Great Transcripts at Great Rates

I transcribe your interviews, speeches, lectures, sermons, podcasts, dictations, seminars, etc., from audio to an MS Word document or text file quickly and accurately, with fine attention to detail, and to meticulous standards. 

In my seven years of transcribing experience, working with a wide range of satisfied clients all across the United States, I've helped authors, teachers, PhD candidates, motivational speakers, radio/podcast producers, literary agents, and businesses, among others.

If you are writing an article or book, I can help you with your research too, if needed.  I would particularly enjoy assisting you with your thesis for an advanced degree.  I can also offer you proof-reading and editing services.

I offer speedy turnaround times, and can often accommodate rush jobs.  Most non-rush, standard-rate jobs are finished within a few days.

My rates are very competitive, varying according to the nature and quality of your audios, and whatever additional services you require.  Some of the factors that affect the amount of time and effort needed to provide you with the best transcripts possible, and therefore the fee, include number of speakers, cross-talking, speakers too soft or far away to hear clearly, background noise levels, very thick accents, highly specialized technical material, and so on.  For a quote, please contact me with a good description of the job.  Or you can simply send me the audio... I’ll listen to it and give you a precise fee quote.

New: Economy Service, when full-service perfect transcription is not what you need (or perhaps can afford), I will produce for you a great highly-readable first draft of a transcript, but leave the final editing and perfecting of it for you to do (or not do, as you choose), thereby reducing the fee substantially.

Also, I now offer Summary Service, where I simply summarize the contents of an interview or other audio for you, while pulling out some quotable quotes from an interviewee.

And I offer Design Services, designing menus, portfolios, brochures, and the like for restaurants, caterers, businesses, artists, craftsmen, students...  Whatever you're looking for, I'll compose great PDF documents out of your raw materials, to your tastes and specifications, in consultation with you, to meet your business, marketing, promotional, or educational needs.  Just let me know what you're looking for.

My preferred method of payment is through PayPal, which also enables you to use credit/debit cards (even if you don't have a PayPal account yourself, it functions as a regular card processor).  I may also accept business checks with prior approval.

The quickest, most efficient method of audio submission is over the Internet, via FTP or website (or email if the file size is small enough).  Other great options for sending audio files include DropboxSkyDrive, and Google Docs, all of which I use with various clients, so you may use whichever you prefer.  I can also work with CD's, DVD's and standard-size audio cassette tapes.

Upon completion, I will email your transcripts to you in MS Word DOC format, PDF, or another format if you prefer.  Be assured that I treat your materials with complete confidentiality, and I guarantee your satisfaction.

Call me on the Google gadget below (a free call), or email me using the contact form below, about your project.  I will be happy to discuss it with you and work out how best to meet your needs.  I look forward to hearing from you!

-David Schulte