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Funny Toddler T Shirt

funny toddler t shirt
    t shirt
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Funny like a clown [Emma Magnolia: 133/365]
Funny like a clown [Emma Magnolia: 133/365]
The playground was a zoo today. Apparently all the kids and caregivers came down with spring fever at once, and everyone was on worst behavior. Unfortunately, there's still more than a month of school, so these people need to Calm Down and stop running over the toddlers with their strollers and games of Really Aggressive Tag. A group of kids scaled a very tall, spike-topped fence to get into the (not yet filled with water) pool area. Kids jumping on diving boards with an open pit of concrete below, while their friends try to out-stupid them...scary stuff. They're lucky they didn't break any bones. They're also lucky my cell phone isn't working, because I would have called the police at the point it became evident that they were going to continue playing in the restriced area without supervision.... Another girl (approx. real age 9, but her attitude was well into puberty) watched me give James a time-out (for running in the Little Kid area after being warned about 7 million times). The girl heard me say, in my Mean Voice, "none of those kids should be running in this area. That's why it's fenced in, with signs...") and she decided to confront me about it. She literally approached me six or seven times to tell me how wrong I was, how it's a free country, and how "anyway" the signs only say "Equipment is strictly for the use of children ages 1-5" and couldn't I see they were running Beside the equipment, not On it? This went on and on and on until I finally said (in what was not my finest moment, but could have been much worse if I really let my mouth go), "Little Girl, please leave me alone. Just go away, PLEASE." Needless to say, I was loathe to let Emma out of the stroller today.
Sipping imaginary tea on a Sunday afternoon
Sipping imaginary tea on a Sunday afternoon
Just really got my camera out to take a photo of her in a new summer dress my mum bought for her. She was so funny when receiving her surprise gift. So pleased and delighted!!! Every other day this week she's prefered to wear her brother's t-shirts. Yes, even big brother's giant size 12s. Trip, trip. Goes well with dad's shoes.

funny toddler t shirt