Audio Drivers For Vista

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audio drivers for vista (Silver) High Definition Photo Video Record Pen
(Silver) High Definition Photo Video Record Pen
# Video files: 352*288 CIF resolution. # Video formats: AVI, recommended players: fenglei audio, video, audio and video storm, KM player, M player, and other multi format support of the media player. Support system: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS; Linux; which Win 98 operating system, set to be installed with the fringe of the “U-dsk driver_Win 98. rar” in the document Win 98 drive. # Working hours: a new machine, after you can work for about two hours, with the growth in the use of time, the battery will be shortened working hours. # Battery type: high capacity lithium polymer. # Charge voltage: DC 5V. # Interface types: in-line standard USB. # Software version: V1.0. Product Details: weight:175 g size:16.9*9.2*3.1 cm Pack including: 1 ?High Definition Photo Video Record Pen 1 ? USB Cable 1 ? Adapter
RolandED UM-4 going into retirement
RolandED UM-4 going into retirement
After around 9 years (& still functioning on Vista), without new drivers that work for Mac OS X, today is its last day as my MIDI interface :(