Workshop Agenda & Links

This workshop for AUHSD social science teachers is based on materials from a Library of Congress Teachers workshop. On this page you'll find the links used in the workshop, including the photos, movies and songs added to the iPads for primary source viewing.  The links also include the materials on using the C-SPAN video library and C-SPAN classroom for primary source and inquiry lessons.

From the Library of Congress
I. Ice Breaker Activity:

II. What is a Primary Source?
A. Library of Congress/Teachers/Professional Development/Take Online Modules/Module 1 - Introduction to the Library of Congress - Access and view Chapter 2 "Identify Primary and Secondary Sources".
B. Poll Everywhere:
C. C-SPAN Video Library Q &A with Robert Service
D. C-SPAN Video Library - Arrival of Gorbachev at the White House, December 8, 1987
D. AUHSD School Twitter List:!/list/digitalteacher/auhsd-schools - Library of Congress Acquires Twitter

III Stripling Model of Inquiry

IV C.S.I Primary Source Activity
V. Searching the Library of Congress
A. On the Library's Web Site:
B. Guides from a Library of Congress Mentor
I. C-SPAN Video Library:
A. Overview

Primary Sources C-SPAN Video for the Classroom

B. How to Videos on the C-SPAN Video Library

II. C-SPAN Classroom:
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