Call for Paper for Workshop on Augmented Sociality and Interactive Technology in HAI2014

Work shop Theme

Researchers have developed computer systems which interact with people by recognizing situations around people. On the other hand, people behave socially based on perceived relations with others, being aware of a gaze from others, public pressure from others, and so on. If the computer systems can recognize the social relation and manage/control it, a new interactive service will emerge by enhancing the social skill of people. Designing, visualizing, and simulating relations also prepare a new socially interactive environment for people. The workshop named "Augmented Sociality and Interactive Technology" discuss the technologies which can deal with social relations and augment the social behaviors of people. Moreover, the workshop discuss interactive services using the technologies of the augmented sociality.

Keywords: Augmented Sociality; Social Behavior; Social Interaction; Communicate Technology


Michita Imai (Keio University)
Tetsuo Ono (Hokkaido University)
Kazushi Nichimoto (JAIST)


 Date & TimeTuesday, 28 October, 2014
 VenueKasuga Campus, Tsukuba University [Map]
Media Union 3F Meeting room 1


  • Tetsuo Ono, Com-brane: “Membrane of Communication” as a Co-creative Interface based on Social Relationship
  • Kazushi Nishimoto, Break the Jails to Augment Sociality
  • Kohei Ogawa,   Can androids play a social role in a real world?
  • Michita Imai  Augmented Sociality toward Healthier Interactive Environment.