3D printing

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is what many people believe to be the technology that will power the third change following the industrial and technology revolution. The field is growing rapidly. Here are some links that can give you ideas about hardware, resources and apps to help you get started.

Polar 3D is a less expensive, portable printer. The printer elements are exposed to students encouraging curiosity. 

Makerbot Replicators are a well developed standard 3D printer. The working parts are enclosed, The units are relative heavy and there are several models to choose from.


3D search engines
Yobi 3D is a search engine sued to finding 3D printable (.stl) files. 

3D printfiles

Pinshape.com has lots of printer files many are free to download and print. you can also upload and share your own designs with the world!.

GrabCAD  This is a site dominated by engineers. It is full of terrific files and tutorials.

3D modeling apps

This is a link for a 3D app for your tablet called 3dcreationist. You can use this app to create your own designs and then print them on a 3D printer.