Augernik Fruit Farm is a family run business based on the Worcestershire and Shropshire Borders at Hopton Wafers. The Auger family have lived and farmed the 25 acre site since 1989, each year increasing the range of fruits being grown and investing profits back into the farm and its environment.

Produce is grown without any artificial inputs or chemicals, making wonderfully natural, wholesome and delicious crops. The extensive knowledge of the owners means crops are nurtured and protected using natural methods- this has allowed them to be part of The Wholesome Food Association.

The farm is off the national grid and the owners produce all of their own energy from the sun and the wind, therefore minimising any impact they have on the environment. As a consequence of the emphasis on growing naturally, the farm has become a haven for wildlife, including buzzards, barnowls, dormice and honey buzzards.

The delicious produce includes a range of soft fruits, apples, pears and nuts and is sold at farmers markets in the Midlands as well as to individual outlets and restaurants including Michelin starred Hibiscus in London and the Ludlow Food Centre.