Two Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40 Audio Interfaces / Preamps  




ORBAN 672A Parametric EQ

JBL LSR 4328P Monitors (mains), Yamaha HS50M Monitors, Roland Fantom XR Synth/Sampler, Sennheiser HD 202 Intense Studio Headphones (tracking), 

ART ProMPA II Tube Pre — MODDED with Vintage Mullard 12AT7 / ECC81 TubesMONSTER 2500 Power Conditioner

Hewlett Packard 2TB HD, Windows 7 - 64 Bit, Quad Core, 8GB Ram, Mogami Cables & Neutrik Connectors . . .


SONAR X2 Producer, Cockos REAPER, CUBASE, Fruity Loops Studio 10, SONY Sound Forge and CD Architect, Absynth, Native Instruments Ozone, Pianoteq 5, HarBal, EZ Drummer (all drum modules), WAVES Diamond & Mercury Bundles, Guitar Rig 5, AmpliTube, Izotope VST's, Native Instruments B4, East West Symphony, T-Racks, Antares AutoTune & Harmony Engine, Antares Microphone Modeler, Antares Tube VST, too many more to mention ...



 CONDENSER:  Shure KSM32MXL 603S  (omni-modded), MXL V67g, Shure Beta 87A, RODE NT-1A

DYNAMIC:   Sennheiser MD 421 IIShure SM7B, TONS of Shure SM57's, Sennheiser e906, NADY DM-80, Shure Beta 52a

VINTAGE:  1950’s Telefunken TD20, Electro Voice 655, 1970's Electro Voice DS35



Amps/ Instruments: 

DRUM KIT:  Ludwig Accent Combo (5 PIECE)  Bring your cymbals, snare and kick pedal.





GUITAR:  VOX AC30, FENDER Blues Deville 410, Marshall 1960B 4x12

BASS:  Peavey Tour VB-2  Bass Amp with Vintage Peavey 2x15 Cabinet with Black Widows (Vintage 1989)

BASSES:  Fender P-Bass, Squier Jazz Bass & Ibanez Roadstar II (Vintage 1983), Ibanez 4-string fretless, Dean 5-String with Bartolini Pickups

GUITAR: 1966 Fender Jaguar

Crybaby Wah, Electro Harmonix Pedal Effects, Various Rack Mount Effects, Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube