Professor at Université Savoie Mont Blanc

Scientific Director of the Chair "Environmental Economics" of the Foundation USMB

Co-editor of “Resource and Energy Economics” (Elsevier)

Section editor "City and Environment Interactions" (Elsevier)

Associate editor of the "European Economic Review" (Elsevier)

Coordinator of the EMBS program

Scientific Advisor at France Stratégie (French Prime Minister services)

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Sept. 2006- : Professor at Université Savoie Mont Blanc (France).

Jan. 2018 - : Scientific Advisor at France Stratégie, Prime Minister Services (topics: carbon value, electric vehicle).

Sept. 2014- 2017: Assistant Professor at the School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong, Professor at Université Savoie Mont Blanc (France) on leave.

July 2017 : Lecturer at the EAERE-FEEM-VIU European Summer School on Macroeconomics, Growth, and the Environment.

Selected Recent Publications

"Critical raw materials for the energy transition". (with Francesco Ricci CEE-M Université de Montpellier, and Katheline Schubert, PSE), forthcoming in the European Economic Review.

“Energy transition with variable and intermittent renewable electricity generation”, (with Katheline Schubert, PSE), forthcoming in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

“Childbearing Postponement, its option value and the biological clock”(with David de la Croix, IRES Université catholique de Louvain) Journal of Economic Theory, 2021.

"Determining an Optimal Water Mix for Hong Kong" (with David von Eiff, City U. of HK) Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 2020

«Estimation of Residential Electricity Demand in Hong Kong under Electricity Charge Subsidies», (with Tunç Durmaz and Huseyin Tastan Yildiz U.) Energy Economics, 2020

Recent paper

« The Optimal Investment Choices for prosumers», (with Tunç Durmaz, Yildiz Technical University, Ian Ridley, City University of Hong Kong), 2019.