Climate scientist

I'm interested in understanding global climate changes along a variety of timescales. My main focus is to understand the interplays, and eventual feedbacks, of the different components of the Earth system during the Quaternary cycles. I use models of various complexities along with palaeo data to investigate this topic. The aim of my PhD (2012) was to associate thermo-mechanical modelling of the Greenland ice sheet with past information of deep ice core drilling during the last glacial-interglacial cycle. We provided some bounds for the Greenland melting contribution to the last interglacial sea level rise and we quantified the uncertainties associated with Greenland melting prognostic in a "warmer than today" climate.

In a similar context, I've been also interested in understanding the natural variability of atmospheric methane concentrations. Using state-of-the-art surface (Hybrid8) and atmospheric chemistry (UM – UKCA) models, I investigate the natural variability of methane sources (wetlands) and sinks (OH radicals). Here again, the last interglacial was used as a case of study in order to investigate the feedback of climate on the atmospheric methane lifetime.

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