These are links to other people's web sites that I have found useful, amusing, educational, interesting and so on.  I have tested all the links when first posted, but they could possibly be out of date when you come to use them. If so, please drop me an email and let me know.

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Links in more or less alphabetical order:- 


Acoustics Forum

John Risch's web site

Audio Information   

Listings on defunct audio companies and products 

Cartridge Database. Information on current and obsolete cartridges

The Vinyl Engine - Information on everything vinyl. Manuals and photos for download and forum.

Manufacturers and suppliers


For spares and some new parts including pick-up cartridges:-

 Pick-up cartridges manufacturer:-


Meridian Audio:-


I used to have a Quad 34 and FM4, and was always impressed with Quad's engineering 


Record Cleaning Machine:-  I bought mine from Stuart Michell of SRM/Tech. He has an Ebay shop and can be found on Ebay or contacted by email  Very helpful guy, and a little cheaper than buying from Moth.

Sowter Transformers. Make some truly excellent audio transformers for the DIY valve amp enthusiast. Also some very excellent MC step-up transformers and custom windings.


John Sleep - Spares and repairs to wind-up acoustic gramophones.

Transcription Services from LP, 78s, Cassette, Reel-to-Reel and almost anything else to anything else.

John Shaw operates a Transcription service using EMT turntables, Studer Reel-Reels and other very high quality Pro equipment. Offers Cedar noise removal.

Contact John Shaw on 01708 342553, mobile 07941 556912 or email


Personal web sites of audio interest

Steve Aizlewood - Had a Hi-Fi shop in Sheffield (Micron Audio) at about the same time I had Beechwood Audio. Our experiences were somewhat similar.

Stefano Pasini - Italian enthusiast with a great web site of audio niceties. 

Douglas Self - Designer of audio amplifiers and a very sound engineer (no pun intended) Have a look at his non-audio stuff as well - fascinating.