Title 1 Reading

The links below are informational and provide parents and teachers with strategies and tools to improve reading comprehension.  Please visit specific grade levels for individualized instruction and practice.


StoryLine Online Fabulous children's books read aloud by actors!  Modeling fluency, word to text recognition, voice inflection, and beautiful original illustrations ~ Great resource for all!

ComprehensionStrategies That Work!

UnderstandingEach Strategy to Improve Comprehension. Great for Teachers and Parents!


RHL School - Print FREE worksheetsto improve reading comprehension


7Keys to Reading Comprehension


Keys toComprehension

 Interactive Word Study

CliffordPhonic Fun – Awesome Interactive Site!

WordStudy Activities – Links to many online Word Study Websites

Story It – Word games for beginning readers

CVCWord Maker

EndSounds, Beginning Sounds & Rhymes – Interactive with Audio!

LooseyGoosey Fairytales – Animation Awesome – Missing Beginning Sounds

Paw Park – Animation/Audio Matching Upper & Lower Case Letters

ABCDWatermelon – Animation/Audio What letter in the alphabet comes next

AlphabetGoop Soup – Very Cool Interactive Sorting by Beginning Sound

ConstructA Word – Using Word families & Beginning Sounds


The connection between reading speed and comprehension; a film is made up of still images flashed in rapid succession to simulate movement. Slow down the film, and the movement and meaning slows and the film's impact is diminished. Viewers won't learn as much about the film as if it were shown at normal speed. With reading the same thing can happen. When a person reads word by word, like frame by frame, they are not reading on the level of ideas. You need to read on some level that's more conversational and allows things to coalesce into ideas themselves.

- Doug Evans, Institute of Reading Development