Hunting Equipment Ontario - 2011 Construction Equipment Presentation.

Hunting Equipment Ontario

hunting equipment ontario
  • The necessary items for a particular purpose
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  • hunt: the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
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  • A province in eastern Canada, between Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes; pop. 9,914,200; capital, Toronto. It was settled by the French and the English in the 1600s, ceded to Britain in 1763, and became one of the original four provinces in the Dominion of Canada in 1867
  • Lake Ontario: the smallest of the Great Lakes
  • Ontario is a Province of Canada located in the east-central part of Canada, Ontario is located in the geographic eastern half of Canada, but it has historically and politically been considered to be part of Central Canada (along with Manitoba).
  • a prosperous and industrialized province in central Canada

Major Rick Spencer
Major Rick Spencer
Biography of Rick Spencer Background Richard Simeon Spencer was born on the 20 January 1939, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Moved to Goodwood in 1945 then to Terence Bay in 1947. Joined the military, Royal Canadian Signals Apprentices, at 1 Personnel Depot, Halifax on 7 Sep. 1955. Military Career 1953 – 1955 - RCE Cadet and Sapper in 40 Field Park Sqn, Halifax Milita. 1955 – 1957 - Soldier Apprentice at Royal Canadian School of Signals Kingston, Ontario. Graduated as a Radio Mechanic Group 1, 31 May – 22 Nov. 1957 1957 – 1958 - First Canadian Signals Regiment, Camp Borden 1958 – 1959 - First Battalion of the Black Watch, Camp Aldershot, Nova Scotia Group 3 Radio Tech. Crse, Apr.- Nov. 1960, Kingston Ont 1960 – 1962 - 3 Signals Squadron, & RCDs Camp Gagetown, Jr NCO course 16 Jan – 24 Feb. 1961 and promoted to Cpl. 1 May 61. 1962 – 1964 - 1 Army Signals Sqn, Carp, Ont. Senior NCO Course Kingston, 10 Jan. 64 – 13 Mar. 64 - Promoted to Sgt. 1 Jul 1964 1964 – 1965 - 1 RCHA Camp Gagetown 1965 – 1966 - LDSH(RC) Calgary & Germany, Iserhlon. 1967 – 1968 - Forman of Signals course in UK (18 Months) 1968 – 1969 - Instructor 3 Sigs Sqn CFSCEE, Kingston 1969 -1970 - CAFTTT in Tanzania, East Africa Promoted to WO April 1970 1970 -- 1973 - 708 Comm Sqn, Trenton 1973 – 1976 - AFCENT in Brunssum, Holland Promoted to MWO April 1976 1976 – 1981 - Commissioned and posted to Kingston as TMO 1981 – 1983 - CFB Trenton, Base Telecommunications 1983 – 1986 - CFB Halifax, B Tel O & Marcom HQ Bldg. Project. Promoted to Major 1 July 1986 and posted to CNDA Ottawa Released in May 1989 to work for Dept. Supply & Services in Hull. Retired from PWGSC, GTIS in 1998. Worked as a Consultant with VALCOM retired in 2000. Education & Training 1953 - Grade IX Public School, Terence Bay 1953 – 1955 Halifax County Vocational High School, Bricklayer 1955 – 1957 - Soldier Apprentice Training at Kingston 31 May – 22 Nov. 1957 Radio Mechanic Group 1 April – Nov 1960 - Radio Equipment Technician Group 3 Jan. 1967 – July 1968 - Forman of Signals course, in the UK Jr. & Sn NCOs Courses, CELE Basic, CELE Airforce Course, & Staff School Web Developers Course in 1998. Completed various courses to upgrade general education to 2 years University towards a Bsc Degree. Family Wife Sarah, two daughters, Diane & Lydia Sons, Richard & Mark. Grandchildren: Amanda, James, Daniel, Martin, Sonya & Madeline (Another in May 09) Hobbies & Sports Sailing, Curling, Swimming, Camping, Gardening & Bowling. Love to go hunting. Stamp collecting. Computer downloading music. & Bible Study. Was a landlord and had 12 properties but got out of that business as I don’t have the temperament for it! Presently I’m keep very busy babysitting 3 grandchildren.
2/2/08 - Royal Ontario Museum: Snowshoes
2/2/08 - Royal Ontario Museum: Snowshoes
Louis Bird Omushkegowak elder, historian, and storyteller Peawanuck, Winisk River, Ontario "In the Omushkego territory the snowshoe is the most important item for hunting and survival in winter. These items show snowshoe frames in the process of construction and one pair finished. The Omushkegowak constructed all of their own equipment and were self-sufficient. However, with new equipment, like snow machines, traditional knowledge is being lost."

hunting equipment ontario
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