1 st Reference 4 FM radio

Inspired by the Swedish design

of the amplifier and FM receiver produced by
with a technological solution by

A perfect combination of a standard Digital Video Disc drive and an audio signal processor, the GO-M1600B enhances a personal computer system into one independent unit and transforms its disc drive into an exciting audio/ MP3 player / FM Radio even without booting up the PC system. In addition, the GO-M1600B with a slim-design (standard 5.25 inch), users are able to upgrade the device without hassle. Enjoy audio with high quality sound effects through SRS WOW without any software, and couple it with a card-sized remote control, a car style elegant and sharp VFD front panel and you have a dreamy experience when playing CDs, MP3s or listening to FM radio for ultimate relaxation and harmony in your life. Press ( Hardware Zone, Asia )

Now we recommend playing
the radio from the Internet
with the free Russian program AIMP

with Windows Audio Session API
@ 192 kHz/32 bit

PC 4 Hi-Fi with our BenOx adapter

can be elegant like the B&O sound system from Denmark
and drive as safely as the ReVox tape recorder from Switzerland

We can also match Your speakers with furniture

Maybe in a Gustavian style
like this Swedish Sonab OA-12?

The care, ingeniousness and foresight of Stig Carlsson permeate OA-12.

For example, the bass reflex port is conical preventing chuffing noise, something discovered by other speaker designers in the nineties! And the speaker is standing on thick, soft rubber feet, working as kind of oldish SD-feet, still far ahead of his contemporaries. This allows the speakers on the whole to be acoustically disconnected from the room/floor and the neighbours are less intrudes on than with conventional designs.
(SD-feet are a Swedish innovation: a type of gas-free urethane feet that never collapse and disconnect the speaker mechanically from the listening room. The result is that vibrations from the speaker never reaches floor and walls and thereby not fed back into the speaker as distortion. This effect is measurable which neither American expensive hifi-magazines nor English discovers.)

For everything else the design is as thorough worked through as the whole seventies series, left/right speakers, thick baffles made from ABS-plastic, not less than three sturdy, latticed, internal reinforcement sections also made from ABS-plastic, the selected elements, the today classical, 6.5” 8 ohms mid-bass Peerless SC165, tilted towards the listening position and the, for its time, excellent Peerless cone-tweeters MT20HFC. OA-12 also was equipped with high quality crossover (the same as in OD-11 but for two tweeters) with expensive components. The styling was as simple as good-looking, marked Lars Lallerstedt. OA-12 was sold 1973 to 1979.