Global Virtual Classroom 07

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School Presentation 
 Waterford Mott High School

I wrote Stephen ealier today discussing our common GVC/AT&T background.  We've both participated in the project since it was first sponsored by AT&T in the late 90's.  We have also been a part of teams that have done well in the past-one grand prize and several 2nd place finishes.

Like Stephen, the students I have participating in the project are part of a class.  This is the main focus for my Webmasters class.  My class is only a semester class so the majority of our contribution will need to be done in mid-January.  Usually I have several students that continue on through the end of the project to tie up unfinished areas, help with proofreading, etc.

My high school is located in Waterford, MI, USA approximately 45 minutes from Detroit.  We have over 1900 students this year in grades 9 - 12.  The majority of my students who are participating in the project are in grades 10 and 11.  We are on a block schedule--4 classes per day.  I see my students every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:25 am until 8:50 am.  We have Saturday and Sunday off from school.

Our lab is equipped with FrontPage 2002 and CS3 Photoshop suite.  We also have several licenses for Flash MX and Swish (works like Flash, but less expensive).

My students will register on nicenet tomorrow morning and write their introductions.

Looking forward to working with you.


  Athens District High School

Barb and Adelina

I should start by telling you about my class.

It is really a bit of a mixed bag of courses. The students in the class are taking 4 different courses - Grade 11 Business Information Technology, Grade 12 Business Information Technology and Grade 11 Communications Technology and Grade 12 Communications. We are a small high school (275 students) and we have to combine courses like this to give the students the courses that they need and want.

For the most part all of my students will be involved in GVC. There are 25 students in total. Some will be more involved than others. GVC is the main project for the Grade 11 Business Information Technology students who will be learning web design and website creation using Dreamweaver. The others will be working on GVC and other projects as well. There are 7 grade 12 students in the class that did a GVC project last year (The Real World, Actually - first place). I hope that they will provide some experience and expertise.

We have the class everyday. This week it is from 8:08 am to 9:08 am Eastern Standard Time. Next week it is from 1:20 pm to 2:20. These weeks alternate. So Barb I think we will have our students in our rooms at exactly the same time. So we may be able to do some real time work. In the past we have also arranged to do conferencing, chatting or video conferencing in real time with schools from different time zones by working from home or coming into the school at odd hours.

I hope that you will find my students keen, hard working and polite. If you ever have any concerns about them just let me know.


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Waterford, MI, USA
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Athens District High School
Athens, Ontario, Canada
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Escola Profissional de Braga
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