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Civil War Camera Equipment

civil war camera equipment
    camera equipment
  • Photographers agree to use a 35mm SLR or medium format camera on safari and to have a minimum of one lens with a focal length of at least 200mm to be eligible for the photographer’s discount. Digital cameras must have a minimum resolution of 6.0 megapixels.
    civil war
  • A war between citizens of the same country
  • Civil War (stylized as C I V I L W A R) is the fourth album by the Minneapolis, Minnesota punk rock band Dillinger Four, released on October 14, 2008 by Fat Wreck Chords. It is the band's second album for Fat, following 2002's Situationist Comedy.
  • a war between factions in the same country
  • A civil war is a war between organized groups within the same nation state,James Fearon, in Foreign Affairs, March/April 2007. For further discussion on civil war classification, see the section "Definition". or, less commonly, between two countries created from a formerly-united nation-state.
civil war camera equipment - Eyewitness to
Eyewitness to the Civil War
Eyewitness to the Civil War
At once an informed overview for general-interest readers and a superb resource for serious buffs, this extraordinary, gloriously illustrated volume is sure to become one of the fundamental books in any Civil War library. Its features include a dramatic narrative packed with eyewitness accounts and hundreds of rare photographs, artifacts, and period illustrations. Evocative sidebars, detailed maps, and timelines add to the reference-ready quality of the text.

From John Brown's raid to Reconstruction, Eyewitness to the Civil War presents a clear, comprehensive discussion that addresses every military, political, and social aspect of this crucial period. In-depth descriptions of campaigns and battles in all theaters of war are accompanied by a thorough evaluation of the nonmilitary elements of the struggle between North and South. In their own words, commanders and common soldiers in both armies tell of life on the battlefield and behind the lines, while letters from wives, mothers, and sisters provide a portrait of the home front. More than 375 historical photographs, portraits, and artifacts—many never before published—evoke the era's flavor; and detailed maps of terrain and troop movements make it easy to follow the strategies and tactics of Union and Confederate generals as they fought through four harsh years of war. Photoessays on topics ranging from the everyday lives of soldiers to the dramatic escapades of the cavalry lend a breathtaking you-are-there feeling, and an inclusive appendix adds even more detail to what is already a magnificently meticulous history.

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Grandma's Last Photo
Grandma's Last Photo
7 Nov 2009 Today is grandma's last 'Seven'. After today, she will rest in eternal peace. I told Mum and Grandpa to hold a mass prayer at one of the oldest local temples. I told her to arrange the best services at my cost. Everything had to be perfect and the monks chanted for two whole hours before sunset to give grandma her last blessings before her journey into the other life. Having survived Japanese bombing, civil war, cultural revolution and much, much more harshness that life forced on a woman of her generation, she carried herself with grace and dignity till the end. She loved photographs so much through out her life, always trying to capture beautiful moments and preserving happy memories. In the difficult revolutionary years she even managed to possess a camera and the equipments to develop films. I guess at least this part of her has found its way into my gene. Someone said both me and my grandma have been lucky to have each other in this life. But it was a life shared too short. I would give anything to go back to those days and years when we were together at our old home, unseperated, contented, blissful. I would give anything to go back to the time when I didn't want much beyond the cosy nest my family made me. On the day of her cremation, I tried my best to groom to a standard she'd be happy with. I wanted her to be proud of me. I could imagine her smiling at my black dress and black high heels and saying 'Those go well together.' I could imagine her agreeing with the crystal ash box we chose which has a white rose engraved on it because that was the kind of beauty she would go for. I watched her went up in flame, and I knew one of the best parts of my life had come to an end. She turned 76 in this last photo of hers. She was with grandpa, sharing the birthday cake. Their fondness lasted beyond the end of their marriage. I guess she was contented. To say the least. I promised to drive her around to see the world. I promised to go back and be with her and never leave her again. I promised many many things. These unfulfilled promises have to wait till another life.
Child's View - Two sisters embrace and smile in Smythe Road, a slum area of Monrovia, the capital. The photograph was taken by Konah Nagbe, 12, one of 20 students who participated in a UNICEF-organized photography workshop to increase awareness about malaria and related issues.. . From 22 to 27 October 2007 in Liberia, UNICEF coordinated a photography workshop to raise awareness among children about malaria and related issues that affect their lives. Malaria is the number-one killer of children under five in Liberia, and in all of sub-Saharan Africa. The country is also struggling to deal with poverty, lack of safe water and sanitation; HIV/AIDS; and the legacy of a 14-year civil war that killed over 250,000 people and displaced nearly 1 million. Five years after the cessation of hostilities, most inhabitants continue to live in makeshift structures, as squatters in public buildings or in former camps for the displaced. Unemployment remains at 85 per cent and most residents lack water and sanitation facilities. Children make up over 50 per cent of the population, and play a crucial role in reconstruction and reform. Twenty girls and boys, aged 9 to 16, participated in the workshop. Some of the children live with their parents and go to school. Others temporarily reside in juvenile transit centres, because they have run away from home, have lost their parents to AIDS or have been victims of domestic violence or trafficking. Most had never before held a camera. UNICEF photographer Giacomo Pirozzi led the workshop. He worked with the students to define themes to express through imagery. In addition to malaria, themes included poverty, sanitation and displacement. Funding for the workshop came from the Japanese National Committee for UNICEF and Sony Corporation, which also donated all cameras and peripheral equipment.

civil war camera equipment
civil war camera equipment
Civil War
The landscape of the Marvel Universe is changing, and it's time to choose: Whose side are you on? A conflict has been brewing from more than a year, threatening to pit friend against friend, brother against brother - and all it will take is a single misstep to cost thousands their lives and ignite the fuse! As the war claims its first victims, no one is safe as teams, friendships and families begin to fall apart. The crossover that rewrites the rules, Civil War stars Spider-Man, the New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the entirety of the Marvel pantheon! Collects Civil War #1-7 and Marvel Spotlight: Civil War.

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