Hello! Welcome to my Aura of Zephyr Minecraft mods page.  I am a novice programmer leaning to code Java in Minecraft.  I have released a few simple mods for the public to enjoy and have a few more coming along!  I also have a resource pack in progress.  Please let me know what you think of my work and give any suggestions to me by email at mattcloward@gmail.com or comment on my Minecraft forum threads listed in the mod pages.
    My username is Icedice9.
Minecraft Creeper-Spider
Minecraft Two-Block-Tall Corn Growth Mod

Ore Sheep Logo
Go here to see my Minecraft mods.

Minecraft water bucket animated texture pack.
Aura of Zephyr is a 1.7.10 16 x 16 animated resource pack.  See here for details or download it here.