Auditory Oral Children's Center

Language Development for Children with

Hearing Loss and Language Delays ~

Our mission is to provide children with hearing loss and language delays, the opportunity to focus on auditory and spoken language development through auditory-verbal speech therapy and a specialized education program. 

Early intervention is critical for language development. Children with hearing loss and language delays benefit from full inclusion in spoken language with intensive one-on-one therapy emphasizing their auditory and speech development. Our comprehensive language development program, consisting of a speech language therapy, specially designed instruction and parent education best prepares children for spoken language and future grade level literacy achievement.

In an effort to maximize spoken language outcomes, we focus on verbal communication. We work with families whose children are bridging with sign language by increasing the child's verbal language in receptive and expressive vocabulary. We take great care in communicating with each child as they learn and grow in their language abilities. We use the principles of the auditory-oral and auditory-verbal philosophies in learning to listen and talk, so to prepare our students to attend kindergarten in a mainstream setting in their neighborhood home school.  

We contributed the parent resource guide for Nationwide Children's Hospital and families in Ohio, please see:

Our Inclusion Program

The Auditory Oral Children’s Center is a therapy based program housed in a preschool program accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). This gives our students the opportunity to interact daily with typical hearing and developing peers. Immersion in a spoken language environment is highly beneficial and meets the Federal Department of Education guidelines of least restrictive environment for children with disabilities.  We are located in Northwest Columbus at 5475 Brand Rd., Dublin, Ohio. 

Early Intervention Therapy- Birth to 3 years

Early intervention is designed around the needs of the child and family. Individualized therapy assists families in stimulating their child’s auditory development through four key principles: awareness, discrimination, recognition and comprehension. Parents attend private speech therapy sessions and are educated on how to best promote auditory development and spoken language for their child. Home extensions are provided to assist families in promoting their child’s progress at home.

Preschool  3 to 6 year Old

Our education program is therapy focused to develop spoken language, literacy and school readiness. Our classroom curriculum is specially designed for oral deaf education, based on traditional preschool themes and aliened with the The Ohio Department of Education Core Curriculum.

Our goal is to provide the best possible individualized education for your child. Our students receive 1.5 to 2 hours of one-on-one therapy weekly provided by certified Auditory-Verbal Educator, Hearing Impaired Intervention Specialist, and Speech Language Pathologist trained to assist children in developing spoken language as their primary language.

Class meets 9:30 to 1:00 Monday through Thursday. Extended day is offered to students 4 and 5 years old.

Kindergarten and Beyond

AOCC graduates return to their home school district for kindergarten. All of our graduates have met the grade level work of their typical hearing peers and have not required an interpreter, aide or any curriculum modifications due to their hearing loss. Our staff will supervise the student’s transition by working directly with the home school districts' teaching staff to ensure a positive and successful experience.

                        We welcome observations, so please call to set-up a tour.


Megan Reese, M.S. Ed., Program Director  614-832-9965

Michelle McCully, M.Ed., Development Director  614-598-7335