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  • Credit history or credit report is, in many countries, a record of an individual's or company's past borrowing and repaying, including information about late payments and bankruptcy. The term "credit reputation" can either be used synonymous to credit history or to credit score.
  • A generally unscrupulous or illegal form of credit counseling that promises the impossible, such as erasing accurate records from your credit report.
  • Actively working to make sure that an individual’s credit report is accurate and up-to-date.  After filing for bankruptcy, this is especially important so that debtors can rebuild their credit and get a fresh start.
  • (of a price) To be paid in full; not reducible
  • internet: a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange
  • (of an amount, value, or price) Remaining after a deduction, such as tax or a discount, has been made
  • remaining after all deductions; "net profit"
  • (of a weight) Excluding that of the packaging or container
  • make as a net profit; "The company cleared $1 million"

Great East Window, Gloucester
Great East Window, Gloucester
The great east window at Gloucester Cathedral still contains most of it's original 14th century glass, believed to have been installed to commemorate the Battle of Crecy in 1346. It takes up the entire east wall from floor to ceiling (though the lower parts are mostly plain glazed with the Lady Chapel entrance occupying the central section). It is the 2nd largest medieval window in Britain after York Minster's east window. The colouring is remarkably simple, almost wholly white glass with yellow stained details with red and blue backgrounds. The central figures are Christ & Mary surrounded by various saints and kings (some of whom may have originated in the clerestorey, introduced here as patch repairs). Some figures have been jumbled and patched in later repairs, others have plain inserts where the original glass was lost (particularly the notorious 'ghost heads'). A Virgin & Child from elsewhere in the cathedral has been introduced into the top row of angels to replace the damaged original figure. Gloucester Cathedral is one of England's finest churches, a masterpiece of medieval architecture consisting of a uniquely beautiful fusion of Norman Romanesque and Perpendicular Gothic from the mid 14th century onwards. Until the Reformation this was merely Gloucester's Abbey of St Peter, under Henry VIII it became one of six former monastic churches to be promoted to cathedral status, thus saving the great church from the ravages of the Dissolution. The most obviously Norman part is the nave, immediately apparent on entering the building with it's round arches and thick columns (the exterior is the result of Gothic remodelling). Much of the remainder of the building is substantially the Norman structure also, but almost entirely modified in the later Middle Ages inside and out, the result of the great revenue brought to the abbey by pilgrims to the tomb of the murdered King Edward II in the choir. It was this transformation of the Norman church that is credited with launching the late gothic Perpendicular style in England. The gothic choir is a unique and spectacular work, the walls so heavily panelled as to suggest a huge stone cage (disguising the Norman arches behind) crowned by a glorious net-like vault adorned with numerous bosses (those over the Altar with superb figures of Christ and angels) whilst the east wall is entirely glazing in delicate stone tracery, and still preserving most of it's original 14th century stained glass. The soaring central tower, also richly panelled with delicate pinnacles, is another testament to the abbey's increasing wealth at this time. The latest medieval additions to the church are equally glorious, the Lady Chapel is entered through the enormous east window and is itself a largely glazed structure, though the original glass has been reduced to a few fragments in the east window, the remainder now contains beautiful Arts & Crafts stained glass by Christopher and Veronica Whall. The early 16th century cloisters to the north of the nave are some of the most beautiful anywhere, being completely covered by exquisite fan vaulting, with a seperate lavatorium (washing room) attached to the north walk as a miniature version of the main passages. There is much more of interest, from 14th century choir stalls with misericords to the comprehensive collection of tombs and monuments of various dates, including the elaborate tomb of Edward II and that of Robert Duke of Normandy, eldest son of William the Conqueror. The stained glass also represents all ages, from the 14 th century to the striking contemporary windows by Tom Denny. Further areas of the cathedral can be accessed at certain times, such as the Norman crypt under the choir and the triforium gallery above. My visit coincided with the major 'Crucible' exhibition of contemporary sculpture (September-October 2010), examples of which I will upload in due course.
Bewegungen nach entfernten Orten / Christina Kubisch
Bewegungen nach entfernten Orten / Christina Kubisch
With her special headphones, Christina Kubisch can detect electromagnetic fields that are normally hidden, amplify them and make them audible. The “Movements to Distant Places” installation consists of electromagnetic field recordings of transportation systems made during a trip through the northern Ruhr istrict in Germany. The Ruhrgebiet is a densely populated area of about 54 cities so close to each other that they almost seem to be one big megalopolis. Public transportation lines are essential to move between the cities: regional and high-speed trains, subways, busses and a complex network of highways. They emit a dense net of different sound layers. Kubisch acoustically reproduces this huge spider’s web in her multichannel installation. Audiotechnik und Mastering: Eckehard Guther credit: rubra

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