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Optimize the Sound of Your Car's Audio With Car Subwoofer Packages

If you are interested in optimizing the sound of your car's audio, you should consider looking into the car subwoofer packages that are available in today's market. Car subs are a type of loudspeaker that is intended to go through a process of reproducing sounds or frequencies that are considered to be low-pitched. These frequencies are typically referred to among car audio enthusiasts as the "bass" sounds. Car subwoofer packages were first introduced to the public during the 1960s. Since that time, these systems have increased in popularity. If you want to improve the sounds produced by the audio system in your vehicle, car subs will help you do just that.

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Choosing Car Subs

If you are interested in purchasing car subwoofer packages, it is important to understand that there are certain factors that need to be considered prior to making a final decision on the system that you will purchase. The following steps will assist you in choosing car subs for your automobile:

1. You must first evaluate the open space that is available in your automobile. Subwoofers are relatively large in nature and it is important to determine exactly how much room you have available so that you will be able to choose a system that will fit into that space.

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2. The next factor that must be considered when choosing car subwoofer packages is the enclosure that the device is covered in. While this may not seem all that significant, it is important because of the fact that the enclosure plays a vital role in the sound that is emitted from the system. In most instances, an enclosure is already attached to the car subs on the market. However, this is not always the case. There are many car subwoofer packages that do not include the enclosure. This will permit you flexibility in choosing the enclosure that you want to use.

3. The next consideration that must be made when choosing car subs are the types of crossovers that are included in the audio system. These assist in cleaning or filtering the noises that are considered to be on a high frequency. The recommended filters that are considered popular among consumers are referred to as "Low-Pass". If you want the best sounding system, you should ensure that you purchase those that specifically highlight the low-pass filtering systems.

4. The final aspect to choosing car subs is determining how much power your current audio system has and choosing only car subwoofer packages that are able to match that amount of power. In many automobiles, it is necessary to install a unit that is referred to as an amplifier. You must determine if this is necessary in your automobile if you want to improve the sounds emitted from your stereo system.

What to Look For in the Best Car Speakers

According to a recent study, Americans spend an average of 24.3 minutes every day commuting, and the yearly nationwide average comes up to almost 100 hours. If you live in a big city, of course, this average commuting time goes up by several hours. When you consider the fact that you may very well spend 1-2 hours every day commuting, getting a set of the best car speakers becomes a must.

For many people, the car is the only space within which they listen to music. Some even get their reading done inside the car through audio books. To get the best out of this experience, you need a set of high quality car speakers.

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The car is a different space than compared to a living room or bedroom. It is much smaller, is usually completely enclosed, has unique acoustic properties, and when the windows are down, offers a great deal of wind noise. Car speakers are specially designed to offer the optimum listening experience within this space. You can get a pair of cheap car speakers, but the quality of your listening experience will be much poorer than what you can get from a high quality speaker system.

Car speakers can be largely classified into two categories:

1. Coaxial Speakers

The most common type of car speakers, these are typically factory installed by the manufacturer. Usually, there are two pairs of speakers, one pair in the front, one in the back, though some manufacturers offer up to 8 speakers. In terms of construction, they have a cone woofer with one tweeter mounted on top. The woofer is usually of mid-range, while the tweeter takes care of higher range frequencies.

Factory installed coaxial car speakers typically lack an amplifier and sub-woofer. The quality of sound reproduction is mediocre, but gets the job done quite adequately. Audiophiles will of course want to purchase something higher end than what comes pre-installed in their cars.

You may have come across terms like '2-way, 3-way, 4-way coaxial speakers'. Simply put, a 2-way car speaker means a woofer with a tweeter attached on top, a 3-way means one woofer and two tweeters, and so on. The more the tweeters, the better the audio quality. This is because the woofers fulfill the function of reproducing sounds within the 15-10,000 Hz range. The range of frequencies that humans can hear (and car audio systems can reproduce) is up to 20,000 Hz. To reproduce the frequencies from 10,000 to 20,000 Hz, you need tweeters. Hence, the more tweeters you have, the clearer the audio reproduction.

Caveat: many car manufacturers are nowadays offering 6 and 8 car speaker systems. Unless otherwise mentioned, these are typically just your four regular mid-range cone woofers. The tweeters aren't mounted on top of the woofers. Instead, they make up the last two "speakers", hence giving you the 6 or 8 speaker configuration. This is a trick employed by car manufacturers to increase the perceived value of their product without delivering any difference in the performance.

Nevertheless, car makers have become much more aware of the importance of audio systems and acoustics. Consequently, the systems that come pre-installed with cars nowadays are of a superior quality and would satisfy most.

2. Component Car Speaker System

This is the higher end, custom installed speaker system. In this system, the tweeters and woofers are separate. Additionally, it includes a set of crossover filter networks. These filters essentially improve the sound quality by distributing the audio signal to the relevant components. If the signal is of a high frequency, then it would be diverted to the tweeter. If it is below 10,000 Hz, it would be directed to the woofer. The result is far greater fidelity and clarity in audio reproduction.

Additionally, many component car speaker systems also have a sub-woofer for handling low level frequencies (i.e. more bass or 'punch'). Some systems also have an amplifier that further increases the audio output quality and 'punch'.

Car Speakers And Subwoofers

The car speakers and your car audio system should match with each other. Do a thorough research and make a careful choice. To get a powerful and rich sound the speakers should be of the right type. Before you make a choice of speakers, you will have to find out the sensitivity and the power that you require.

Power Handling

The power handling capacity of speakers is measured in watts and makes a determination of the power that can be handles by your speakers. A system that is low in power does not require car speakers that are high powered, but an audio system that is high powered requires speakers that can deal with the output that is powerful.

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Sensitivity Rating

An indication of the amount of sound that will be coming out of your speakers on its receiving a signal is determined by its sensitivity rating. In case you are making use of a standard head unit, you will require speakers that have greater sensitivity when compared with building a custom system made up of multiple amplifiers. After you have determined the power requirements of the speakers, make a decision on the type of speakers that you will require.

Full-Range Car Speakers

The complete range of music from the low frequency bass sound to the high frequency treble is accurately reproduced by full-range speakers.

Component Car Speakers

Excellent sound quality is reproduced within a specific range by component speakers. Subwoofers reproduce low frequency notes and tweeters reproduce high frequency notes. The sound quality of your speakers will also be affected by the materials that they are constructed with. A warm sound is reproduced by tweeters made from soft material, but the sound will pop if the material is hard.

Select Car Subwoofers

When you purchase a car subwoofer, there are four factors that you have to take into consideration: system power, subwoofer enclosure, available space and crossovers.

Subwoofer Space

To find out the space available for your car subwoofer, make out a map to the audio system of your car. You will want to ensure that the subwoofer that you desire will fit the space available in your car.

Subwoofer Enclosure

The enclosure of a car subwoofer will help in the defining of it sound output. Some subwoofers come as enclosed subwoofer systems, that is to say, the subwoofer is fitted into an enclosure and is sold as a complete package. A few enclosures are retailed separately, so it is possible for you to are free to select the kind of subwoofer you would want for the enclosure that you have in mind. For those who enjoy doing things themselves, you can miss out on the enclosure completely and construct one yourself.

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Crossovers are used to filter out high frequency notes. Get yourself a subwoofer fitted with a low-pass filter so that it reproduces only low frequency bass notes. Nearly all amps come with low-pass filters built into them, but in case you are using a multi-amplifier system, you may require an additional one.

System Power

Ensure that the audio system in your car has sufficient power to power your subwoofer. Many car subwoofers require an amplifier, so keep in mind the power requirements when you are purchasing your amplifier and your subwoofer.

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What You Should Know About Motorcycles Radios, Speakers, and Subwoofers

If you opt for motorcycle audio, there are many options available for you. You can have your motorcycle fitted with the mp3 audio or a motorcycle radio or a CD driver as an audio system. Regardless of the audio option you choose, your motorcycle should also be fitted with speakers or subwoofers in order to enjoy quality sound.

Audio for Cars Articles

Motorcycle radios

Some motorcycles have radios; however there are few that don't have one. The motorcycle radios usually come in different designs compared to that fitted in vehicles or found at home. Although technically a motorcycle radio could fit any motorcycle, the key is to find a position that will enable you hear the radio clearly while driving.

If you are buying a brand new motorcycle directly from the manufacturer, and you want it to have a radio, then your options are going to be limited. Most common, you will find factory fitted radios fitted only on large touring style motorcycles with large wind screens. Nevertheless, these factory fitted radios will have the same features like those found in common radio systems.

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Motorcycles speakers

Motorcycles bought directly from the factory may be fitted with speakers. Most common, there are two types of motorcycle speakers: Intercom style speakers and traditional radio speakers. The intercom style speakers involve a headset on the helmet and audio jack on the dash area. The main advantage of Intercom style speakers is that the audio comes from the helmet hence there is no interference from wind noise. Another advantage of motorcycle intercom setup is that they cater for communication between the rider and the passenger. Motorcycles can also be fitted with traditional radio speakers just like a car stereo system. However, these traditional radio speakers will only work on motorcycles that are protected from the wind.

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Motorcycle subwoofers

Motorcycles also come with factory fitted motorcycle subwoofer systems with different designs and wattage. If your desired motorcycle is not fitted with factory subwoofers, you can always purchase one and fit it in your desired location on your motorcycle. For example a 100-watt motorcycle Subwoofer that is around 9 meters wide and 8 meters high will work to provide you with bass tones.

There are several companies that sell the above audio functions. All you need to do is to make sure that the company you approach not only offer the best price, but also offer quality audio products and accessories.

Marine Audio Systems to Enhance Your Boating Experience

Boating is a popular pastime for many of us. It is the perfect opportunity to relax and spend time with friends and family. A high quality custom marine audio system enhances your boating experience by allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes while having a great time out on the water.

Music makes any get together more enjoyable. Being out on a boat is no different. Listening to your favorite tunes creates a party atmosphere that enhances your boating experience. Marine audio systems allow you to play music while you are out on the water. Whether your vessel is a small ski boat or a luxury yacht, a good audio system is a must-have on the water. From family outings to all out joyriding, a high quality custom marine audio system ensures that you and your guests have a great time.

While audio setups for boats are similar in many ways to those of automobiles, there are some important difference because of the environment in which the vehicle is operated. The cabin of a car or truck is an enclosed space, which means it takes less power to deliver sound. In marine applications, however, you'll need a bit more power behind your system to overcome the engine noise and ambient sounds of the outdoors. With this in mind, a powerful amplifier is a must.

The components of the marine sound system are also designed with obvious hazards in mind, after all water and electronics don't mix very well. The three major concerns for any marine sound system are water, sun/UV exposure, and salt. A car stereo is isolated from outside weather conditions, but these systems, in most cases, won't have an enclosed space to completely protect them from splashing lake or river water and the blazing sun. Marine audio products are commonly used in boats, motorcycles, spas, and saunas because they are constructed to withstand light rain, moisture/humidity and damaging sun exposure.

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All core components of the audio system are constructed to resist these conditions. The head unit, the heart of every audio system, is coated and sealed to prevent direct exposure to liquid water and moisture vapor. Likewise, speakers and amplifiers are designed specifically for installation in marine vehicles, meaning a sealed chassis to guard against moisture, and a corrosion-resistant construction to fight wear from water exposure. With this in mind, we know that an audio system needs to work well and keep up with today's technology. Features such as USB connectivity and remote control operation are available for these systems, so you won't have to compromise.

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Owners of custom audio installations in their personal vehicles can attest to the quality and clarity a premium sound system can deliver. Now you can take that same experience with you out on the boat. From amplifiers to speakers, head units to stereo receivers and loads of accessories, marine audio systems are available for every budget.

With high quality marine audio systems and professional installation, you can be sure that your boating experience will be entertaining and enjoyable each time you head out on the water.

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