Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is the latest immersive interactivity technology offered for free by Google! Join us as we learn how to let BYOD, DIY, 3D and virtual reality grab your students’ interest while immersing them into multiple Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. You will need your smartphone (with a Cardboard view app loaded) and your Cardboard headset, if you have one. (Headset kits will be available for purchase onsite for $10.) This project will work with ether iPhones or Android phones.

The idea; to use a free App to display two independent pictuers at the same time on your smart phone. These two pictuers when viewed through a special viewer make the picture to become three dimensional. The motion sensor and gyroscope built into your phone know where your looking and changes the pictuers to match your head 
movement. These 3D experiences can be downloaded from the web OR you can create them using the FREE google software or other creation programs.

In today's session you will;
  • Assemble the cardboard viewer
  • Load the Google Cardboard App from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Inside the Cardboard app there are some great examples and tours. You can also download other apps and access them through the Cardboard app.
  • Play with the Cardboard App and get an overview of how to create a CardBoard Virtuality Reality project
  • What are your ideas about using CardBoard projects in a classroom near you
Imagine if your students had a 20% program
Google Cardboard is the result of Google's 20% program. Each Google employee is expected to spend 20% of their time working on something other then they what they are getting paid to do. This concept has unleashed a treasure trove of products that benefit the company and the world.
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