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About the Author

Stephen B. Kagan

For the past 25yrs or so I've been working in IT and hiking in the forests of the West Coast. Usually I hike with a wooden flute and play melodies along with the birdsong that fills the woods. I currently work at the University of Victoria in beautiful British Columbia as a Desktop Support Technician.

I've been writing imaginative stories, journaling and poetry since I was 16yrs old but was never inspired to publish anything until now. 

After growing up in a small colonial town between Salem and Walden I eventually went off to school in the radical liberal arts school of Goddard College in Vermont. The focus of my education there was on the Psychology of Creativity and Deep Ecology. I went to India as an exchange student to study Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy but ended up in Dharamasla, living with a Tibetan family and studying Buddhism at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. After that I moved to San Francisco to study at the California Institute of Integral Studies for my MA and focused Transpersonal and Ecopsychology.