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Audio Cave Recording Studio (ACR) is a handcrafted project recording studio 10 minutes north of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. We cater to musicians of all genres and can do from simple voice work to recording full electric, multi-piece bands. We have recorded rock bands of up to 5 players ALL AT ONCE, capturing that live feel.  We have even recorded classical string quartets!

ACR has painstakingly researched our equipment and has hand soldered all our audio lines (using Neutrik connectors), and we use tube preamplification going into the digital realm. We use industry standard software and plugins and can get you a BIG studio sound in our little homey environment! We also didn't skimp on monitoring and acoustic treatment. Best of all, you won't pay the big prices but will enjoy professional results just the same.

Owned by gigging, seasoned musicians with creative abilities, and tons of recording experience. We can help recording newcomers and seasoned professionals exceed your expectations. Also, our musicmanship comes as part of the deal, in case you need backing vocals, or additional instrumentation.

Most Studios make you pay extra to rent instruments if you need that different sound to make your project better. NOT AT AUDIO CAVE! We have some of the most sought after Guitars, Guitar Amps, Drums, and Keyboards all at your disposal.  They're here anyway, so why not use them?  Need a deeper Snare?  Need a different Guitar sound?  Having these tools available is what puts your recordings toe-to-toe with the big dogs.

We can also do graphic design and can help you design your CD's, T-shirts, stickers or whatever you need; we also have access to international distribution.  WHAT OTHER STUDIO DOES THAT?!

Audio Cave is a comfortable facility with WIFI, cable TV, couches, refrigerator, snacks, microwave and friendly dogs to pet!

Our philosophy is not to make a quick buck, but to foster long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients!  Check out some of the testimonials elsewhere on this site.

Please contact us today to see what Audio Cave can do for you!


Project Recording Studio in Kansas City, Missouri

we provide excellent quality and personal service

— by gigging musicians and seasoned studio techs — 

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all at the most affordable and competitive price

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