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Copper Brewing Equipment

copper brewing equipment
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copper brewing equipment - Copper Coil
Copper Coil Immersion Chiller 25 Feet Length
Copper Coil Immersion Chiller 25 Feet Length
Only Learn To Brew has soldered fittings that will not leak with use. This immersion chiller offered by Learn To Brew will allow for rapid cooling of hot wort to yeast pitching temperatures. This chiller is approximately 25 feet of 3/8" copper tubing with metal garden hose fittings both female and male that are completely soldered into place eliminating any leaks and the potential bursting that is often associated with vinyl tubing that is clamped on with other models of immersion coils. No one wants a burst hose spraying non sterilized water into your wort ruining your beer. You do not want the vinyl tubing near the boiling wort as the high temperatures will significantly weaken the tubing. This is the best model available on the market! Soldered fittings will never leak. Compression fittings found on other styles of immersion coils tend to expand and contract with the drastic temperature fluctuations during the boiling and cooling processes. This expansion and contraction will loosen the compression fittings and cause you to leak unsanitized cooling water into your hot wort. You just worked hard to make your wort, you don't want to contaminate because of a loose fitting. The soldered fittings are solid and secure and will loosen as the compression fittings do. The copper loops on this chiller are also easy to adjust to just about any width you desire between the loops. Simply pull them apart to spread them out!

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Genesee Country Museum - The Brewery
Genesee Country Museum  -  The Brewery
This is another view of the W. Greive's Brewery at the Genesee Country Museum. This building is a reconstruction of a c.1803 brewery that was in Geneva, NY. Now a little bit of history: Beer was a supplement to the Genesee Country pioneer's basic diet. It could be brewed on the farm or in the home, but by the middle of the 19th-century, many villages in western NY inclulded a brewery, a distillery or both. Mumford and Caledonia, just a mile apart, each had a brewery in the 1830s. Alexander Simpson, owner and proprietor of the one in Caledonia, did a brisk business during the construction of the Genesee Valley Canal. He sent wagon loads of beer all along the route of the canal as far south as Orleans, NY. When Thomas Douglas (1771-1820), the fifth Earl of Selkirk, visited Geneva, NY in 1803, he found the town to have 13 distilleries and one brewery. He prepared detailed drawings and descriptions of that Geneva brewery. His careful records were the basis for the design and organization of the reproduction 19th-century brewery at the Genesee Country Village & Museum. Portions of Rochester's old Enright Brewery (closed in 1907) and an early timber-framed structure near West Bloomfield, NY were merged to form the present building. The big copper kettle on the third floor and all the wooden vessels and vats are arranged according to the Earl of Selkirk's account of "a modest facility for the manufacture of beer". The entire operation requires equipment on six different floor levels within the three-story structure. The original Genesee Country Village brewery and all it contents burned in 1988. A reproduction as indicated above, now takes its place. The wooden vessels and vats were reproduced by a Finger Lakes winery cooper. The brewery is located in the Pioneer Settlement section of the Genesee Country Village & Museum, 1410 Flint Hill Road (George Street) in Mumford, NY.
Copper For Beer
Copper For Beer
Displayed brewing equipment at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam. The visitor center/tour/advertising extravaganza is located in the building that housed Heineken's main brewery between 1867 and 1988, when a new brewery was built outside the city.

copper brewing equipment
copper brewing equipment
50' Copper Chiller Immersion Coil
This coil is the best replacement of your 25 foot copper coil immersion chiller. This coil is made of high quality 3/8" copper and is approximately 50 feet in length, which is much more distance than your typical 20-40 feet copper cooling coil. Two garden hose fittings are soldered on each end of the copper to eliminate leaks and bursting associated with vinyl tubing that is clamped into place. The copper used by Learn To Brew to manufacture these coils is soft and easily spreads apart for greater cooling dispersion. You can adjust the copper coil to fit just about any size of stock pot.

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