Online Learning Modules
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On Demand Pro Learning
Below is a list of whole group or small group professional learning (PL) that Ed Tech coaches will conduct at
your school.  If you and your colleagues* are interested in attending a PL session listed, complete the form below the courses to request the session. All of these sessions can be modified to meet the needs of your group.  For more options and/or individual coaching contact your Ed Tech coach.

*Groups of 5 or more, please

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you will be contacted by an Ed Tech coach

Managing Technology Integration PL series

ActivInspire Basics (60 min)
Learn how to locate, download, and modify existing flipcharts to meet your instructional needs as well as be able to use the basic tools and features in ActivInspire to create flipcharts of your own.

Customized Content or Grade Level Planning Teams Using Ubd-Principles (45 min ongoing)
Educational technology is so much more than using the latest technology. Integrate technology that makes sense for your classroom! Schedule a planning session with your EdTech Coach to integrate available technology into your Unit Plans.

Discovery Education Media Resources (60 min)
Integrate video segments, audio clips, and images from Discovery’s digital media library into your instruction to activate or build prior knowledge and illustrate or reinforce concepts.

Formative Assessment with ActivExpressions (60 min)
Learn how to transform and maximize assessment opportunities both formally and informally using the handheld Promethean learner response devices.

Google Docs (60 min)
Learn how to get started communicating, collaborating and creating with Google Docs.  This class covers the Basics of using Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations

Google Sites (60 min)
Building a website for your class is easier than you think! If you can create a Word doc or a Google doc, you can have a website that looks great and facilitates communication and collaboration with your students using Google Apps.

iPad 101
iPad training for teachers, administrators, and staff - this training is completely customizable to fit your needs: learn about classroom integration, or using the iPad as an instructional/organizational tool as a teacher, coach or administrator.

iPad Configurator (4 hrs)
iPad Configurator training for the iPad administrator in a building. Learn how to manage, sync and mass deploy your building's iPads

Manage your Course with Edmodo: Secure Social Learning Network for Teachers and Students (60 min)
Learn how to promote communication and collaboration among students using Edmodo to facilitate learning and reflection around classroom content.

Manage your Course with Moodle (60 min)
Create a blended learning environment by integrating web-based access to your class content, instructional resources, assignments and assessments. Use Moodle to take your collaborative classroom out to the web.

Multimedia in your ActivInspire Flipcharts (60 min)
Make your flipcharts come alive by adding pictures, audio, Learn how to include pictures, audio and video into your flipcharts to support learning in your classroom

Nettrekker: Educational Search Engine (60 min)
Easily locate standards-aligned, teacher-approved digital resources and a unique set of learning tools for the classroom.  Provide students with access to relevant educational websites and increase understanding with Read Aloud text-to-speech support, the dictionary/translation tool, and ELL specific resources

Publishing with Web 2.0 Tools (60 min)
In this introductory course, learn exciting ways to publish all types of student work using collaborative web 2.0 tools. This is a great professional learning opportunity for teachers who know there are some "cool" things out there, but don't know where to start. Discover some tools to help super-charge your classroom!

Technology to Support Precise and Rigorous Instruction (2 hours)
Learn how to use technology to support assessment, differentiation, shared learning targets, and other best practices in your classroom.

Wikispaces Basics (60 min)
Want to have a class website where students and parents can access classroom work and handouts, see exemplars, and keep up with assignments? Wikispaces is a free, cloud-based alternative for creating an attractive website. If you can edit a Word doc, you can build a website.

Wikispaces Advanced (60 min)
Take your wikispace to the next level: embed a class calendar, videos, even poll questions or short quizzes. Use the "Projects" feature to set up group projects for your students where they create their own "wiki within a wiki" for presentations, lab reports, or even an online textbook. Note: you should be comfortable with wikispace basics (and have a wikipace!) in order to participate fully in this class.