---Shapes--- bands, spirals, curtains. Development in time: sometimes rapid changes in intensity within a few seconds and sometimes stationary for several minutes. Place on the sky: everywhere (north, south, east, west and above). ---Brightness--- from faint to very bright (stars were sometimes completely covered by the aurora). ---Colours--- green, white, yellow, red, violett and green-blueish
Observers For I was the only person out there, I was the only one to hear the sounds. ---Clothing--- Synthetic parka (not covering head) and synthetic cap (100% polypropylene covering the ears).
Correlation No time relation with the aurora (see below).
Sound Faint but distinctive crackling as if someone was breaking some wood (there are no trees at all to be found out there).
Sound development Crackling occurred about 5 to 10 times at very irregular intervals (10 seconds to half an hour).
Electronics No anomalies observed.
Comments For my location was about 300m away from the completely frozen Hudson Bay, I first thought that it might be the sound of crackling ice. But on daytime as well as nighttime without auroral activity, I was never able to hear the same sound again. Therefore I think this crackling sound has to be associated with the aurora and NOT with ice.

Observer 116, Alaska, *

Place South Central Alaska
Date Jan, 1989
Surroundings outdoors on road to Chugiak State Park
Weather Clear, temp in the teens
Aurora the lights were veil type with waves moving from west to east. the color was light green.
Observers my wife and I were observing them, we both wore glasses. My hair was short, her hair was short, no clothing near our ears.
Correlation both phenomena were together, lights made the sounds as they whipped.
Sound sound was a crackling sound, very faint, it followed the direction of the wave.
Sound development sounds were short, crackling as the wave passed.
Electronics n/a
Comments I was not scared, I was amazed at what I was observing in sight and sound. I believe the sounds are generated from the magnetic fields between the Earth and the Sun's particles.

Observer 117, North Towanda,Pa 18848,

Place N41.47938 W76.29652
Date 1980's at 2:45am
Surroundings Metal mobil homes, pine trees behind mobile home
Weather wind calm, weather clear, temp low 50's
Aurora It look like a white wave rolling over head, from North to south.It took about 30seconds for a wave to roll overhead.
Observers I was alone when i heard it. I wear glasses and had short hair.
Correlation The sound was in relation to the wave. The wave was making the noise.
Sound When i got out of my car and was going to front door(about 20feet away), I heard a cracking sound (like an electrical short). I thought one of the trailers electrical connections was shorting. But when i turned my head from side to side i could not locate the direction of the sound. The sound was equal no matter which way i turned my head. Only when i raised my head skyward did the sound increase. I watch it and listed to the sound gor 10-15 minutes and then went inside to go to the bathroom. I came out maybe 10 minutes later and watched and listen for another half hour before going to bed. No one else locally made mention of it nor was there mention of it locally(Bradford county). Also, the Elimra and Binghamton Ny papers had nothing.
Sound development Stated the same for the time i watched and listen to it.
Electronics none that i was aware of.
Comments Having see the Northern lights a lot from this location and if awake in the middle of the night would look out a window to see if the Aurora was visable. At this location also took pictures several times of the aurora. The best display was the night before the Pope died( the one in office less than a month. I think this sound aurora occured within 2-3 years of the pope dying. What brought me to your site today was the aurora which was seen at sunset 7-8 pm DST local time. Red aurora running sw to ne . At first thought it was sun off of high cirrous clounds but you could see the stars through it and there were several pararrel streaks to the amin band.

Observer 118, Central Finland,

Place 61 30 north latitude 27 31 east longitude
Date winter 1997
Surroundings I was on an ice of a big lake, time was about midnight.
Weather clear, -20 C, no wind
Aurora shape was typical, green colour, north-west sky
Observers I was alone, sound was lighly cracle, very smooth, humming sound, very heavy clothing. when I heard the sound, I took off my hat, and the sound still continued. no glasses. sober.
Correlation simultaneous "feeling".
Sound like radio back rush.
Sound development the sound was changing by the lights.
Electronics none
Comments many people here in Finland, especially in north, have claimed they sometimes hear sounds caused by Aurora Borealis. I believe that sensitive persons can feel or hear the strong particle bombing caused by the sun.

Observer 119, Meppel, The Netherlands,

Place The Finnish part of Lapland, 40 km south-east of Ivalo
Date Many times in the third week in September (week 34) in the years 1993-1997. One case is still in my mind and that is the case I will describe.
Surroundings I was sleeping in a sleepingbag filled with goosefeathers in the middle of the nature between Pines and birches.A few meters from me 3 nylon tents were standing.
Weather No clouds in the sky, temperature -0 till -10C
Aurora White light, moving like flames in the sky.
Observers I was the only person of the group which have heard the northern light. As I told the members the next morning that I have heard the northern light they have to laugh. Later I have heard from other people, most Finnish hikers, that they also have heard it.
Correlation While seeing the light I heard it simultaneous. I have experimented with it, because I couldn't believe that I could hear the northern light. When I heard this electomagnetic knispering sound in my ear, I recognized the sounds because I have often have heard it in the Netherlands when the weather is foggy and I walked under the electronic wires which we have here hanging in big masts. My experiment. I covered myself in the sleepingbag and everytime I heard this sound I looked to see if I saw the northern light in the sky. I did it 3 times, and every time when I heard the sound and I looked, the northern light was there. In this way I proved myself!
Sound Electomagnetic knispering sound in my ear. See also the text above.
Sound development It was quite stable.
Electronics I remember me no anomalies. Only that the sound seems to be a little louder.
Comments I was not scared, only curious. Yes I was thinking that the sound came from the northern light, because there was nothing else in my nabourhood that could create a sound like this.

Observer 120, Oshawa,

Place 02 12
Date May 2, 2000
Surroundings Coniferous trees, small buildings
Weather Windy, sunny, and about 24 degrees celsius
Aurora Very bright, almost a bluish colour
Observers alone I was wearing regular clothing
Correlation none
Sound the noise was a crackling sound from above
Sound development none
Electronics none
Comments I was scared

Observer 121, Lake Hood Seaplane base, AK,

Date 12-7-99, 11:45PM
Surroundings there were only pine trees, there was a large lake and a dock and a few small buildings, made of wood and cement.
Weather the sky was clear and it was about 15oF and no wind at all.
Aurora it was in the northwest sky, it was all red and looked like a sheet, or curtain, it was very bright.
Observers I was the only person there, I have short hair and no beard or anything, I wear glasses and I had nothing on my ears.
Correlation they were at the same time.
Sound it was probably about 30-40 decabels, and it was a strange swoosh and crackle sound, there was no wind.
Sound development it was stable for the whole time the northern lights were.
Electronics none that I noticed.

Observer 122, Ida, Michigan, *

Place Approx. 84 W longitude, 42 N Latitiude
Date August 12, 2000 4-5 am
Surroundings Some trees, farmland, small farm homes
Weather about 55 degrees, clear sky, Perseid meteor shower, light wind
Aurora White-green, developing rays white, lots of green curtains, full corona green, north and overhead, dim to bright
Observers both people present heard sounds
Correlation simultaneous
Sound sound of small animal rustling in brush, siren-like noises, distant moving to fluctuating nearness
Sound development stable rustling sounds intermittent siren-like whistling or fluxing
Comments strangely unsettling

Observer 123, Fairbanks, AK,

Place Fairbanks, Alaska on Barnette St.
Date Every of the 3 winters I lived there. Most frequently on the first year 1984 when we saw the aurora almost every day, but also several times in the winters of 1985 & 1986
Surroundings I was across the street from two four-plex, two story buildings with wood siding. To the right of me was an undeveloped block covered sparcely with small pine trees. There were no street lights on the street. The road was unpaved.
Weather Everytime I heard the aurora the sky was very clear. The temperature ranged from 20 to 40 degrees below zero F. There was never any wind present.
Aurora The aurora was always high in the sky. The sounds didn't appear in the beginning of the auroral event. It would occur when the aurora started off slow and as it began to move quickly up and down or zig-zagged. The sounds also occured when the aurora was at its brightest. Most of the auroras I saw were only green, but the sounds occured when there were also blues and/or reds.
Observers I heard the aurora only when I was alone. I wore plastic framed glasses and a wool hat over the tops of my ears. I had loose hair, but it was always kept to the back under my hat.
Correlation The sounds occured concurrently with the movements of the aurora. As the aurora would move rapidly the sound was heard.
Sound It was usually like a faint hissing or as if it was a faint whistle. Once or twice it sounded like static. The direction of the noise seemed to correlate with the direction the aurora was moving in.
Sound development The sound was stronger when the aurora was brightest. It would last only short durations approximately 3-5 seconds.
Electronics There was never any electronic equipment nearby.
Comments The first time it happened it scared me pretty bad. I was 8 and the Athebaskan Indians told me that if you whistled at the aurora it would come down and dance for you. So when I saw the aurora I tried it and about 2 minutes later the aurora picked up speed and I heard the sound like faint whistling or hissing. The sounds definitely came from the aurora and I heard it many times in the 3 years I lived in Fairbanks.

Observer 124, northern ontario,

Place on lake temagami, hour and a half down red squirrel road off of highway 11 north, an hour north of north bay, ontario
Date summer, 1986 or '87
Surroundings was at this camp called wanapatei at the shore of ferguson bay on lake temagami, asleep in one of several little red cabins, wow i just got this pang of deja-vu typing the word i just deleted, that's why i deleted it. i don't wanna go back to it, but.... so a counsellor came in at around two-thirty a.m., woke us up and told us to come outside..... so i'm outside....
Weather ....with all these other kids and counsellors, there was a breeze coming off the shore, little splashes from the waves, i was a little bit chilly in my flannel superman pajamas..... a counsellor said "sssshhh... .listen for them"
Aurora looking up at the tall rainbow ribbon-ing aurora blazing above the pine and fir lined horizon over the water, reflecting in the bay, the water shimmering shades of greens, bright purples and blues....pinks and reds...... waving all over the place, what at first i thought might be wind through the trees...
Observers couldn't have been any longer.... this was not wind in the trees, it was too electric... radio-like - crackles, snaps, light high-end transients... no-one had said anything at this point, we just stared and listened to this brilliant anomally, freaked out and awe-inspired...a group of ten year old kids trying to comprehend what they were experiencing.
Sound development

Observer 125, Port Wing, WI (south shore Lk. Superior),

Date July 1981
Surroundings South shore, Lk. Superior beach, about midnight. Short pines or firs around, but I know what those sound like in various winds, and this wasn't that!
Weather Clear, chilly (about 50 F), steady breeze from NNE and slight chop in water.
Aurora Unbelievable. Seemed to be standing directly under 360 degree dome of aurora, every direction different, colors (every color in the spectrum) and curtains toward horizon, the horizon itself like a banded rainbow that broke apart and reformed again, curtains lost color as they rose finally into white ghost-looking shapes at the apex.
Observers About a dozen of us there, everyone heard it, all ages from 8 to 60, no drugs, 4 adults had about 2 drinks at dinnertime. We watched from approx. 11PM - 12:30AM.
Correlation Seemed to correlate with the movement at the apex. Swishing when the light formed a shape and it swirled/danced, crackling when the shapes broke apart.
Sound Very soft. Didn't hear till everyone stopped oohing and ahhing. Also didn't hear, or realize I heard, til looking directly up at the apex and saw the correlation, so maybe it came from directly above?
Sound development Constantly changing acc. to the sights, but didn't stop for the hour or so we watched. Seemed to be music that accompanied the dancing of the lights.
Electronics In cabin watching TV beforehand, no anomolies in reception.
Comments No fear. Awe and delight. I believe the sounds came from the northern lights. It was almost a religious experience.

Observer 126, Killarney Provincial Park Ontario Canada,

Place 80`11'45'' Long, 46`9'30'' Lat, 231m above sea level
Date Sept. 21 87, 1hr after sunset.
Surroundings Camping on the edge of a lake in a pine forest.
Weather 65`-70`f, Calm and clear. no Moon
Aurora was a dull glow from sunset up to the time of it's geatest activity then was gone completelt. At it's peak it was blue-green beams that radiated from a central point in the north and shot like a laser light show over our heads to the south.
Observers I had glasses the two people with me, one male one female, didn't. We all heard a metallic ringing simular to tinitis. The forest was "dead" quiet.
Correlation The sound was simultaneuos and stopped with the display. I can't recall if it stopped simultaneously of shortly after. We ALL THREE noticed and commented to each other when it stopped.
Sound Like a high pitch metallic ringing that simular but "harsher" to tinitis in a quiet room and was hard to localize.
Sound development It seemed steady pitch and character but had a slight drone or ringing
Electronics We watched in amazement and didn't think of the cameras untill it was just over, damn.
Comments This is the first time since the event anyone has seemed interested in the sound. I have been interested in the Aurura all of my life. I've wondered about this sound. I have heard meteors "pop". This was my first sighting and it came completely unexpectedly. One person had gone into the woods for a nature call and away from the camp fire saw it through the trees. He ran through the camp yelling and we gathered at the edge of the lake to watch. The display lasted about 7-10 minutes. We all had noticed the ringing but dismissed it because the forest was so quiet. When the display ended so did the sound, very obruptly and obviously such that, we ALL three commented immediately. Next my friend mentioned the cameras.

Observer 127, S.E. Alsaka Chichogof Island,

Place 135 15' W 57 50' N
Date Week of Sep. 22? 1979
Surroundings Open Area 10'- 20' north of aluminum Frorest Service Shed and 40'- 50' South of a group of large Spruce and Hemlock trees.
Weather Clear and calm, about 50 degrees F.
Aurora Bright bands with loops mostly green with red steaks higher up. Varing locations moving North and South Slowly fading away after about 1 AM
Observers There were about a dozen people and most heard the noise.
Correlation The lights were varing in brightness, and about the time the noise peaked the noise could be heard for a moment.
Sound VERY soft woshing type of sound. (white noise) similar to wind blowing in trees.
Sound development Only a couple of times could we hear the sound for a few moments each.
Electronics None observed.
Comments I believe that what we heard was caused by the northern lights. But I don't know if it was a sound external to myself our was induced by the electrical fields inside my skull.

Observer 128, Jyväskylä, Finland,

Place Jyväskylä, Finland
Date 22/10/2001 22:00 local time, 20 GMT
Surroundings Hill, near the top. Wooden building approx 10 m. away. A maple and a birch approx. 10 m away too. Grass, no ice.
Weather Weather: clear. Temp 0 C. No wind.
Aurora Shape: rays, curtains. Lasted for 2 hrs (sound about 20 seconds). Starting point at zenith, at largest covered most of the sky, nearly to the horizon. Brightenss: clear sky without moon. Brightest stars could be seen through. Main colour white, with some red.
Observers I alone heard it, as I was alone at the time.
Correlation Almost simultaneous. Sounds occured with a brief period of curtain-like movement in the northern lights, which were at other times ray-like. Seemed like the sound started a couple of seconds before the lights, and ended as the lights faded.
Sound Frequency of an oboe or a flute, or somewhere there between. Very quiet. Tried to figure out the direction where from the sound was coming, but couldn't. A howling, whistling sound.
Sound development Changed in volume. Total duration approx 20 seconds.
Electronics Had none with me.
Comments I find it hard to believe that the sounds would have been produced by the lights, as lights are tens of kilometers away, and thus the sound could not be simultaneous with the lights. However, it is possible that the phenomenon that caused the sound and the phenomenon that caused the lights are the same. The sound and the light are produced at different layers of the atmosphere, so they can arrive to me at about the same time. In this case also, the sound started before the lights. I was actually not even looking at the sky when the sound started. When it started, I looked up and saw these beautiful white curtains of light just appearing from the zenith. When the lights faded, the sound also faded.

Observer 129, Jerome, Idaho,

Date 7:30 PM MST
Surroundings Open park area.
Weather Temp..57 degress F. Wind calm. Cloud bank to the south of me, but clear overhead and to the north.
Aurora Shape... red curtains. Changing to light blue to lime green sheet. Red started in the NE and steadly moved to the NW. Then the other colors filled the northern sky.
Observers I didn't hear any sounds but my dog was cocking his head and growling. That's what drew my attention to the lights.
Sound development
Comments All the neighborhood dogs were barking during the red lights. I could smell ozone.

Observer 130, Yellowknife NWT,

Place north of 60, Yellowknife
Date February 2001
Surroundings in black spruce forest, not dense, no buildings or man made structures nearby, heard several times
Weather always very cold! between -30 and -40 celcius
Aurora most sightings were large, covering expanses of the sky, extremely bright, green and very little variation of color, a variety of shapes, but intense
Observers on different occasions, both myself and my boyfriend heard them. we had toques on, other times, no head gear. it did not seem to depend on our clothing. my boyfriend had a beard, and myself, no loose hair
Correlation sound was simultaneous with the movements of the lights, when they were intense
Sound there was no specific direction of noise, it was a dull noise, that you would not hear over any wind. amplitude varied with n. light intensity, it was hard to explain, but a crackle...better yet, the sound you hear when you put your ear to a closed vessel (sea shell, drinking glass etc.)
Sound development unstable, varied with light intensity
Comments the sounds were most definately coming from the n.lights. everyone who lives in northern canada has heard it. when i first moved up there, people told me i could hear them, but i did not believe it. i was proven wrong!

Observer 131, Puumala, Eastern Finland,

Place Puumala, about 61,50 N and 28 E
Date Feb - Mar 1982
Surroundings In the middle of forest, 25 km to nearest village. Mostly pines and typical finnish forest.
Weather Clear cold winter night, no wind at all. Temperature minus 10 - 15 centigrades
Aurora The road has quite high hill to climb and first I realised, if there was a vehicle coming with lights. Then I realised, that it was just northern lights. Very wild moving and only greenish.
Observers I was alone, unfortunately! I have glasses, warm clothes, shot hair, but nothing special.
Correlation On that time, when I heard, the light was flashing wildly. I cannot say, if was any simultaneus to light.
Sound Sound was low, similar to flag or a huge piece of strong paper. The noise was not very strong, but definitly nothing like wind or typical forest noises.
Sound development I just listened less than five minutes, but even during that time, several waves came within a minute or less.
Electronics I didnt realise anything different as I was just traveling with my car.
Comments It is typical to see those lights here in Finland and I have seen even stronger colourfull many times. That first and only time, when I have also heard, I didnt even know, that theoretically there should not bee any sounds at all! So since -82 some friends have tried to explain, how impossible that is. I have no question, that on the very night, clear sound was there and it came from somewere above.

Observer 132, Northern Ontario, a long time ago

Place Northern Ontario
Date a long time ago
Surroundings I've heard the lights on a couple of occasions. Once at a friends cottage in the woods near a small lake. T'was a wintery night on Skeleton Lake, Northern Ontario. I was about 7 at the time and i remember my mother saying "listen...can you hear the lights..." Like it was a normal thing. The northern lights always do this. I of course learned that it was very rare. For the next time i heard them, maybe 5 years had passed. I was toboganning late one night and finally getting tired i fell over in the deep cushiony snow and gazed deep into the brillant sky...and as i watched i could hear that "electro-static" (for lack of a better) noise faintly underneath the majesty of colour before my eyes. That same noise i remembered from years passed... i felt so blessed to hear them again. Recently, i emailed a man stationed in the north pole to see if he could explain them, but he could not...
Weather cold. really really cold.
Sound development