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Lab Equipment Symbols

lab equipment symbols
    lab equipment
  • Two cheap microscopes, an expensive broken one, a box with rulers and pencils {donated by the "Lost-Found-But-Never-Asked-For" section of the school}, unlabelled tubes containing green, blue and orange bubbling liquids, dirty kitchen knives, a slide-projector, a blackboard and a locked closet
  • A thing that represents or stands for something else, esp. a material object representing something abstract
  • (symbol) an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance
  • (symbol) something visible that by association or convention represents something else that is invisible; "the eagle is a symbol of the United States"
  • A mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g., the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation
  • A shape or sign used to represent something such as an organization, e.g., a red cross or a Star of David
  • (symbolic) emblematic: serving as a visible symbol for something abstract; "a crown is emblematic of royalty"; "the spinning wheel was as symbolic of colonical Massachusetts as the codfish"
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1,001 Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Imagery and Its Meaning
1,001 Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Imagery and Its Meaning
Pleasingly chunky and vibrantly colorful, this pocket-sized compendium covers iconography from around the world and is perfect for travel and museum outings. Author Jack Tresidder examines common imagery in art, religion, and literature, revealing hidden meanings rich with cultural history. For example, did you know that the phrase "salt of the earth" comes from the ancient use of salt as a preservative and the associated idea of incorruptibility? There is a symbol for virtually every human emotion and 1,001 Symbols helps us unlock them in a winning format that's proven as popular as its subject.

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Good Luck symbol, for the Boy Scouts?
Good Luck symbol, for the Boy Scouts?
This was a token of good luck givin when you bought excellior shoes back in 1910. This was a good luck token. note the 4 other good luck symbol with in the 4 squares of the main symbol.. the Nazi's turned it on corner and runed it for all time.
These are the symbols found in the commpass searching.

lab equipment symbols
lab equipment symbols
Signs, Symbols & Omens: An Illustrated Guide to Magical & Spiritual Symbolism
As human beings, we live in a world of symbols. From traffic signs to the very letters that comprise these words, symbols are woven into every aspect of daily life. Since prehistoric times humans have used symbolic representation to communicate with each other and with the divine.

In Signs, Symbols & Omens, leading occult authority Ray Buckland describes the form and meaning of over 800 symbols from ancient and modern religions, magical traditions, and indigenous cultures around the world:

• Alchemy
• Ancient Egypt
• Astrology
• Australian Aborigines
• Aztec and Mayan
• Buddhist
• Celtic
• Ceremonial Magic
• Chinese
• Christian
• Freemasonry
• Gnostic
• Greek and Roman
• Hindu
• Islam
• Judaic
• Magical Alphabets
• Native American
• Norse
• Rosicrucian
• Runic
• Shinto
• Sikh
• Travelers
• Voudoun
• Witchcraft
• Omens

Understand the symbols used throughout human history and gain a deeper appreciation for the depth of the human experience and the vast uncharted realm of the collective unconscious.

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