School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong 

and IREGE Université de Savoie

Email : aude.pommeret@cityu.edu.hk

 Blog: The Ultimate Scarcity (referring to energy as the resource than can substitute for the others) :  http://ethkf.blogspot.hk/



Sept. 2014- : Assistant Professor at City University Hong Kong

2006- 2014: Full Professor at Université de Savoie (France).

2007-2014:  Affiliated Scholar and Invited Professor at Deep-HEC Lausanne. Recipient of the scientific excellence bonus (PES).

Recent publications

"Optimal emission policy under the risk of irreversible pollution » (with Alain Ayong-le-Kama, EQUIPPE, et Fabien Prieur, INRA), Journal of Public Economic Theory Vol16(6): 959-980, 2014.

« Optimal regime switching and threshold effects: theory and application to a resource extraction problem under irreversibility »(with R. Boucekkine, AMSE and F. Prieur, INRA), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 37(12), pages 2979-2997, 2013.
« Double Irreversibility and Environmental Policy Design » (with Fabien Prieur, INRA)  Journal of Public Economic Theory, Vol15-(2) p273-291,  2013.

« On the timing and optimality of capital controls: Public expenditures, debt dynamics and welfare » (with R. Boucekkine, AMSE and F. Prieur, INRA), International Journal of Economic Theory Vol9(1) p101-112, 2013.

« Technological vs ecological switch and the environmental Kuznets curve » (with Raouf Boucekkine, AMSE and Fabien Prieur, INRA) forthcoming in the American Journal of  Agricultural Economics Vol95(2) p252-260, 2012.

Recent papers

« Financial Integration, Growth and Volatility" (with Anne Epaulard) Forthcoming in Pacific Economic Review.

« Adaptation and mitigation are not enough : turning to mitigation abroad » (with A. Ayong Le Kama, EconomiX) under revision.