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Cross Cultural Communication




Unlike many Cultural Health training programs, this training center will not start by telling you what to do. We start with you teaching yourself something about your cultural orientation. We assume that you are fairly bright and will design your own culturally healthy behavior modifications.

In the second part of your training, you will be exposed to examples of individuals with some degree of Cultural Health and individuals suffering from some degree of the dis-ease of Cultural Poisoning. Finally, you will be exposed to classical civilization based Cultural Literacy information. It is the values, interests and principles associated with an ethnic group's Classical Civilization that is the key to understanding that group and its individuals.

Part three is AnkhTowers - links to additional Cultural Health resources.


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Also see Native, Asian and Arab tests



The information beyond this point deals with Cultural Health, Cultural Poisoning and Cultural literacy. This may not be appropriate for the culturally sensitive PROCEED WITH CAUTION, IF AT ALL.

Cultural Health

A Culturally Healthy European American

A Culturally Healthy African American

Every one should know the basic formula for Cultural Health. Raising Cultural Literacy and reducing Cultural Poisoning leads to Cultural Health --- CH = +CL and - CP

Cultural Health resource:The American Book Set


Cultural Poisoning

Culturally Poisoned African Americans

Culturally Poisoned European American

I know , you are saying, where is the Grand Wizard of The Klue Klux Klan or David Duke an obvious European American anti-humanist? That would be to easy, you know that type of person already. Now you are saying , but Micheal Jackson is a famous Black person. It is true, that he started out a Black person, but who is he today. The ultimate Cultural Health question that each of us must answer for ourselves regarding Cultural Poisoning is -- despite what others see of me on the outside, what is going on inside.

Cultural Poisoning resource: The Cultural Poisoning Book Set


Cultural Literacy

European American Cultural Literacy

African American Cultural Literacy

Everyone should have a working knowledge of the history of their ethnic group, from the present, back through their Classical Civilization. Beyond this Cultural Literacy minimum, you should have a working knowledge of the ethnic background of those you interact with personally. As we become citizens of the Global Village these Cultural Health issues gain in practical importance ,. What do you know about Arab culture? How is your Asian Cultural Literacy? The answer to such questions influences your cultural orientation.

Cultural Poisoning resource:The European Book Set

Cultural Poisoning resource: The African Book Set

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There were Egyptian Towers 4000 Years before TrumpTowers.

So let your fingers do the walking around the Towers and regain your Cultural Powers.