Just want to say Noah Davis Band had another great experience with Audio Cave Recording Studio. They work towards understanding and meeting each and every bands needs. We highly recommend Audiocave for all of your recording projects!

Noah Davis, Noah Davis Band!

Recorded their full length CD over 2012-2013

Audio Cave Recording was the most natural and organic recording process anyone in our band The Monarchs has ever gone through. Thanks to Scott, our sessions at Audio Cave were such a joy to record - our phobia of the studio evaporated and turned to see the world of possibilities the studio has to offer. Scott's knowledge and talented cunning of the studio made everything for us, The Monarchs, a breeze and we felt as though we were back in the garage. Audio Cave manages to do flawlessly what so many studios try to do which is to capture the live sound and energy which can only be felt at a live show. Yet Scott does this with such ease it feels as though it is second hand for him. We, The Monarchs, HIGHLY recommend to any band or artist at any level from beginners to veterans or some where in between to record at Audio Cave Recording. Audio Cave is simply the best around.

Nathanial Greene, The Monarchs, March 19, 2012
on recording their debut 12 song, self-titled LP

It's truly been a pleasure working with you on this project.  The expeditious manner in which you tackled all the new mixes and got them to us really kept us on our toes.  That is always a plus.  Overall, you just made us really feel at ease with the whole process.  Let me know if you need anything else from us and keep us posted on anything that may develop in regards to the compilation.  It looks like we've got ourselves an "Epic Bitchin" mix.  ROCK!!!

"Ville" of Jolly Roger on recording "Captured" Oct. 2011

I am a local singer who is trying to rekindle the dream of performing professionally (again).  I decided that I needed some good demo work to give my audio portfolio some substance.  Audio Cave was recommended to me, and when I met Scott, I knew I was in the right place.  It had been years since I had been in a studio, but he made me feel right at home, very relaxed and able to concentrate on my vocal work as I needed to.  His input was constructive and his creativity inspiring.  He was a real professional and helped me to create something that I am now proud to share with the world.  I know he's going to be seeing LOTS more of me in the future, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great studio experience or audio editing!

, Parkville, Missouri

I just wanted to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you!  This was the first time I've ever set foot in a recording studio, and you made me feel at home and completely at ease.  Thanks again for your help, I am greatly impressed with the quality of your work, and will strongly recommend you to others!
Slainté Bha!

Jimmy Clark

July 5, 2011
My name is Tim Jenkins.  I play guitar and sing in the acoustic duo, The Clementines.  Last week my bandmate Nicole Springer and I had the pleasure of working with Scott Martinez at Audio Cave Recording Studios.  Scott was terrific, an absolute master of his craft.  My guitar has never sounded better!

Scott made us sound professional and polished yet understood our goal as songwriters and never compromised our overall vision.  I would recommend Audio cave to any serious artist whose goal is making great music, not just overproduced garbage for the masses.

Here is a link to our Facebook page, Sightless is the tune we recorded with Scott.  Rock on people!!!

TIM JENKINS, The Clementines

July 9, 2011
Scott really took his time with us, and he captured our live sound.  Effect-driven music is difficult to record and he made it sound better.  Very cool experience.

Josh B. — +++A Light Within / Sleep Agents

Overall rating