Americans United for Separation of Church & State Orange County Chapter

AU-OC Presents: America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference 

Part of Our On-Going “Flicks for Thought” Series

Saturday, May 15th at 2:00 pm

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Meetup: Americans United for Separation of Church & State - OC

Americans United for Separation of Church and State Orange County is screening a film on America’s attitude towards the holocaust, what the government did and did not do, particularly with the State Department’s committed approach to not allowing the entry of Jews. And more recently Justice Scalia suggested that church-state separation played a part in bringing about the Holocaust. As Americans United commented, it shows an appalling ignorance of history and a complete lack of judicial temperament. Thom Hartmann responded that rather than separating church and state, Hitler used the German state church to aid his rise to power. Bruce Prescott of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists said Scalia, “like most theocrats, persists in revising history to fit his ideology.”

About the film: In 1938, American society had its own political, social, and economic problems, including a long-standing--and rising--anti-Semitism. Despite stories coming from Europe about a campaign to force Jews out of Germany and about the horrors of Kristallnacht ("the night of broken glass"), the majority of Americans were fearful that an influx of immigrants would only aggravate the serious unemployment problem brought on by the Depression. Even the government was not immune from anti-Semitic sentiments. While the Kleins were struggling to obtain visas from the American consulate, the State Department ordered its consuls to stall the process.

Please join us for this interesting film and a discussion on whether or not it could it happen again following the film.

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