(2) June 22 & 23, 2019 Civil War Encampment

We're bringing back the Civil War Encampment!  Reenactors from all over Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and more will be in camp and ready for battle!

Our corner of the state was heavily "Germanic" in 1860 when the war broke out.  Come learn about the 48'ers who were newly arrived from war torn Europe.  Many of these immigrants had fought in the largely unsuccessful revolutions sweeping that continent including the ones to unify the Germanic States into one German Nation.  What would these men and women have thought - just settling into a new
country that was suddenly threatened by succession and a battle for a unified government vs. state's rights?  Many volunteered for service in the Union Army before a draft was placed in 1863.  Germanic soldiers, called Dutchmen, by their native born counterparts, made up entire regiments of Civil War troops.  They were known for their
discipline and often were already battle tested from their experience in their homelands.

Do you know the requirements for Civil War service?  Come and learn what constituted qualified military service in 1860.

Could you live on the diet of a Civil War soldier?  Ever tried hard tack?  Here's your chance!

Saturday 9am - ?            Sunday 10am - 5pm

Admission is $5 for adults.      Members are free.