Aurora Public Schools is proud to be one of the few school districts that has YouTube open within our network.  Our department supports, encourages, monitors, and facilitates the responsible use of YouTube within the learning environments of Aurora Public Schools. 

Below are some tools that can make the integration of YouTube a simpler process within learning environments:

ViewPure allows you to "watch YouTube videos without comments, suggestions, or the 'other' things."

SafeShare.TV is "the Safest Way to Watch and Share YouTube videos."  Use the "Customize Video" option after generating your safe link to begin and end videos exactly where you'd like to. is a browser add-on that removes clutter from YouTube windows.

Splicd is a tool that helps users easily adjust the start and end times within YouTube videos.

YouTube has also created their own curriculum for digital citizenship.  You can access a preview video and corresponding interactive curriculum here.